34 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #77 – Magic Weekend Paris Wrap-Up”

  1. LSV you definately are losing weight.
    Are you working out or something?
    Good to watch magic players care for their health unlike some fatasses like nelson.
    Nice video i enjoyed how you analysed the caw-deck keep up .

  2. Long Live LSV, The People’s Champ!!

    I could watch these guys talk Magic and sip Starbucks all day. Good luck in Denver!

  3. What are these prices on the bottom based on? They don’t seem real looking what cards are selling for online.

  4. What are you talking about him losing weight? If he is, good for him. What is it to you, do you have a crush or something?
    Even if he was going to a gym or something, why would he broadcast it here?
    Just like Brad knows that he is overweight and smoking is a bad habit. You don’t need to tell him that on every of his videos.

    I liked the draft bit of the article. It’s much harder to get insight into the limited part.

    Also looking forward to the besieged videos.

  5. i love these videos, glad to see both of you together again. but i think it’s great that lsv took time just to focus on magic.

  6. I’m still curious about that pun Luis made, involving stack of Gruesome Encores and him asking everyone in the team, which card from this stack would they use in their SB? I am pretty sure LSV will write it in his report, but it’s too much of a wait!!) Come on, Luis – what was all that business with encores about??!

    And, of course, congratulations to the team in Paris, to Ben S., you guys rock!

    I found your website some years ago and rarely would I have to step anywhere else to gain insight into the matters which get discussed here, not to mention the awesome videos, Conley’s special articles about Magic, that stretch way farther then Magic..

    Keep on the good work, we like your work a lot, cheer for you, when you are at tourneys and celebrate with you, when you get there!!

  7. When Besieged comes out

    I wanna see hella draft vids

    for real

    I’ll love you guys even more than I already do

  8. LSV is absolutely the People’s Champ, and worthy of any man-crush, but…

    You have to give props to TSG. He brings it, every time. Insightful questions, always prepared, and skillfully playing the “Watson” to LSV’s “Sherlock” every time. “It does make a considerable difference to me having someone with me on whom I can thoroughly rely.”

  9. @ david, damn right my friend. They are an awesome team, tsg rocks, lsv rocks, channelfireball is fucking awesome.

    I basically root for channelfireball members to beat starcity members, even though theres not really a public rivalry or anything

  10. @Basstastic
    First of all, im not telling in each of his videos this is the first time i wrote here in a magic show.
    Second ofc i have a crush.Its LSV after fucking all!
    Third,so what that brad knows smoking is a bad habit ?
    Should i respect him for that?
    Clearly if you weight 300 pounds and you smoke you dont have tiny respect for YOURSELF so you cant expect others to respect you .
    Now fuck off troll .

  11. well i think the reason people want to know how he is losing weight is PROBABLY because this is a gamer website. hell i would like to know myself what he is doing to lose weight. obviously he has a job and playtests so i highly doubt he is hitting the gym really hard.

    hell he could start a health movement in mtg lol.

  12. What is this? If you really want to know: Your body only needs so much calories. If you are fat, then eat less. Cut down on carbs and fat, try to eat more protein.
    There you go, you don’t even have to work out.
    (And if you want to go the extra mile, drink water instead of passion tea lemonade)

  13. @Basstastic
    Why is it a problem if people are giving a shout out to a popular magic player when he does something cool and positive?

  14. Were there any match-ups where you guys considered siding out the Stoneforge/sword package and into a simple UW-control deck?

  15. who gives a flying fuck how much they wiegh! your here to listen to them speak about magic.
    and neslon could weigh 700 for all i care thats not why i watch these graet players, its to learn and progress in my own game. thank you tsg, lsv team channel fireball and brad!!

  16. Basstastic, what is wrong with complimenting someone on a job well done? Of course everyone knows HOW to lose weight, but look around – the practice of it is very hard and does require some self discipline. One of the things that helps people keep with it – recognition and encouragement. So, stop stuffing fries into your mouth while you type and don’t give people crap for encouraging healthy lifestyles.

  17. LSV, any comments on the Kuldotha Red matchup? I was running a couple of games last night, and found that sylvok lifestaff really didn’t help all that much… Ratchet bomb was excellent but I tended to lose g1 and didn’t draw it reliably enough in g2 or g3. Anything I’m missing?

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