48 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #74 – Mirrodin Besieged Spoilers, Vol. III”

  1. @ Aaron

    Actually, the pronunciation of the word is colloquial, so either Zen-Ith, or Zee-nith, is acceptable. only if it was pronounced “Ze-nithe” or something with a stressed “i” would it be really irksome.

  2. Coming soon to an LSV draft near you: “Uh oh, looks like it’s time to Go For the Throat”.

  3. btw, how sad is it that when Go For the Throat hit the spoiler, my first thought was of awful LSV puns?

  4. does tsg come up with these questions? because they are awful. horrifying revelation? why are we talking about that card?

  5. TSG, obviously you should have started this segment out with “I’m here with Garvas Elscott, Modo cop…”

  6. Love the shirt, TSG ! I’ve got the exact same. And amazing reviews too, I can hardly wait for besieged. 🙂

  7. I’ve never heard anyone proud to be wearing similar fashion to a morbidly obeiss magic pro. Not that he’s not cool and all.

    But the glasses… TSG should’ve started with: “I’m here with LSV, MTG BAMF.” 😀

  8. Tristan, there is an amazing technology called Cue-cards. Use them instead of an iphone and these videos wont looks so cheap.

  9. Well I guess this video proves that if LSV ever gives up magic, he’ll always have a career as a 3rd rate cop, or porn star delivery boy.

  10. Hero of Oxid Ridge – Second ability preatty much say you creature can no be block by wall.

    Galvanoth – Cruel ultimated (But 5 Mana, Maybe 4 then will be playable.)

  11. @Those commenting about LSVs weird appearance:
    It is an inside-ish joke with StarCityGames where LSV was made into a character ‘Garvas Elscott, MODO Cop’.

    Yeah as someone somewhat involved in the television business there are some things to learn…

    1) Know what your show is going to cover.
    It sounds like you kinda have a good idea of what this is supposed to be but this is Post-Spoiler list.

    You know all the stats of the cards (and put them in the video in post), so there is no need to fumble over casting cost or P/T. And if you are going to have a prop (your iPhone apparently) – USE IT CORRECTLY. Dont just sit there as you wonder what the P/T is of the critter – look at the thing and agree with LSV.

    2) Don’t use a prop when you don’t understand how to utilize it. iPhone lookup is gimmicky and slow and is easily outdone by the use of the —

    3) Cue card! While modern television has a teleprompter when reading things, i understand this isnt a news show.

    What the show does do is cover very specific things you want to go over. Both you, TSG and LSV should be on the same page before the show, know what you want to cover and cover it.

    If not look at the CUE CARDS. Wham, on the same page because you planned to talk about a certain subject! tada!

  12. Did LSV get a new haircut? I don’t know, something about him in this episode just seems so goddamn BA…

  13. LSV is still my Magic hero. Bring back Brad Nelson. Tristan, you are friggin awesome! I wish I could afford and care about constructed. Limited is the bees knees. I dont like the faction pack thing. In a game that has mythic rarity adding another hurdle is bad and awkward like lsv said.

  14. The Droid doesn’t work on TV, it makes it look like Tristan isn’t interested and is texting people on his phone. The paper just works better.

  15. Thank you LSV.

    I´m so happy that someone else really hate Blightsteel Colossus.
    Not only is he strictly better then all the Tinkertargets, I can´t really thinkg of a card that I would hate more loosing too, I see this guy creating soem very boring games of magic.

    On Tezz though, isn´t he unfactioned because he simply doesn´t belong to any faction. He´s just an outside viewer sent there by this third pact, wathing how things are going so makes sense that he doesn´t belong to either faction.

  16. And btw.

    Pre-realease draft will be
    Mirran-Mirran-SOM or Phyrexian-Phyrexian-SOM

    Everyonce choose their faction and they´ll get 2 of those.

    So you could have 7 people drafting PHY-PHY-SOM and 1 person drating MIR-MIR-SOm at the same table.

    Seem crazy fun to me and perfect for a Pre Release. Not something I´d want for a competetive tournament though 😀

  17. Relic Warden can be used on your own artifacts with enter the battefield effects or to hide it from a wrath effect. For example, warden away your contagion clasp so you have another piece of removal, or if you want to name a different card with revoker.

  18. Why is TSG even allowed to be on this site? He should go back to the scrub casual room where he belongs. Everyone knows real Magic Pros rock sick shades. I bet TSG doesn’t even own a pair. Utter trash. I want content to be Wrapter interviewing LSV on what brand of sunglasses to rock at the Prerelease, not this scrub amateur hour bullshit. I feel like I got worse at looking like a badass just by watching this video. The worst part was when TSG spent the entire show looking at LSV and didn’t even realize he didn’t have shades as sweet as LSV’s. What a scrub punt. Why does Channel Fireball even keep this idiot around? Is it just so that they can feel better about how awesome they are by having someone who can’t rock the Modocop look? Fire this garbage and get another LSV-level badass asap.

  19. Have you guys noticed that TSG always has his phone with all the info, but never mentions a card? xD
    LSV is pulling those glasses off ^^

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