102 thoughts on “Channel LSV – ROE Draft #9”

  1. I especially like the fact that Consume the Meek pumps Kiln Fiend. That’s like the definition of value.

  2. On Consume the Meek:

    “And it pumps Kiln Fiend!”

    I don’t know if you meant that seriously or not but I laughed pretty hard on that one

  3. LSV,

    Thanks for another great video…

    One thing about world at war, while I don’t think it was very good in the black red tokens deck you started with, it is an excellent card in the blue red kiln fiend distortion strike deck. With a distortion strike on turn 4, and the rebound on turn 5, you are swinging for 16 with a single kiln fiend…definitely worth playing in my opinion.

    Keep up the good work

  4. too bad my hotel’s internet kinda blows, i want to watch 🙁

    keep them up, these are just fun to watch. Most importantly, they should be fun for you to do.

  5. *ahem* “He does have Smite in his deck, so that is something we smite want to play around.”

  6. “It bodes the question” is not a phrase, Shaun 😉

    Sweet vid guys, thanks for the plethora of content

  7. As everyone else has said time and time again, videos like these, as well as constructed ones are what sets this site apart from all of the others. Until other sites begin to catch on, CF is pretty much on a tier by itself.

    Also, the regular content on here is at least as good and often better than content on any other site.

    Keep up the excellent work.

  8. Great Video once again!!!!

    Love checking the site at midnight for new content. These drafts never get old 🙂

    Thx again!

  9. I think there is a problem with the very last video. Won’t play, and it’s like 3 seconds long.

  10. ahh man this one was pretty good.

    was a little on tilt after drawing no land game 1 then all land game 3 in a draft, but i have forgotten about that now.

    pretty hilarious.

  11. Thanks for the draft videos, they’re really great! I also liked this episode since you had TSG as well, the back and forth on some of the plays/picks were nice!

    Keep these videos coming! A request, would it be possible for you tape a live M11 draft? Lol, I’m really impatient, and don’t really want to wait for M11 to hit MTGO to start seeing vids

  12. these videos and your commentary are so awesome to watch.
    i hated your punted threaten when you were on autopilot (in the crusher game where you lost) but other than that a solid outing.

    another thing i kinda disliked was how dead consume the meek was in your deck.
    keep making these!!!

    also, can you record some type2 daily or legacy daily events?


  13. i thought “no way will he have another draft on so soon.” but i had to check and i’m glad i did. thank you for doing this, i LOVE watching them, great draft!

  14. Thanks for the video, love this format. I really didn’t think you’d get there with the b/r dorks deck, but 2 vamps and 2 threatens are good.

  15. Wow, another one. I have been watching this for months, and i must say, thx sooooooo much for producing these so fast. LSV you rock man!

  16. lsv having a great day with the puns. “he does have smite in his deck, that may be something we smite want to play around” “that will ondu his land skrew” “we knew he hada spy patrol”

  17. LSV, I absolutely love the draft vids. I think they are the best combination of strategic/enjoyable magic content on the web.

    I was wondering if you had ever considered coordinating with other CF pros on joining up and playing in the same queue at the same time as you. Not only might it increase the level of play (natch) and depth of strategy (reads, knowing their preferences, etc), but if say Ochoa or PV also wrote an article on the same draft, we could get a breakdown of the thing from multiple points of view and biases, Rashomon style.

    Considering the perhaps unprecedented (old school YMG? not sure) level and depth of talent your site has access to, it seems like you could pretty easily assemble a PT top 8’s worth of talent at will, which would undoubtedly be pretty sweet for the viewers. Not sure what kind of value you’re getting out of increased traffic, but one would think it would defray the hassle (and obvious drop in EV from the 8-4 queue, hehe).

    I’m not sure what the rules of MTGO are about drafting with your friends, but at least food for thought, though you’ve probably already considered this idea.

    Thanks again for all your contributions.

  18. Awesome draft vids. I’m liking the combo with TSG (Scorpion of Spy Patrol… Rofl). Couldn’t agree more on previous drafts and the inclusion of Lust for War being t1. Keep it up and keep these drafts coming. I myself am about 60 drafts deep in this format and there seems to be endless draft possibilities.

  19. AWESOME! Tristan called I think 3 top decks, the Magosi sphinx in the last game blew me away, Hilarious. I love Shatter scull, Manticore and Traitorous they flat win games, all very high picks. I think you could give nirkana cut thought a bit more credit shes very good and trumps a lot of creatures.

  20. Always love hearing the banter back and forth between you and TSG.

    Also, is he psychic? o.O

  21. “Ding….ping ping”

    Haha I laughed so many times watching these. Love the videos. Can’t believe you had another one so soon.

  22. TSG was really hitting it with his predictions somehow, as he called the cards that were about to show up over and over (and I promise, there were no editing shenanigans involved…he really did just guess!)

  23. I agree, it’s a nice change when you draft with the other guy, as he thinks more like I do, and he asks questions I would ask too 🙂

    Also you gotta love winning the draft picking up that many rares. Very interesting deck build, I didn’t think that could win the draft!!!

  24. great videos

    lsv what’s your obsession with runed servitor? it’s not gonna block a bladetusk boar and i’m not sure i was ever sold on that justification playing cards like that in the past. i’d rather play death cultist (which would have been better than your mortician beetle this draft 😛 )

  25. round 2 was pretty hilarious btw especially with the dual commentary but i don’t think it tops one of the zen drafts. grim discovery for.. kraken hatchling…that is….something you can do….

  26. Wow, TSG called the last kiss, mountain, and sphinx. I hope you’re using your clervoiyant (sp) powers to make money in some avenue.

  27. Okay… so i respect that your a great player and all.. BUT STOP BASHING GOBLIN ARSONIST!!!

    A friend and I both won drafts on the back of that little dude. every game openned with turn 1 arsonist was a win for both of us. (i went 5-0 in the draft i played without losing a game.) we both ran a playset of arsonists…

    Now its pretty simply why he is a good card. he’s pretty efficient. at worst he is 1mana 1 card. chump and 1 damage to them at best he kills any X/2 or 2 X/1’s or blocks and burns them a little. he’s a scarey dude surprisingly enough. not to mention he can help some creatures finish off bigger creatures.

    Bottom line, arsonist is playable…

  28. BarnacleMcScrub

    How do you play against these people in 8-4’s? Every round I play is against an insane deck and a player that makes no mistakes.

  29. I am def. a fan of these videos as this has been said time and time again you guys are set apart from other sites by having free valid content from the best players in the game and the most fun loving as well. I highly enjoy this site as i feel i am actually part of the team(weird i know). Keep it up!! The drafts are good especially with TSG you two are awesome together! Thanks for all of the hard work you guys put in i know all of us readers out here really appreciate it.

  30. damn LSV… you fuckin rock w/ these vids. then again… if I had all the extra packs from wins that you have, I’d probly draft a lot more too 😛

  31. Jesse 'Onyx' Withrow


    TSG continues to help bring out the thought proccesses in draft picks while eliminating the quiet moments that sometimes occur in the solo drafts.

    I think it would be interesting to see someone like Tristan do a solo draft (or paired draft at the helm). While a great benefit is gained from watching the LSV Drafting Instructional Video Series, it would be refreshing to see a new point of view in the drivers seat.

  32. How come when us regular drafters draft 8-4s we face quality opponents and lsv is always facing horrible scrubs? Is mtgo fixed for him when he joins a draft?

  33. pete makes a great point, you should get ochoa in on a draft to give you better players to play against. you are just 2 good for most magic players. i mean you always draft a decent deck but match 2 was against a 10 yrear old. then you can also cheat and make sure you dont draft same deck lolz

  34. “…and it pumps the Kiln Fiend”….
    hahaha, good one. pumping your dudes before sending them straight to the graveyard is a trick i really can get behind 🙂

    interesting deck. some fat Eldrazi would have been nice, thought.

  35. Thanks so much for another video so fast. These are the main reason i keep comming here (allthough the other content is great also).
    Love the puns, i laugh til it hurts:)
    And drafting with Tristan is great, you guys compliment each other very nicely. Keep up the awsome work:)

  36. Another quality draft, at blazing fast speed, and with TSG The Prophet for double the fun! Cant get enough of these, definitely the highlight of CF, and hope we can continue enjoying atleast a couple a week! The puns were great as always, the deck synergy was solid, and the victories and packs keep coming! <3

  37. ur vids helped me win drafts on modo 😀
    and while teaching me i was entertained very well.

    ty lsv.

  38. Thanks for the video’s.

    Would really love to see your turbo-land in action if you get a chance.

  39. Pingback: MTGBattlefield

  40. Thankyou so much for these video’s. The dual cast with TSG is so sweet.

    Many thanks from Australia!

  41. Great Vid, just LSV on the commentary is usually a little dry but very insightful. However, the back and forth between the two was pretty funny. I think TSG saw your video before you played. He also shares a “love” for the Beetle and Echo Mage. And by love, I mean a card you know is bad but always kid yourself into thinking its good.

    Great Vid, I’m always happy to see the cvids, keep them coming!

  42. Man, I miss so many puns until someone mentions them.

    “Well he Hada Spy Patrol, but now he doesn’t”
    “Yea, he has smite, thats something we smite want to play around”
    “That will Ondu his mana screw”
    that and TSG is fucking psychic.

    PLEASE keep pumping these out. they are so entertaining, especially when you and TSG do dual commentary!

  43. I’m sick of Tristan carrying LSV through these drafts. LSV wins ALOT more with Tristan around.

  44. Vaya muñeca tienes, Luis… Es verdad que eres muy bueno, pero siempre que veo tus drafts me da la sensación de que robas muy bien.

    Te admiro, tío. Quiero ser como tú.

    ¡Saludos desde España! ¡Te leemos mucho!

  45. Once again thanks so much for thses vids.

    I agree with everyone else TSG makes them even better.

    Keep them coming please

  46. yay, this made my day seeing another draft vid so soon:)
    also, i think im gonna watch all of lsv’s roe drafts in chrono order to see his progression

  47. Srsly, Your opps were less than great…But your deck was bananas! Lots of fun to watch. Love the vids.

  48. If it’s not obvious already, we all love any videos you put up, the more the merrier. Thanks for them!

  49. @TSG

    You are the Ron MacLean to LSV’s Don Cherry: the straight man next to the loud exhuberent one. What I really like is that the banter between you two makes LSV better explain his decision making process and its nice to hear him challenged from time to time.

    @LSV get some ugly suits.

  50. These videos are, at present, the absolute best Magic-related content on the ‘net, bar none. They’re hysterically funny (“That guy is blockable, right?”), and are actually strategic goldmines to boot. I wish you could wrangle the rest of your staff into doing similar things.

    I continue to be shocked and amazed that other sites *cough* SCG *cough* haven’t starting trying to duplicate this content.

  51. LOVE THESE VIDEOS! Thank you SO MUCH LSV and I really enjoyed have TSG there with you. More videos, more puns, more drafts!

    This is why I come back to CF every day (and sometimes more than once a day).

  52. LSV… here is what you should do… draft on another Modo name so people do not know it is you.

    I think the fact that people recognize your name makes them play worse because they know they are going to lose no matter what and also probably are star-struck.

    I wish you would get on a no-name (TSG) account, transfer tickets and RRR packs to it and then draft.

    I never seen such donks in 8-4 like you played against.

  53. Anonymous Coward

    So, I have watched my fair share of draft videos on MTGOVideos.com and YouTube and junk…but these are just above and beyond anything else.

    Not only is the commentary insightful and useful at the appropriate times, but LSV is wicked funny and adding TSG into the mix just makes LSV that much funnier (I think he throws out more puns when TSG is there).

    Cant wait for more (constructed not necessary IMO).

  54. I would love to see you play test standard! Great draft BTW. Its actually like one long comedy routine. Funny stuff and informative.

  55. comedy GOLD. I think that is the best part of having TSG there. LSV alone is humourous, of course, but it’s far more fun with shared enjoyment.

    Thanks Luis

  56. I love the added perspective we get from TSG. I think it would be great to have a guest on the draft as often as possible. The insight two people can have is quite broad.

  57. not taking nirkana cutthroat was pretty weird. Same for corpsehatch over staggershock.
    Offcourse synergy is important but it’s not like the deck really abused tokens that much, it only used them for the vampire basically. Staggershock is quite a bit better then corpsehatch that it’s really just better regardless of deck type imo.

  58. Pete – June 16, 2010 @ 11:04 pm that is a very good idea to have Ochoa or others appear in same draft queues.

    these are always great, thanks

  59. took long hours to watch these videos, since youtube wasnt helping.

    Love those vids.

  60. These vids are the best Magic info on the web.

    Plus, you guys are hilarious (especially with the puns!)

    I’d pay money for these. Love it!

  61. TSG great video. That other guy is good too. There was still entertainment and information while you all waited for 2 minutes to decide to keep his hand.

  62. Well, this draft pretty thoroughly dispels any notions about better players flocking to 8-4s, which makes some degree of sense as definitionally 3/4 of the players in an 8-4 have no business being there.

    I somehow didn’t see any of the drafting for pack 3 on the YouTube auto-play, and enjoyed the TSG commentary a lot.

  63. I love all of the really corny play on words.. “something we smite want to play around…” cue LSV’s famous laugh. I really enjoy the double cast drafts by the way. Even though TSG says some whacky plays and you don’t listen it’s really entertaining lol and he IS helpful SOMEtimes. I like it when he calls the top decks, heh.

    I just wish these videos would pop out faster, they’re really fun to watch. I think because of your videos the guys at my shop have a new found respect for Lust for War. Kind of annoying, but whatever. Keep the videos comin’!

    I hate that you keep such greedy hands and it works out, it never works out for me! Could you explain what kind of decks want to go first? It really seems to work out for you when you draw — just another tool for keeping hands that need a little help.


  64. Round 2 Game 2 and Round 3 Game 2 were too funny… I like the videos even more with TSG. Keep up the good work!

  65. I don’t think you are playing against donks (the 1/1 Spy patrol attack could have been a mistake…).

    The viewers are just slathered with the “I-knew-it-all-along-phenomenon” because they see you make the right play and don’t think about their possible alternative bad play and assume they would have done it your way. If these videos were viewed in a more objective manner, you wouldn’t get the “wow, where are these people when I play 8-4” comments.

    I analyze every move you make and why, and, if I have time before you do something, try and see what I would have done and learn from you or cement my own thoughts.

    Just want you to know there is someone out here who understands that your opponents look bad because you don’t make mistakes, or minimize them.

    Also, I think the other 99 ppl missed 1 pun (I think)

    Not word for word “He could equip chariot and “roll” (HAH! chariots on wheels) in for 4 damage”

    Thanks for the vids, the more the merrier.

  66. wheel of armageddon

    Keep making these videos with TSG, LSV. He forces you to verbalize your thought process a bit more and that is helpful. He also makes you funnier, which is always a plus.

    Love the videos, thanks to all involved!

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