35 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #52 – 2010 Nationals Preview”

  1. If you get Pat Chapin on the show more often I promise I will delete starcitygames from my bookmarks list.

  2. Oh man I loled so hard when I saw the Toy Story photoshop!

    Congratulation for 3 Channel Fireball guys battling in the Top 8 – good luck tomorrow.
    Unfortunately David Ochoa + Brad Nelson are faired against each other for the first round, but you can’t have everything I guess…

  3. TSG is looking like, what are these guys talking about? Im almost liking him more than LSV….

  4. Chapin and LSV… what a combo!! I think if the Innovator defected to CFB they could take over the world lol!! Initial Innovation ftw!!

  5. Definitely one of the best Magic TV episodes. Get more Chapin. If you can’t get Chapin, try getting other pros to sit on as a third person guest. We know Ochoa doesn’t talk much, but how about Brad Nelson or Conley Woods? Outside the Channel Fireball staff, Brian Kibler might be nice too. Also, the new website looks nice.

  6. That was fantastic, it’s very interesting to see commentary from such high-level players as LSV and Chapin. I love when you can just tell they KNOW the field and KNOW what they’re talking about, as opposed to an unsure rookie’s speculation.


  7. Good episode! I agree with the people saying you should do this more often, or at least try and get others from Team Fireball sitt down and talk.

  8. Given that the site Patrick writes for is your biggest competitor when it comes to high quality Magic content (besides TCGP and BB, who had a rather slow start), the whole discussion stays friendly and on topic all the time.
    I would love to see more of this in the future.

    On a special request: could you upload the Toy Story picture somewhere on this site?

  9. Clearly Chapin knows what he is talking about, and has great synergy with Lsv+Tsg. Would be a shame if there weren’t more episodes with him..

  10. the toy story banner is probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. First you seen lsv and chapin and lol… then your eyes move to tristan and it completes the picture so well.

  11. @LSV: why didn’t you pick esper control, even though you are advertising the esper deck a lot?

  12. How about adding subtitles in those videos?

    How about translating the articles to give access to non-english speakers?

  13. They are still profit oriented and people that don’t understand English are probably not the main target audience for a magic store.
    Saito’s articles are still published in Japanese, since this is probably the version that he sends in, but everything that exceeds English subtitles for the videos is asked too much.

    Maybe there are some gamers that want to do this for like 10$ store credit / episode.

  14. Oh, man, great stuff! Love the “Innovator”. Hes the man, you could tell LSV gave him lots of space to discuss his thoughts…almost deferring. But thats what you do with a guest host..well plaed guys, well played.
    As for this little gem…”How about translating the articles to give access to non-english speakers?”…………..uhhhhh I am a liberal. Def NOT close to the conservatives…..but this is AMERICA. We speak English. No need to change any of our ways to fit the world. If you want what we got…learn the language. No offense to anybody but if I visited Japan, I would not expect them to have alternatives in English (though most do). Its not thier problem! Its mine!! Get it?? Not trying to be jerky, just tired of it.

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  16. @ Kenseiden

    I know google chrome will do a pretty good job at translating any page you are on to another language for you.

  17. @Smac, Oh dear, that is a terrible attitude to take in reagards to free content. America is not the only Magic playing nation you realise and just because it was developed in America doesn’t meant that it’s media should not be translated because you demand that someone learns the language to be included. If you were a fan of Anime or Manga and it was never translated to English from Japanese would you learn Japanese so that you could be included? Also it is in the interests of magic media providers to provide information in many languages because it opens up the viewer base, leads to more customers, creates a greater income for a site like this one and generates an overall more friendly and inclusive Magic community. I almost vomited when I read ‘If you want what we got,’ you should not be proud to be American when you have such conservative views, have you never heard of equal rights?
    I’m not trying to be jerky, I’m just. tired. of. it.

  18. Shaun! You’re on TV! Now every time I ask you to get me magic singles, I’ll know I’m in the presence of GREATNESS!

  19. About the grixis deck, Leyline of the Void is a great sb answer to deal with the Pyromancer Ascension deck and Vengvines,. Even if they cast vengvine its nly a 4/3 haste that bolt and terminate can take care of

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