8 thoughts on “Deck Teck with Richard Meier”

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  2. C’mon Tristen! RDW isn’t that easy to play. You really gotta make every card and every point of damage count!

  3. why do magic players have to look so fucking weird and act like they’ve never talked to another human being before

  4. Wow Shaun seriously way to go man how did you create an actual interview out of this recluse?

    Definitely had your work cut out for you on that one!

  5. i dont get it, ‘i use earthquake against martial coup’ surely a goblin deck shouldnt be looking for an answer to turn 7, this guy was just wierd.

  6. Richard, you kick ass. 5-0 with budget goblins is no small feat. Don’t listen to the flamers. They’re stupid.

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