39 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #72 – Mirrodin Besieged Spoilers, Vol. I”

  1. David Shakarisaz

    priest of norn is way overrated, it will be a trash card 90% of the time, and a replacement for wall of tanglecord in non metal craft themed white decks…..which is very few.

  2. I don’t know why that happened, but I just thought about some sort of gay porn ending: “Oh, greedy, greedy Luis! You swallowed it all!”


  3. ehm… what???

    okay I think it’s all gone.
    I think the priest is going to be a (much?) better Loxodon Wayfarer, not much more.
    I definately too am hoping for some nice new constructed cards that don’t compliment existing decks but shape new ones.

  4. You were talking about how the Mirran Crusader would be Bolted or Burst Lightning-ed. Let that sink in…. (Pro red.)

    Otherwise, good analysis!

  5. It costs 6 mana, but it can get put out with Grand Architect or Master Transmuter, which can’t do anything for Open The Vaults.

  6. im sick of luis always talking about jace “oh well its gotta be able to kill jace etc etc etc” jace is only as good as you let it be. second i think that infect, white weenie and a blue artifact “tinker” deck will be around not long after pre-release to be controling and kicking in doors

  7. I am waiting for a new rule “player can pay 3 life and remove 1 poison counter”. Sick of infect luckly draw “decks”.

  8. Let’s see here. G/B elves make glissa able to return monuments from the graveyard. That’s a little insane. Also, there’s no way to get rid of Phyrexian crusader. you can’t bolt/journey/doom blade it, and it shrinks your creatures before they can do much damage to it. It’s amazing. I’m seeing U/B infect control running these and skittles.

  9. Personally I’m looking at the Infect Crusader as a “early Wall” type in a control deck built around Skittles the Happy Dragon of Doom. Obviously the cards aren’t there yet to compete with other options (Grave Titan), but in theory a “Wall” that happened to play into my victory condition can’t be all that bad.

    Just depends on if I get some more cards or not I guess.

  10. Something a little better than spellbombs (maybe…): Ratchet Bomb. It triggers Glissa by itself too, doesn’t it?

  11. @Mitchell

    Geordie Tait is hilarious when he doesn’t go “off the rails” and talk about kamigawa block card names (that article was so immature). That’s clearly what LSV is going for.

    In other news, Faeries is way too good. I took the deck to a PTQ cold (literally didn’t play a game with it beforehand, no testing, no nothing) and went 6-2, missing top 8 on breakers. Ridiculous. Nobody deserves to top 8 a PTQ if they didn’t playtest, and Fae makes that a possibility.

  12. Haha with the mustache Luis looks like a evil twin of himself almost like Glissa the Traitor
    Luis the Traitor of Mustaches.

  13. I agree Harrison, I’ve playtested it against Jund (meant to be a bad matchup) and smashed it most of the time.

    Well at least it’s all rotating this October.

  14. Ive played white poison in triple som. had 4 ichor claw myr, 3 corpse cur. had a tempered steel and a true conviction and some arrests. was pretty awesome

  15. But what about Tempered Steel / Steel Overseer + Thopter Assembly in Constructed?

    That’s 15 in the air.

  16. Priests of Norn, while cool, probably won’t see much Standard play. However, it could fit into the Doran decks in Extended (4/4 infector, yes please.)

  17. David Shakarisaz, think outside the box man, a 3 drop 1/4 that dosn’t tap to attack is great in a set with lots of equipment.

  18. @JJ……….best post. Hilarious! Doesnt LSV kinda look like the Magic version of Satan? Maybe he sold his soul when he went like 17-0 and then lost on mana screw….I can see it now….LSV: “So lets get this straight, I get to keep all my insane magical prowess, you get my soul, and I NEVER lose to variation again? Im in.” lmao

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