55 thoughts on “LSV’s Top 8 Rise of the Eldrazi Cards for Standard”

  1. very well done, was surprised not to see “see beyond” in that top 8, but it is understandable.

  2. Oust really pushed out consuming vapors and the new sarkhan? I now have high expectations for the white unsummon if it is going to beatboth of those great cards.

  3. Oust really isn’t a blue unsummon. into the deck is very different to into the hand.
    Thanks for the Vid!

  4. NO Student of Warfare ?
    No Sarkhan ?
    Not sure about Emrakul .. except in vintage of course.

  5. “Blightning deserves to be punished.”

    That’s strangely arousing…

  6. Too bad oust is not instant speed. Ousting their guy when they’re fetching would be pretty good

    Good list!

  7. So, in blue/white or esper variants, does this mean wall of omens over wall of denial and/or calcite snapper?

    I’m not ready to give up my shrouded guys to draw a card. Should I be?

  8. You can’t O-ring Emrakul or Jace him he has protection from colored spells unless I’m misunderstanding some thing.

  9. D-bo, yes, you’re a misunderstanding! Spells are different from permanents, that’s why O-Ring and Jace work against Emrakul.

  10. confidantdark

    If you want to put in other cards, why not just make it top 10? When are you going to buy a new shirt?

  11. Great top 8 and gratz to the production crew…OJT is really turning out some good ‘Tube Vids…Half the fun of watching these instalments now-a-dayz is watch the evolution of the productions…Can’t wait to see some of this effort put into the other Vids (Drafts, Daily’s, etc al)

  12. @ LSV: I’m surprised that, in a format with lands with 187 abilities, you didn’t consider deprive? It’s format warping to have that card in standard! blue now has effectively 8 2 mana counters against most decks (4 Deprives + 4 flashfreeze/negate) and provides added value

    @ jack: definitely should give up shroud for another card if you intend to play any deck that needs to buy tempo, since it uses up an opponent’s card and lets you dig deeper.

    specifically, Wall of Omens really reads:
    1W: gain X life, your opponent of choice discards Y cards (not-targeted), draw 1 card

    X = # of turns your opponents need to find an answer x # of life saved from attacking creatures

    Y = # of cards your opponent needs to deal with the wall. This could be 1 (terminate) or 2 (multiple burn spells)

  13. Polymorph into Iona or Emrakul make the stock in Executioner’s Capsule go up. Not to mention, it can kill Gideon. I think it’ll be a viable spell in this Standard. At least, while it’s legal.

  14. Any reason why Student of Warfare isn’t in there? Seems really nuts in WW. Although I guess WW isn’t amazing right now, but neither is mono-red and quite a few of your cards fit solely into that.

  15. @ cody its fine in jund you dumb fuck bloodbraid into terminate on an empty board oh crap .. cascade into capsule let it sit there against UW or polymorph and let polymorph rethink their strategy while you try to kill them or they dig for an into the roil .. WHO THE HELL PLAYS POLYMORPH ????

  16. I’ll play polymorph cus it’s perfect for my shops meta game, no one there expects it and I can roll him out turn 3 with a plant token T2 land drop chalice for 1, T3 land drop poly. went 4-0 with this deck this past Saturday night. and even when I couldn’t do it that fast I had all the answers I needed with plenty of land.

  17. Overall a good list, but I was somewhat surprised that Oust got there, while Student of Warfare did not. I don’t like the inevitability of Oust – you stall your opponent, but the spell you don’t want to see will hit the battlefield shortly. Moreover all creatures with ETB effects are worse targets, as is the case with other Unsummon-esque effects.

    Student of Warfare on the other hand pack a lot of punch for any deck that wants to swing. All leveler cards have the advantage of being fit for any phase in the game, and this one is the king of leveler cards – an attacking Battle Hurda on turn three that turns into Rafiq’s apprentice later on is just very solid. This, I think, is a better list:

    1. Wall of Omens
    2. Gideon Jura
    3. Vengevine
    4. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
    5. Kargan Dragonlord
    6. Student of Warfare
    7. Devastating Summons
    8. Staggershock

  18. Going out on a limb and guessing he didn’t include Student of Warfare because he’s taking into account the current and predicted standard environment. You have to pump a lot of mana into Student to make it any match for Wall of Omens.

  19. I agree with most of the cards on the list. Oust, while a decent card, is still heavily outclassed by Path and has an interesting interaction with both Path and fetchlands (do you want to shuffle now that your 3-drop is in your library?). Consuming Vapors is actually the card I’m surprised not to see: it is a very, very good card. Student of Warfare would be awesome….if Wall of Omens didn’t get printed. On the draw, Student isn’t that exciting when your opponent simply plays a wall.

  20. Dragonlord also needs 6 mana to fight through Wall of Omens, but I’m not sure that’s an argument for or against – one card doesn’t dictate the value of others, unless that one card is Jitte and we’re playing limited. 🙂

    If you consider the current meta, I quite like a 3/3 First Striker – kills Bloodbraid, Thrinax, KotWO, pretty much everything RDW has to throw at you and the Vengevine that got ranked third. I rarely see it hit level 7 but it’s still very efficient at level 2. A testament to this was it’s key role in bringing Kurtis Droge and his BW Aggro deck to the Top 8 of a very recent Midwest Masters.

  21. I wish oust was instant, but it pairs pretty well with Jace if you really have to get rid of something. This set has some really good cards, much better than people give it credit for. Consume the meek, consuming vapors, deprive(nice to see you mention), awakening zone, growth spasm, student of warfare and others.

  22. @John ,,Sorry bud ur reasoning is super flawed,,unfortunatly standard right now is a bit weird,,not to much tempo oriented,its more “power” oriented,like BBE and baneslayer,,and in alot of cases u do want to run wall of denial over omens,,depends what decks u think are going to be big in ur area or the event ur playing,,ill take should wall against jund any day for sure depending on there current decklist

  23. @benjammm

    Oust is way better than Path for the current Standard meta in most matchups–do you really want to give your opponent ramp to their Broodmates, Mind Springs, and Sphinxes? It’s only really bad versus Tapout.

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  25. THe whole thing about oust putting a creature 2nd of the top occasionally being good is hugely overrated. Every deck plays fetchlands so they can often just shuffle away the unwanted turn 3 noble hierarch if they want to. The things you don’t want to come up such as vengevine etc, will come back though. It’s also bad against cascade as you basically set up good cascades with it alot of times, ie. oust thrinax, next turn they bloodbraid elf into thrinax.

    Overall i pretty much agree though except emrakul which should not be in the top 8 if it comes to standard. It’s a marginal upgrade to iona in polymorph as iona is better against most decks not named jund really. O-ring, jace, day, martial coup etc. just provide too many outs against emrakul. At instant speed he does beat the hell out of iona but that’s only viable through summoning trap which can’t reliably get it (41% chance roughly to get emrakul). Trap decks tend to want threats they can eventually cast as well such as sphinx, baneslayer, iona etc etc. Student of warfare should have been in emrakul’s spot imo. I know white weenie isn’t that great and generally hated upon by most channelfireball players but it can be a good strategy from time to time.

    Alot of these ratings probably change if shards rotate, cards such as vengevine become way harder to activate then for example.

  26. Im starting to think that vengevine is overrated. The card is fine, but I think it’s fine in the same way lotus cobra is fine in that people can all agree that it’s good but no one actually wants to put it in a deck. It’s in a crowded mana cost and a crowded color in general.

  27. i really like consuming vapors, and think it should be in there, maybe replacing staggershock, sure staggershock is 3, but it doesnt always gurantee a kill, actaully hardly ever against jund, vapor does, while gaining life , or atleast prevents them from casting. turn 3 gatekeeper, turn 4 vapors, turn 5 sludge! There hand is gome your up life, and assuming u have creatures in hand you make it almost unable for them to recover.

  28. Nice list, you forgot to include elvish piper as a way to cheat emrakul in too tho. Played a green mana ramp deck with it, went suprisingly well when I actually hard casted emrakul ^^

  29. do you know how to actually throw cards? ill have to show you in dc how to do it. they just kinda flop and sink when you do it =p

  30. hmm- top 8 cards. 4 of them are Mythic.

    can I afford to play constructed anymore?

  31. Anonymous Coward

    @Markwerf – I dont think that Wizards is going to print a card at mythic that will end up seeing less play when the oldest block in standard rotates out 6mo after it was released.

    speaking of Vengvine…

    @Seanwiz – Not just any plains man…PROXY plains. 2:46 is a “Vengvine” Plains….now THAT would be mythic!

  32. Poor student of warfare, if WW is gonna suck so hard it makes me wonder if I should have first picked Emrakul instead of foil student at the rare redraft.

  33. Please start referring to Kargan Dragonlord by it’s correct name, Trogdor.


    Thank you!

  34. vincent stevenson


    “THe whole thing about oust putting a creature 2nd of the top occasionally being good is hugely overrated.”

    Perhaps these words, occasionally, and overrated are not fully understood by you?
    His point that certain creatures become a bad draw later and thus putting them back two from the top is worthwhile is certainly true. Nobody, that I’ve read, is suggesting that putting a sub-par creature two from the top is as good as playing Control Magic…

    “Every deck plays fetchlands so they can often just shuffle away the unwanted turn 3 noble hierarch if they want to.”

    And sometimes they don’t have a fetchland that hasn’t already been cracked by the time you Oust the sub-par creature. The point of ‘occasionally’ good is at least true.

    “The things you don't want to come up such as vengevine etc, will come back though.”

    He was talking about good early creatures that are weak later, not Vengevine. Though I could make an argument that Oust can be better than Lightning Bolt on a Vengevine…

    “It's also bad against cascade as you basically set up good cascades with it alot of times, ie. oust thrinax, next turn they bloodbraid elf into thrinax.”

    Bad? I understand that hyperbole is very common on the net, but let’s think our comments through just a bit more.

    In a constructed deck with cascade, there aren’t ‘bad’ cascades generally. It’s quite possible that if the Thrinax wasn’t near the top, that he would have hit a comparable threat in any case. It’s actually possible that cascade hitting a creature is better for the Oust player than a Blightning or a Terminate being cast off the Bloodbraind Elf, for example. Once again, I can make an argument that Oust hitting the Thrinax can be better than Lightning Bolt ( or some similar removal spell that puts the creature in the graveyard ).

    Oust has the Memory Lapse effect which is not insignificant, and at one mana investment is as efficient as a spell can achieve. Go ahead and spend six mana for your Dragon and then spend six mana again three turns later. Oust essentially says, Target creature gains suspend 3 but controller must pay CC for him again when he enters play, and he must skip the draw when he comes in to play and it can’t attack that turn.

    I’m going to make a Winter Orb deck now, bye.

  35. Greenmanwithaxe

    I’m suprised nobody mentioned Jwari Scuttler. This guy is gonna
    change the way magic is played forever. When i seen him I knew
    at that moment that I found a replacement for my Razor Boomerang!

  36. When you cast O-ring it doesn’t target anything, Its not a aura its an enchantment, theres a difference because aura’s target permanents, enchantments don’t. When O-ring resolves and hits the battlefield, the ability from O-ring goes on the stack which can target Emrakul because its an ability not a spell. Hopefully that solves some confusion.

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