25 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #70 – A Look at Extended”

  1. @Enric/ anybody who knows

    How do you get a picture next to your name on your posts? I’d like to do that

    I’m a fan of all of the treatment that extended is getting these days, though it’s probably only because of the PTQ season.

    May I suggest Channel LSV: Extended Matches #1?

  2. Man, what a dewche comment from LSV about Brads brother….Brad was obviously just trying to pick up his brother a bit, and LSV just slammed him into the ground. Be careful to not become a pri** while rising to Magic internet gawd, ok?? Ive alwasy liked you. Dont change. BTW…gr8 job with the videos, and the best free stat. anywhere. Smac

  3. Very annoying listening to lsv doing an interview with ANYONE else.He just interrupts anyone. He rarely lets someone get out their full thought and he needs to be a little more considerate to his round-table mates,whether he believes them to be at his “level” or not.Or lay off the cappuccino or whatever hes always drinking that makes him so damn jittery in 90% of these shows.But,interruptions notwithstanding,the info that got through was welcome as always.Just lets get Brad’s full opinion,thought,whatever before we cut him off and go into your own little diatribe.Your as well-versed as anyone could be in this basically new ext format.We get it.Now lets hear from some guys who did their homework too.

  4. Luis, I just noticed that all of your top finishes, PT 1st, 2nd, 16-0, were with non blue decks…

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