43 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #75 – Mirrodin Besieged’s Top 8 for Limited & Standard”

  1. Constructed – Top 8

    1) Green Sun’s Zenith
    2) Go for the Throat
    3) Black Sun Zenith
    4) Inkmoth Nexus
    5) Thrun, the Last Troll
    6) Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
    7) Phyrexian Crusader
    8) White Sun’s Zenith

    Limited – Top 8

    1) Massacre Wurm
    2) Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
    3) Consecrated Sphinx
    4) Phyrexian Rebirth
    5) Mortarpod
    6)Black Sun’s Zenith
    7) Glissa, the Traitor
    8) Morbid Plunder / Spread the Sickness

  2. top8 limited without rares/mythics would have been better, every set ever has top 10 lists dominated by rares, every once and a while you’ll get sparksmith or nighthawk that buck the trend but o/u 8 of 10 being rares+ sounds about right

  3. Wheel_of_Armageddon

    Agreed, top 8 for Limited would have been much more useful/interesting/relevant if it were limited to commons and uncommons.

    But don’t be sad, TSG. At least you have Mt. Rushballs to look forward to :D.

  4. This video had about the least amount of substance of any video I’ve seen from CFB… If every list had all the same cards, and every card is “obviously” on the list, what was the point of the video? I love CFB articles, but this one surely disappointed

  5. @Scootmin : The best cards might not be obvious to everyone. Just because you found something useless doesn’t mean that a lot of other people didn’t. They aren’t just producing content for you, most of it is for “noobs”.

  6. i’m curious as to what everyone’s thoughts are concerning glissa. As there’s been a large variety of reactions. Some say that its terrible, and others say she is absolutely amazing.

    i’m in the later camp. winning in combat against pretty much everything is quite handy. the extra ability is occasionally useful, but for the most part in standard i think we can ignore it.(pulling back revoker though is nothing to laugh at, or recurring a sword. the revoker plan seems alot more useful though.)

  7. @Watoo:

    I think Glissa is amazing but not for Standard. Even with Glissa, there isn’t a reason to go GB. And even if there were, there isn’t an artifact to get enough value. Plus, with Bolt, Blast, Burst, Smother, Doomblade (now GfT), Condemn, she becomes a dead draw.

    In the older formats, she gets better. Yes, those same removal spells exist, but removal is run in fewer numbers. Furthermore, even if she only hits once, the artifact she gets back is likely to get value. I am excited for the day when I Vial her in against an Inkwell and get my Tormod’s Crypt back. Can you say “Blow out”?

  8. Only 2-3 Mythics on each Constructed Top 8 list. This is actually an improvement over previous sets. I hope it’s a sign of a new trend, and not just an abberation. The local tournament scene has a serious case of “Mythic Fatigue”: attendance and enjoyment are both way down.

  9. Hey TSG/LSV/CFB:

    You guys put out the best content. Regardless. This is way better than The Magic Show. Please continue to be SuperStars. ;p

  10. I think this list firmly shows the difference between a pro who has been in the game, playing it and experiencing it for a long time, versus a pro who is rather new (comparatively) to the scene.

    Obviously, Nelson’s picks are much different from the rest. I also feel Nelson has a problem when it comes to truly evaluating the power of a card in a theorized metagame. This is, again, most likely due to a lack of long term experience.

    CFB is much better without him.

  11. @TW

    Maybe Brad doesn’t have the long-term experience that the others do, but that doesn’t mean he’s not good at magic! He actually does okay. Like, Player of the Year okay.

  12. I’m a massive fan of Massacre Wurm. I know people would play Grave Titan ahead of it but I would main deck the Wurm because it’s currently my favourite card and imo better than Grave Titan.

  13. @ Arfy:

    The difference between Grave Titan and Massacre Wurm are small, but those differences are quite important. They do very similar things, but they do them in very different ways.
    They both provide a huge swing in your favor. And while the Wurm kills a lot of your opponent’s board, that doesn’t mean your opponent can’t keep playing dudes and blocking your Wurm. Furthermore, what if your opponent has two Wall of Omens? Your Wurm won’t even kill them, and then you need to attack twice just to get through. Grave Titan, on the other hand, cannot kill your opponent’s dudes when he comes out, but he grants you a little thing called “inevitability.” Eventually, your opponent will be unable to block all 7 of your dudes and die soon thereafter.

  14. Surprised there’s no love for Signal Pest or Conested Warzone. The new Kuldotha lists are actually pretty good and it’s shaping up to be a semi-real deck.

  15. Contested warzone was on 2 of 3 constructed lists. No love?

    I wonder what hapened to Kuldotha Flamefiend on LSV´s list. Since he said he would pick it over RSZ but it is nowhere to be found. Also abit surprised that Slagstorm didn´t make it for any of them.

  16. Slagstorm not making the lists is probably due to testing. Valakut likes it against control and it seems multi-functional and good against aggro but it’s too slow. In many games Valakuut is trying hard to keep 2 green sources on the table and the 2 red of Slagstorm along with the amount of tap lands most Valakut lists run make it very sub par and slow against aggro and if you’re trying to kill Jace a turn after he’s cast you may end up color screwed shortly after due to Spreading Seas. I fully support people playing it though because I’m running Kuldotha Red early and much prefer Slag storm main to Pyroclasm in Valakut.

    And I guess Warzone is so good I thought it should be higher and mentioned in all 3.

  17. Constructed Top 8

    1. Green Sun’s Zenith
    2. Inkmoth Nexus
    3. Go for the Throat
    4. Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
    5. Slagstorm
    6. Black Sun’s Zenith
    7. Thrun, the Last Troll
    8. Contested War Zone

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  19. Constructed top 8

    1. Inkmoth Nexus
    2. Go for the Throat
    3. Green Sun’s Zenith
    4. Slagstorm
    5. Thrun, the Last Troll
    6. Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
    7. Black Sun’s Zenith
    8. Phyrexian Revoker

  20. Top 8 for Standard:
    1 ) Green Sun’s Zenith
    2 ) Inkmoth Nexus
    3 ) Black Sun’s Zenith
    4 ) Go for the Throat
    5 ) Massacre Wurm
    6 ) Hero of Oxid Ridge
    7 ) Thrun, the Last Troll
    8 ) Contested War Zone

    Tezzeret will probably only see marginal play. If people don’t auto 4-of Go for the Throats, all his -1 does is open up artifacts to Doom Blade, Day, Condemn, etc. His +1 is average at best, and his final ability seems to rely on too many artifacts, and will be hated out if it becomes good.

  21. haha @ someguy… that’s because he’s canadian. there’s no hate in his voice. only simple acceptance of the world around him.

  22. TSG…

    Need to throw a little cardio into the workout buddy…The weeze in-between each sentence gets alittle distracting…11 mins of conversation shouldn’t wind a guy your age…

    Thanks for the Top Eights though, good info for the buyer / seller / trader in me…


  23. It seems it doesnt matter what TSG does he some how manages to draw out the Trolls great job TSG i guess Thrun really isn’t the Last Troll.

    Either way great vid as usual.

  24. Lol @ Brad’s Limited list.

    Is this supposed to be a prank?

    Unfortunately, I don’t really think so. The nice thing about these sites is, I’ve watched the man draft and think. He’s not bad or anything, but he’s no strategist like LSV or PV. His fluke year is more of a testament to the luck involved in Magic than anything else.

    I like the guy fine, but the quality of the site will probably be improved by his absence. He’s suckled at the teat of the true strategists long enough here, and I think his list shows how little he gleaned off of them. I mean come on, the Nexus doesn’t even break into the top 8 of the other two here.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but when I watch LSV draft, I feel like I’m listening to someone who’s smarter than me. With Brad, it’s just like watching a buddy play.

  25. the rares are good in limited, but what about the top 8 common and uncommons that make up pretty much all of the limited decks

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