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  1. my god these are addictive…
    have you ever tried control in base UW? you get the instant that kills power 3 or less attackers really late…its not as good as grixis, but ive found it to be ok

    also, white aggro can be alright, as bears go soo late even if your going off the rails you can transform a failed UW levelers deck into Wu aggro and make a weak but not terrible draft out of it

    anyways, thanks for making these lsv!

  2. LSV,

    I have no played magic in 4 years. I grabbed all my cards out of the closet on friday (June 4th). Thus, I have a lot of catching up to do. I watched all your ROE drafts to kind of familiarize myself with the set, and they were very helpful. I read over the new rules (Havn’t played since guildpact) and I ended up going 5-0 at a 16 player draft on tuesday. That’s only 4 days after I even looked at a new magic card in 4 years.

    Weirdly enough, I had almost the exact same deck you do in this video – highlights
    2 Stagger Shock
    1 Domestication
    1 Echo mage
    1 Flame shock
    1 Splinter Twin

    I don’t know the names of the rest. But I had a pretty sick combo. I had Splinter twin with 2 battle rattles and Merfolk Skyscout. It was awesome.

    Thanks for all the tips. I hope this comment is enough explanation to represent how helpful these videos are. 4 days of being back into magic and I 5-0 a draft with some decent competition. I don’t mean to honk my own horn, just show thanks and a personal experience with your help.


  3. Forgot to mention I had 2 lust for wars. No one likes those where I was playing either. It wont be so many games. Put it on a 1/2 or such and just block all day. So underrated.

  4. I apparently cannot type tonight. **It won me so many games

    Once again – Thanks for the tips. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. ah epic drafts keep coming.

    Just curious, but what information caused you to change your draft strategy

  6. Lust for War continues to be as good as advertised. I can’t count how many times LSV has won a game on the back of that card.

  7. That threaten on the Rapacious One was just nasty!

    No wonder your opponents are shouting at you, haha.

    Another great video, keep ’em coming.

  8. Another sweet draft! What a cheeky deck too, that win off traitorous instinct was beautiful. Thanks so much for these videos, I won’t be underestimating lust for war anytime soon.

  9. LSV,

    How many green decks were in the draft?… it seemed odd for such late pick Ondu Giant/Aura Gnarlid’s, and on top of that, you passed two Gnarlid’s left in pack 1, then got passed a Boar Umbra from pack two, and green seemed very plentiful the entire draft. Just curious.


  10. That was a sick deck, but I seriously think you could of subbed 1 of your 3 fleeting distractions for Distortion Strike. That card can be a blowout in some games.

    Great job, Keep ’em coming!

  11. Ahhh! I knew you would face the guy to your right in the finals. Sad thing is that I had a deck with (no lie):

    Joraga Treespeaker
    3 Nest Invader
    3 Domestication
    2 (!) Awakening Zone
    2 Enclave Cryptologist
    Bear Umbra
    Drake Umbra
    Aura Gnarlid
    Recurring Insight

    …and went fucking 2-1. Only one other guy at the table knew how to draft, and he got the nuts Green ramp deck with 3x Overgrown Battlement, Aura Gnarlids, 2 rare Eldrazi, etc. I could have beat him if he didn’t have god draws in 2/3 games. FML

  12. Nice draft video. The only Threaten that I’ve seen recently that I would consider worse than that one, would be a Traitorous Instinct on a certain 12/15 Totem-Guide Hartebeest.

  13. Hey LSV, I don’t think it’s hard to see that these videos are a hit. You’re a very good host and commentator. Keep it up, dawg.

  14. yo dawg draft a control deck plz you’re freaking lsv. from nacatl to geopede to kiln field this is making me sick. screw aggro

  15. Ahhh traitorous instinct, shwing yes! That card has won me a LOT of games lately. I refresh the vid page here every 2 days looking for the new ones! Cheers

  16. if he topdecked venerated teacher the turn LSV played Conquering manticore, LSV wouldve died to the enforcers + eel umbra (which he was thinking his opponent had already). Other than that this was a sickening deck and a perfectly executed draft. great work

  17. its funny that you mention mammoth umbra on a creature with lust for war. I did that twice in the same match last week (once fetching it with a totem guide hartbeast). my opponent was not happy!

  18. I love these things Luis. I only recently discovered that it just plays all of the videos, and not just the first one. 🙂

    It’s like I get to draft with you! 🙂

  19. I like how you’ve gone from rating Lust for War at a 1-2 to being its champion. It’s not that I like having been right all along, I just like that the card is getting recognition for being the powerhouse that it actually is (verifying that I’m not crazy).

  20. As an additional thought, especially given that RoE is its own draft pool (and thus you only have to reconsider one set), it might be worth it to rewrite/repost/reevaluate your initial card rankings now that you’ve gotten a chance to play with them. It seems that in this set more than any, you’ve drastically changed your opinions on some cards.

  21. gullarackistanovitch

    Ok now lets work on getting one of these up each day! if not by you then make some of the other fellas do it.

  22. Not to contradict you LSV, but Lust for War is actually really good in a ramp deck. I had 2 in my first sealed when RoE came out and I think 3 games I straight up didn’t ramp into anything just created my tokens with Hatchers and Predators and chumped till they died to Lust for War, Lust for War is basically insane.

  23. I once got a guy put two Guard Duty on two of his guys who i enchanted with Lust For War, me sad panda , and they actually won him the game.

  24. I’m slowly starting to think of lust for war more and more of as a bomb. When i first saw someone use it against me, i accepted that it was okay and maybe playable, but now the more I see it played the more I’m convinced that it’s a reason for you to WANT to be in red. The card is just ridiculous and wins so many games by itself.

  25. Balancingthetwo

    Interesting point about playing first; and I appreciate the insight about what decks you should be playing first with.

  26. I’ve been noticing something. Every time you win a draft you either money picked 1st pick (Lorthos.dec with a goblin guide and UW.dec in Triple Urza’s Saga with Gaea’s Cradle) or you pick 6 rares (2 RoE drafts won with 6 rares picked and the Lorthos.dec had also 6 rares).

    Rare pick for the win!

    PS: Just kidding, the deck is nice, even when I thought the 3 distractions were pretty loose when you leave a Guul Draz Assasin in the sideboard. Don’t ever stop making draft videos!

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  28. PelakkaIwantYourBabies

    @Blind Fremen
    Dude seriously, noone cares or wants to hear in real life about these kind for stories why would someone care in a forum?

  29. I have seen a more crushing Traitorous Instinct, but it involves an opponent playing a bad card.

    Player A plays Thought Gorger and discards six. Player B’s next two turns are Magmaw, Traitorous Instinct…

  30. Just wanted to throw down my appreciation for these videos….RRR seems to be a little flush with R/G ramp decks at the moment so nice to see a B/R controlish deck out taking some of these down 🙂

  31. I love these drafts thank you for keeping them coming.

    LSV your ” long winded” explinations are what makes them so valuable to me. I learn more and more about this game every time I watch one and cant get enough of them.

    Like many others have said I would really like to see some of the other guys on the site post some of their drafts as well.


  32. Great vids! I love/hate when I see a new one up because I know I have to clear my schedule for 45 minutes immediately… Worth it.

  33. I must have rolled my eyes a dozen times watching these; some of your puns were just bad. xD

    Awesome vids though, I learned a lot about the RoE draft format (like pick those lust for wars early, they win you games.)

  34. You should re-listen to the card selection portion of this draft. You make a lot of contradictory statements, and not just regarding Cryptologist. Certainly I agree that as the draft progresses the same card will change in value, but it’s pretty funny to hear your descriptions change. =)

  35. Hey lsv, great draft and great video! I have a question: How do you know your finals opponent had a disaster radius?

  36. dowjonzechemical

    I love your puns…

    “I could’ve Hada Spy Patrol” rofl

    “I’ll just Take-Take” (in response to getting wheeled Tuk-Tuk)

    this is gold

  37. Nice draft, these videos are amazing!

    Also, thank you for calling out your two opponents who took it upon themselves to try and berate you simply because you beat them. I can’t stand these types of players (online or IRL, and hopefully some of them will see this video and realize how real players feel about their immature whining act.

  38. @SSHdude: Click on the Event Tab at the bottom of the window. This brings up a screen with the current standings in the draft on the top, and the current match progress on the bottom. There is a button that divides these two frames that says “View Round”. Set it to a previous round, then double click on the match results of the opponent you are interested in. This will bring up an option to watch the replays of those games.

    Even if you are the last person to finish and the next round has already started, it’s ALWAYS worth losing a few minutes on the clock to get some information about what your opponent is playing

  39. Rumpofsteelskin

    Thank you so much for making these LSV! I really enjoy watching them and I find they help my drafting and game play immensely. Please keep them coming, you’re a great host!

  40. Wow, what happened match 2 game 2? With Archivist in play and control firmly in hand, I do not understand playing skywatcher adept and letting him bash you to 11. Worst-case scenario a) is him having the teacher, and that’s already 10 damage. At that point when you tap out for the Manticore you’ve left yourself open to dying to, just off the top of my head, essence feed, virulent swipe, distortion strike, eel umbra that you saw game one … anything that deals an extra point, plus teacher. You survived it, but there was just no need to take that risk. The risk is much smaller (and the mana usage more efficient) just keeping back both Oracles and playing double block + eel umbra next turn. Even if he topdecks the vendetta (couldn’t have had it, would have killed Cryptologist) you’re just losing some Oracles and getting Ven out of his hand so Manticore (and Archivist) can win the game.

    That really confused me. However, freaking awesome draft! I fully agreed with every pick and enjoyed the thought processes that went into it all. This one was some great work.

  41. Chris, he couldn’t block the enforcers should his opponent have had the teacher. Remember that they get intimidate at max level and can therefore only be blocked by black creatures.

  42. PlatypusPlatoon

    “I mean, I’m not _happy_ taking Fleeting Distraction 5th pick, but what can you do.” (7th pick shows up with Fleeting Distraction and garbage) “Take another one, I guess.”

    I lol’ed.

  43. @ Chris

    It felt like I was going to be in a bad position to teacher regardless, so I just wanted to advance my board. It is possible that I could have played more defensively, but it seemed right to me at the time.

    @ Josh G

    Can you clarify what you mean by contradictory? I’m curious what you felt was inconsistent, and would like to explain my thoughts if you have anything concrete for me to work with.

  44. LSV: Only your word choice, which is why I brought it up as something humorous rather than something incorrect. P1P1, Cryptologist is a trap, pick 2 it’s a solid card. Later, Ulamog’s Crusher is a mediocre big dude, but then the very next pick you describe him as a solid finisher. You do a good job of explaining your thoughts, it was just funny to listen to. There was at least one more like that, but I can’t watch the video right now. I’ll watch through it a bit later and find the rest.

    Thanks for the reply though! Love the videos, please do keep them coming!

  45. Oh, just remembered another one: Soul’s attendant as a good card that most people underrated, when in previous videos you said you wouldn’t play it. Again, it’s in the theme with how your drafting has changed, but it’s like saying “Where do people get these ideas? Not possibly from me! ” =P

  46. Missed a chance for a good pun when you discarded the Fleeting Distraction to the Looter. You even teased it, but it sounded like it wasn’t intended. Ever hear what happened to the boy who cried pun? lol

  47. Just a thought, but I feel like everything you said about Fleeting Distraction being good is true about Distortion Strike. It powers up Kiln Fiend, Surreal Memoir, and Echo Mage… but so does Strike. It also rebounds, and (in my opinion) has a somewhat more relevant effect. But just my opinion, curious to hear your response.

  48. I’m voting for a MED123 draft next! That format is completely awesome =P. I came back and had another good chuckle at the end – “I hope this guy yells at me some more. That’s always fun.”

  49. @Henry: Distortion Strike doesn’t power up Memoir, as Strike is a sorcery.

    Unless by “power up” you mean “limits the possibilities of,” which can be a valid line of thinking.

  50. That. Threaten. Was. Awesome!
    Seriously, I was thinking “it’s looking though for LSV” and then one draw later the game is over 🙂

  51. Thanks a lot for this! What are some of the changes to your drafting that warrented opening with saying that it’s changed quite a bit?

  52. Amazing topdeck, better than Nassif’s. Thanks for posting so many draft videos for free; not only are they entertaining, they are educational. It’s like a better version of Dora the Explorer.

  53. Literally just won a game only playing 1 Kargan and 1 Lust for war. I was blue/red on MTGO and only got red mana. Had 4 lands in play. Crazy. Lust for war is soooo good. It’s like “You have 4 turns”

  54. OK, I loved Lust for War BEFORE you started lovin on it…So initially, when you started saying how good it was, I was extremely proud of myself for finding out something around the same time as LSV and on my own.

    However, Now that you keep mentioning how good it is, im afraid that I wont be able to pick as many up…for the greater good, stop telling people how good it is! lol

    I can only hope the people I draft with do not look at your videos

  55. PlatypusPlatoon

    CeLo, I don’t think you have to worry about that. Lust for War is still vastly underrated by the general Magic playing populace. These type of cards have always been bad, so people automatically assume it’s still bad.

  56. Great draft, and a winner too, congratz…

    An added benifit of LSVs luv for blue in these things has actually made drafting white and green easier I have found. Funny how LSV creates a meta all by himself as these videos become more popular…

  57. “And now my opponent is yelling at me….”


    Lust for Win steals another game.

  58. Another great draft! It’s interesting to almost alwasy see you in red in these drafts. So much powerful cheap removal there’s almost always an easy way to splash red, but then you seem to get cut in other colors and just push red harder. I was wondering your thoughts on other archtypes like walls, U/W fliers, and U/B levelers, etc.

  59. Why in pack 3 did you pick a fleeting distraction over a nirkana cutthroat? Yes, you’re not in black but that card is an absolute bomb if left unchecked and you’re more than likely to wheel the fleeting distraction.

  60. Epic video as always, inititally i thought the deck seemed to be mediocre due to lack of removal, but the domestication,manticore, and traitorous instinct with lust for war support was more than enough. By now its pretty obvious that lust for war is the sleeper pick in Roe limited, and no card with 3cmc or less can claim as many victories as it. Hoping like every one else that we can get atleast a couple draft vids a week! Thx a bunch for ur hard work 😉

  61. ended up drafting a deck very similar to this at fnm after first picking an echo mage… excellent demonstration of the archetype lsv… so thanks… watching this improved my performance with it considerably…

  62. Tunneler is playable with Kiln Fiends but if you gave 3 nods to Fleeting Distraction over a Distortion strike then I can see why you didn’t pick that Tunneler. I like how you said how powerful Kiln Fiend COULD be but you played him so loose and almost “asked” that your opponent trade with it to simplify the board.

    I’ve watched most of your videos and this one has to be one of the best. Excellent mulligan with your 1 Island and Skywatcher + Fleeting. It’s a hand I would have kept most of the time if I was running 18 or 19 lands, but prob not 17.

    Opponent has 2 Land – You draw Lust For War “I wouldn’t mind Lusting a Sporecap Spider”

    Opponent plays 3rd land and plays Spider.

    I lol’ed.

    Thanks for the vid!

  63. @Brian

    In a draft yesterday I threatened a boared and snaked up rapacious one at 3 life and then tapped all my tokens with Lifestrider.

  64. I threatened a Conscriptioned Eldrazi Spawn once but my oppoent’s IQ was above 65 and he saced it in response!

    The 4 mana kill spell!

  65. Very helpful

    My one comment would be that you should post drafts where you don’t go 3-0. These would be more instructional. Also the matches would be closer because your deck would be more middle of the line and you could discuss more interesting play choices.

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