36 thoughts on “ChannelFireball 5k, 06.26.10 Top 8 Matches”

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  2. This is really, really awesome. Great commentary, and fantastic editing. I want more.

  3. Thank you so much. I was curious to see how these played out and you did not disappoint.

  4. seeing a searing blaze resolve on an untapped cunning sparkmage is painful to my brain, not to mention “colonn-ahd”…

  5. Derf is correct. Searing Blaze targets both the player and the creature, so the Sparkmage eating itself wouldn’t counter the Blaze.

  6. excellent commentary and editing. Nice to see these matches play out in a couple of minutes!

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  8. His pronounciation of colannade is totally legit. People need to get over their egos. Well commentated.

  9. For those too lazy or proud to follow the link, One-Eyed Jack is trying to show that the dictionary pronounces it with a long a. Like lemonade.

  10. suprised that no one noticed Kurt didn’t sacrifice 2 permanents from Conscriptions annihilator! EPIC FAIL.

  11. Danny, the conscription doesn’t activate the turn it comes into play from Soveriegns. The creature has already started to attack before the conscription is attached to it.

  12. I’m going to start pronouncing lemonade “lee-mon-ahd” in honor of this commentary. Well done!

  13. @ Danny Boy, annihilator doesn’t trigger at the first attack, since the creature is already attacking. He responds to annihilator at the second attack by conceding 😉

    So, no missed triggers as far as I could see…

  14. I really enjoyed this. So much in such a neat package, with editing to keep the action and remove the rest. The commentary is great as well.

  15. Fantastic editing and commentary, just like last time. Love this, tells everything you want to hear at a very nice pace.

  16. I like watching the games without editing, personally. Not that I don’t think he did a bad job of commentating the already played games. I like seeing how long it takes players to come to a decision, not split second plays followed by split second plays.

  17. Holy crap. This was amazing. This automatically has become the best Magic-game footage I have ever seen, ever. Please keep it up and deliver more matches like this, please!

  18. in the last game i think it’s correct to level up dragonlord and leave it back to chump i guess its pretty close but your playing against jace or elspeth their to not die and i would think he’d board out jace against red

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