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  1. this is just so sick. huge thanks lsv for the sheer number of these draft videos; ROE is a great format and you are giving it the justice it deserves. keep it up, it’s my favorite thing about ChannelFireball

    I hate to get greedy, but I’d love to see more constructed videos as well.

  2. luis….i think i love you
    i came onto this site lookin for exactly this, buth thought it couldnt be because there was another posted so recently….but there was! for one guy to post this much content of this awesome quality is just superb.
    Keep on truckin’

  3. The person you play against in the finals is Kurtis Droge. Aka the Black White master

  4. Man, your deck was pretty sweet, but you made some really, really loose keeps. You kept hands with no relevant plays that were mana short in a 17 land deck. You got lucky that you’re opponents all had terrible decks/ draws as well. In fact, you seemed to have won multiple games on the strength of Lust for Warring your opponents first guy and him having no more relevant plays.

  5. lsv,

    do you only post winning drafts you do? i think it would be cool to see some you lose, just to see what kind of things go wrong…or are you just a master and win every time u record? Thanks! oh and btw u are a master winning with thats draft

  6. Minor point: you forgot to sac your Eldrazi spawn when he targeted it with Drana in the last round to keep her from getting a modest boost. Obviously you did fine, but just sayin.

  7. Thanks for this LSV, i feel that just by watching this videos, my limited ROE skills have improved quite a bit, please make this a regular part of the website.

  8. @ lvs

    I post every draft I record. If you look at the first couple rise drafts I posted, I certainly didn’t win them all.

    @ Jim

    Lust for War is a plan in and of itself, so winning games just based on it seems reasonable to me. I won’t argue that this deck kinda sucked and managed to get there anyway though.

  9. @lvs – If you look back through the storied history of Channel LSV, you will absolutely find a bunch of drafts where LSV loses. I assure you that many things have gone wrong in past drafts (and even in this draft).

    @LSV – Honestly, you probably could’ve gone RBg in this draft and had a better deck, even going into pack 3. Wildheart Invoker, though it was pretty decent for you in some of your games (mainly by trading), is not really that much of an incentive to be base green. That would’ve made Corpsehatch the easy pick 1 out of pack 3 while still leaving the possibility of splashing Gigantomancer and Gelatinous Genesis.

  10. Some plays werent too great… example in g1 vs drana.dec rather than sacing spawns to play your two guys you could have just held back two spawn(or 3 to be safe) and played your bramblesnap to win next turn. If he eot vendettad you and drew a land youd have died with your line of play and almost couldnt kill him the next turn.

  11. And by “even going into pack 3” I meant “even making the decision to be RBg at the beginning of pack 3”.

  12. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE lust for war but pennon blade seems to be a lot better for your deck. Did you miss it or just dislike it?

  13. some luck and a really unique deck, very nice to watch!! as usual. Your fan base keeps growing 🙂

  14. Doesn’t saccing the spawn prevent Drana from pumping?

    “The spell or ability is countered if all its targets, for every instance of the word "target," are now illegal.”

  15. I was wondering at the end of M3, G3 why you didn’t trade in your last eldrazi spawn token either for an extra 5/5 ooze or to upgrade your oozes to 6/6s. Did you need the extra mana next turn?

  16. “lsv,
    do you only post winning drafts you do? i think it would be cool to see some you lose, just to see what kind of things go wrong"¦or are you just a master and win every time u record? Thanks! oh and btw u are a master winning with thats draft”

    there are some definite round 2 losses ones, I’m not sure if I remember a round 1 loss, but he definitely doesn’t win every one

    he has had some trainwreck drafts that he’s managed to get to r2 or 3

  17. I know lust for war is good but in the course of your 8 videos it must have won 20% of your games (including the decks without lust for war). That is just nuts. I think it’s winning you games at about 10 times the rate Vampire Nighthawk could (both 3 drop uncommons) and that just has to be well out of the normal range.

  18. nice play not saccing the spawn to drana. Round 2 u obv board in ogre sentrys and induce for bombardments/brood birthing or skittering invasion to deal with cutthroats and escorts early as well as possible shrivel sb. It’s really amazing how you do so well in tourneys when saito, kenji, or me don’t misplay like that. Must be some serious cheating going on how about a video on that?

  19. even though you only have like 6 targets that kill drana (crusher, 2x hatcher, wildheart, gigantomancer, ondu giant) any thought of bringing in the induce despair as a way to deal with it? I don’t know what you would side out for it (my guess would have been bramblesnap or one of the red invokers) or was keeping everything streamlined more important?

  20. @scrub

    Lsv doesn’t really do too well at some tournaments. Also, it’s kind of funny that you include yourself in the same sentence as saito and kenji. Mind telling everyone who you are, best magic player ever?

  21. Man, I was so nervous that the guy was gonna go 3 straight games with turn 5 Drana. Not gonna lie, ROE would be 100x better if Drana were Mythic and Vengevine were rare. Drana is by far the most overpowered card in a limited format since Umezawa’s Jitte (arguably BETTER than the Jitte?).

  22. Match 1 Game 1, near the end where he attacks with ulamog’s crusher, instead of saccing land + Raid Bombardement you can just sac lust for war and raid, seems alot better for you. Of course having your opponent disconnect also works.

  23. Just something that dawned on me. In R1G1, you were going to sac a land and then block his aura gnarlid. Remember you can just sac lust for war. 🙂

  24. This is probably my favorite so far. So many interesting pick decisions, and some interesting play decisions too. Not sure if every decision was so optimal, but at least it gets you thinking.

    @ Troll: I’m not sure Sentry is what you want since Time of Heroes makes it so dead, having 3 extra chump blockers seems a lot better. You may be right though. The rest of what you said is just garbage, I don’t think any of us knows whether Kenji plays a little loose in random online drafts. You can only judge mistakes when it counts.

    @ John: I thought the same thing, -Vendetta +Induce, but he ended up doing that for game 3. He even said “I should have done this last game”.

    Side note, Bramblesnap seems really overrated to me. It’s such an anti-combo with anything else that makes your tokens good, and it seems like it’s never big enough to threaten much on its own. I’m gradually seeing Bramblesnaps go later and later.

  25. haha scrubadub might have posted the douchiest most arrogant thing ever with no backing it up.

  26. game two of round two. Why attack for seven and have him die to lust for war the turn you played emrakul’s hatcher?

  27. @ Elliot : He only had 1 mana left from the spawn, and would need 2 to get x to 6. He could however held a swamp untapped instead of the spawn, but even if the evoker would get an aura of some sorts, 5 5/5’s just win the game.

  28. Oh Drana, you are such a blowout. Funny how there always seems to be one in nearly every draft 😉

    I once played a draft where i p3p1 a foil conquering manticore over drana for my janky r/w deck only to have my decision backfire:
    opponent t5 drana, me t5 tap out heat ray to get rid of her, opponent t6 cadaver imp dredging drana back..gg
    Lesson learned i guess… waste ur p1 to hate draft drana even if u can’t splash her, or risk having her used against you, she is that good.

    IMO wizards made a huge mistake putting her at rare. she is definitely a format warping card that many decks simply cant deal with.
    Why couldnt they have made the crappier but still good nirkana revenant the rare instead of drana 🙂

  29. Balancingthetwo

    Thanks for doing this Draft LSV 😀 I’ve been wanting to see some of the ‘silly gimmick decks’ you were talking about a while back in a ZZW drafts. I think the times when you win with the gimmick deck are the most fun. It’s always fun to see you working with what you got and coming up with a plan.

  30. Saccing spawn to the drana ability would have done absolutely nothing there, as he was dead without any meaningful way to get back in the game, even at +1 life. He did have two turns to draw the single heat ray in his deck, but that obviously did not happen. Either way, these videos aren’t about making the perfect play every time, they’re just about making really good plays most of the time. I’d recommend that some of you try going out to become internationally respected masters and then comment.

    Regarding lust for war and how it wins like half of these games. I don’t know about you, but I think that it might be a sign of something? Like perhaps how Lust for War is a huge beating? Yeah, it’s at its best when you put it on their 1-2 drop early and it kills them before they can play anything relevant, but guess what? It’s limited, that happens more than you’d think. I would totally draft lust for war.dec and just mise. Obviously LSV knows this, or do you think he does this stuff by accident.

  31. This draft was pretty bad actually. Not picking staggershock or battlement p1p2 was poor for example, in the green ramp deck it´s harder to get your removal and finishers then it is to get your lategame bombs. Needing 4 is also nonsense, you can easily get by with just 2 and some midrange stuff like stomper cubs etc. Either way picking up the lategame spells is no problem, even invokers do fine, getting the early game spells for Gx is hard and passing it isn´t good. Some colorless finishers with a ancient stirring also works very well, in fact I don´t get why you don´t like ancient stirrings, in a green deck you often have some spare mana as you don´t have levelers and spending one is no problem. Finding crushers or fixing mana is great however, stirrings seems to be underrated overall, in a deck with 17 land and 3 colorless spells the chance to miss is really low anyway.
    The deck wasn´t really good in the end but you got a opponent dropping and all of them playing awful so I guess you can still mise a win then.

  32. Prob shoulda boarded in the Induce Despair as another out to Drana.. since Vendetta doesn’t play nicely there

  33. Doesn’t kill the Dawnglare Invoker with the Spawning Breath before casting the Genesis result is a slightly better use of your mana? And you take 2 less damage if he chooses to attack you?

  34. I really think the bloodthrone pick was the turning point in the draft. You had already picked a safer red card over a superior green card, putting green far from reach. Had you sticked with your guns the deck would had turned into a bombastic one.

    Anyway, thanks so much for doing this. The community really appreciates it.

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  36. In round 1, if he had the (third) giant growth he would probably have just used it on the Gnarlid to make it unblockable prior to swinging (and you had tapped out for the oozes).

  37. Splinter Twin would have been good on:

    Ulamog’s Crusher
    Emrakul’s Hatcher
    Tuktuk, the Explorer
    Ondu Giant

    Maybe not the ideal number of good targets but certainly good enough to play I would think.

  38. Game 1, Match 1, 5:20 in it. You are tapped out of both creatures and mana(3 colorless not counting) and are at 11 life. Your opponent is at 8 so he can take 1 from the bombardment, 1 from tuktuk, and 3 from a lust for war without dying.

    Stagger shock you, rebound stagger shock you, attack for 8 – you’d be dead. Am i missing something, or was he really just that clueless?

  39. You basically did win round 2 game 1 at one life. You were at 5 for the longest, and had you been at 4, he can just level up knight and fly over FTW the turn after you cast crusher.

  40. “The person you play against in the finals is Kurtis Droge. Aka the Black White master

    Comment by ThePedestrian – June 14, 2010 @ 9:49 pm”

    Master of playing unplayables main like perish the thought and inquisition ? That was like the worst deck in the draft if it weren’t for Drana.

  41. @Andy:

    Splinter Twin on TukTuk is awful. The token is ALSO legendary, so you tap TukTuk to activate splinter twin, you have 2 Legendary creatures named Tuk Tuk the Explorer, they both die to the legend rule, you get 2 legendary creatures named Tuk Tuk the Returned, and they both die to the legend rule.

  42. And even if it wasn’t legendary, it gets rfged at the end of turn nice 7 mana 2 card can sometimes ping players permanent. 😉

  43. BogardanFiremind

    Honestly, in the 2-in-a-row (or was it 3) splash green vrs. splash black picks, you could have probably gone for the same decision each time instead of flip-flopping. you made a comment about wanting to stick to green on the 2 choice (ondu giant) but for the first choice you decided that you would rather go with the chance that red/black splash was open more than red/green.
    Of course, the second pick did give you another signal that green was still open.

    My thoughts was that since you started drafting 2 green “bombs” it was worth it to stick to green in the first pack (kozilek’s preditor vrs. heat ray)
    Additionally, you were going on about not having enough tokens or ramp for a few packs at that point and a few packs afterwords, and Eldrazi spawns give you both.

    there’s obviously more to it than just that and I trust your instinct over mine, but they were some points you didn’t talk about during the video I felt would’ve been worth covering.

  44. Drana makes Flameblast Dragon look like a Sea Serpent.

    And with cadaver imp at common, the dedicated B decks are pretty scary if they pack her.

  45. Why not Surreal when you had dubs vendetta, induce and heat ray? I mean, it’s probably a different game plan, but it kept your color commitment opena nd fit very well with cards you already had.

  46. I think white deserves a bit more respect. That soul’s attendant is way better than ogre sentry in pack 1, especially given that it would likely be rough against your deck.

  47. Thanks LSV for this. I think it really illustrates the diversity of archetypes in ROE – a fair few of the cards in your deck would be utter trash in other decks that used the same colors, but because they work within the theme, they come together to become greater than the sum of their parts – I’m talking something like Raid Bombardment – who would have thought this card would beat Drana?!

  48. Disagreed with many picks. Hated the deck. Loved the vid. LSV you are the guy to make them.


  49. LOL Game 2 Match 1 you actually DID win by one point. If he had levelled before attacking, you would’ve been down to 4 life and he could’ve levelled his flyer and attacked for 4.

  50. Love watching you draft, my only qualm is that I actually like splinter twin a lot, especially in your type of deck. Sure, it can end up a 2for1 but mostly, you’ll just end up making a ton of spawns, or fetching out all your lands, or my favorite, putting it on an enatu golem and attacking with a 3/5 and gaining 4 life each turn.

    Also I think I would have had the corpsehatch. Good work though!

  51. Like game 2 or something he was at 8 and he had 1 blocker, you had a crusher and a vendetta. I don’t know why you don’t vendetta his dude and swing game. I guess annihilating 2 permanents is safer i suppose than going all in.

    Good vid.. loved the 1 ooze ><

  52. To LSV,

    You should have DEFINITELY picked Pestilence Demon over Vendetta. The only cards that kill that guy are Deprive, Induece Despair, Heat Ray and Narcolepsy and none of which does it very good. If you cast it and they don’t have one of those, the game is about 92% yours, and you can’t say that about almost any other card. I think that the only cards that are better than him in this format are the planeswalkers.

  53. M2G1 Nobody mentioned the chump-block with the Spawn, instead of blocking the Lust-for-War’ed Escort dead with Crusher. Next turn Crusher has to attack and annihilate anyway so why give him another permanent to sac?

  54. ironic that your round 3 opponent’s misplay of drana where he let the invoker live so he could smite it and get in 3 less damage with drana cost him the game and eventually the match.

  55. That was far and away the sloppiest draft I’ve ever seen, between the pack quality (you somehow made a deck out of a trainwreck, congrats), your mulligans (or lack thereof) and your opponent’s plays. Way to pull it out in the end though!

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