27 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #73 – Mirrodin Besieged Spoilers, Vol. II”

  1. Awesome job. Thrun seems good, Captain Sisay sure likes that card. Green Sun’s Zenith is also insane in EDH.

  2. Louis you look like you lost weight, either that or its the shirt, either way keep it up ! Love the vids, thanks again!

  3. I’m surprised you dismiss the red zenith so easily. I think it will make for a great sideboard card at least at my local shop, where the vamps deck is pretty common. Paying 2 mana to exile a bloodghast is pretty sweet. It’s a great way to get rid of vengevines once they’re on the field, too.

  4. Black Sun’s Zenith kills troll, so not that good against UB. Troll is neat, but I doubt it will effect the format that much.

  5. kinda funny how you mention a 2/1 doesnt matter in a control deck when in the last few videos for standard you got beat down by leonine arbiters games 2

  6. The problem with Blightsteel is just that it’s SUCH a beatdown if they just Jace it before you can attack, whereas they can’t Jace Inkwell at all, and at least you have 4 1/1s to kill the Jace if they Jace battlesphere.

  7. great show guys.

    I doubt thrun will be worth more than five bucks in two months, but I agree that the card itself is a great concept and infinitely better than Troll Ascetic. I have to agree with luis on this one, I never liked that card either, it’s not that good.

  8. New Tezz
    Pfff Crazy, LSV, I’m going to Tezzimate my Cranial Platings and equip them to themselves

  9. @the clonedone: you can’t activate equip abilities on animated equipments, creatures can’t be attatched, let alone to themselves

    Great Vid guys, you can also flash living weapons with the myr too which, to quote LSV is ‘Pretty Sweet’, two chumpers for 3 mana, instantly with the one drop LW seems nice especially when you have a repeatable pump sticking around…

  10. White Sun’s Zenith XWWW

    Sorcery/Instant (R)

    Put X 2/2 Cat tokens onto the Battlefield. Shuffle White Sun’s Zenith into its owner’s library.

    Black Sun’s Zenith
    Sorcery (R)
    Put X -1/-1 counters on each creature. Shuffle Black Sun’s Zenith into its owner’s library.

  11. i cant stand LSV hes always talking about how awsome jace is, if he even looked at moet of the top 2 deks from every state they have on thier list he wasnt in 70% of them.
    Jace is only as good as you let him be.

  12. Nice video, agree with most of the assessments, also am one of those people who would like to see an artifact deck in Standard. Appreciate the Brodeur jersey as well.

  13. I played Jace, The mind sculptor for the first time last night in a RUG build at FNM, and I was nearly appalled how good he was. I used all 4 of his abilities to help me win games, and lost a tight 3 to Valakut in the finals, earning myself an everflowing chalice and a mountain of store credit. Anything that keeps Jace in check is a welcome addition to standard.

  14. yes black sun kills troll, but then even with that, i think most people would rather drop the grave titan on turn 5 or 6. but then almost every card is bound to have one or 2 things it loses too. i think what we will be seeing is thrun take the place of Gaea’s , ya the 8/5 haste is nice but a 4/4 that cant die more or less, is going to be way more annoying to play against. plus you can actually buff Thrun with shit.

  15. can i just say how much better you guys have gotten at this?
    the quality of these has really gone up from kinda what i expected at a magic strategy site to a really well-put together and thoughtful show

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