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  1. God, you’re just churning them out! (Or just putting them up now after recording them previously. Same thing.)

    Again, these videos are easily the best reason this site has emerged as superior to SCG. Please don’t stop.

  2. A Sarkan would have been so ridiculous in this deck.

    Well, more ridiculous than he already is in other decks.

  3. I agree with above: the more of these, the merrier. 3 rounds are clearly the best, but anything’s better than nothing. One of the major things I look forward to each day (plus Ochoa’s walkthroughs!)

  4. I agree with the above posts.

    Most of the time though, i think Ochoa overvalues blue cards.

  5. In Match 3, Game 3, you could have sac’ed you spawn for mana and two lands to kill the spirit dancer in response to the boar umbra.

  6. Even when you lose LSV we learn, this information is important too us. Thanks for your frequent posts.

    the only question i have is why people seem to shy away from 3 colors in this format. I find it difficult to not splash with the sheer number of powerful cards that only require one coloured mana to play.

  7. In game 2 of match 1, you say that you can pump vampire in response to puncturing light (although he doesn’t have one). Puncturing light doesn’t have a conditional if statement, so doesn’t it kill your guy even if the target has greater than 3 power when puncturing light resolves? Or does it fizzle for being an illegal target?

  8. Josh: The latter. It’s not a legal target anymore, so it is countered upon resolution. Just like Kor Line-Slinger can’t tap Bloodthrone, for the same reason.

  9. god that other guy was lucky as shit. he did draft a pretty good deck, but still …

  10. @Fremen:
    Sure that guy got lucky draws, but he was also drawing 2 a turn by casting those umbras. He was also playing smart by sandbagging until LSV tapped out. Hindsight is 20/20, but it might have been better to corpsehatch the Spiritdancer to preserve card parity and just plan on chumping the Vindicator for as long as possible. Definitely a very tough game.

  11. This is my favorite thing to watch of anything in the world. Please keep posting them. My love for them is indescribable….

  12. I feel like if you Vendettaed the Vindicator when he first cast it, your opponent would have been forced to play all his umbras on 1 guy which you might have been able to chump for a while with the Pawn going giving you a bit more time to draw out of the bad situation you were in.

    Also in game 1 of this match it felt like you traded off the Pawn too early… seems like keeping that guy around would have let you have a bit more gas for the Bloodthrone Vampire or just a few more Chumps.

  13. Goblin Tunneler + Bloodthrone Vampire is awesome, why is Tunneler out?

    You pick Magmaw over Brimstone Mage, do you really think it’s better?

    Otherwise, thanks for those excellents videos.

  14. These are awesome, but damn, man, you keep getting destroyed in these. ๐Ÿ™‚ Mind winning one for us?

  15. Yeah, far be it from us to question LSV, but I think it was a bit casual and overconfident to not Vendetta the Vindicator on sight. Since he has already shown multiple totem armours earlier in the match to not kill it and then tap out for the Scorpion seems pretty loose. Vindicator has such a big butt you have to nail it when you can, especially if we know the guy has pumping auras.

  16. I was very surprised when LSV traded corpsehatch for the umbra rather than the spiritdancer. Enchantress is thoroughly sick in this set.

  17. OK, I’ve checked and we hadn’t seen multiple auras in the first game, just one – but frankly the presence of Kor Spiritdancer in that first game kind of suggests that he might have a few auras kicking around in the deck.

  18. They should have hidden all the chess pieces in Rise cardnames, I count just Knight (of cliffhaven) and Pawn (of Ulamog).

  19. I think you should do more videos with guests ‘assisting’ you in the drafts. Also, constructed vids of any format would be fun to see again ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. You hear the R2D2 noises but somehow miss the explanation that it is Tristan’s phone making them? >_>

  21. “Just in case you were wondering, she is also foil”

    Every day I check this site I hope for a draft video. Well, any video, but mostly a draft.

  22. Corpsehatching the spirit dancer would have stopped him from drawing infinite and instead left him with one guy with infinite umbras on it that you could just chump forever…

  23. Hellcarver Demon is absurd. Miles better than Vendetta. The text on the Demon reads “Attack: you win unless a) they have removal in their hand and b) you whiff on the top 6 cards”

    Bala Ged Scorpion > Bloodrite Invoker imo, and probably scorpion > thought gorger as well.

  24. Some questionable moves including constantly ignoring brimstone mage and overrating jank rares (i.e thought gorger and magcrap), but otherwise entertaining as always and clearly the highlight of the site imo. Keep up the good work LSV, and myb get some Dual Commentary again ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. You are one of the best constructed players in the history of the game!!,
    but drafting somehow isn’t your strong side.

    so first pack Drana!!! was the obv pick xD
    also you are passing Deathless angel to your left, which means guy to your left will be screwed since he’ll be in white.

    I have 1 question:

    Why the hell would you take Magmaw @[email protected] over Predator! or even Brimstone if you like BR???
    Magmaw is just junk xD
    BG is one of the strongeest combinations in ROE limited
    Predator was the pick2 in pack1 (for me…wouldn’t even spent secs. thinking over picking it or not =p)
    also you would have had a sick deck if you wen’t in green.

    be waiting for the next vid

  26. @ David B
    Vendeta is by far the highest pick in ROE limited all in all
    no further discussion
    the only card/black card that’s worth taking over Vendeta is Drana

    also I miss your draft partner from earlier drafts
    you guys make a good team and great vids =)

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  28. I also think the demon seems too absurd to pass even for Vendetta. It’s a 6/6 flyer that plays new shit for you to block with every turn. Also, it’s very difficult to remove.

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  30. My contribution to the backseat driving:

    Dawnglare is a 2/1, so you could have gotten it with Drana match 2, game 1.

  31. @David B
    never played hellcarver demon but the text looks more like “Attack: there’s a good chance you just totally boned yourself if opponent’s life >6.
    i’m not sure you guys have actually read the card. a 6/6 flying blocker is not terrible though.

  32. Is it just me, or did you totally miss something when you scooped it up against the Dawnglare Invoker? You could have killed it in your turn with Drana, then having Drana as a blocker next turn? I was a bit confused when I saw you scoop…

  33. Still confused on why you played that out the way you did. You could either 1) not attack at all, hopefully buying your Drana time to take over the game, or 2) attack before playing Drana and leave them guessing what you have, and he might have blocked in a way that is better for you (e.g. blocking both creatures).

    Could you explain your thought process underlying that line of play?

  34. Wout — Dawnglare was about to tap LSV’s entire team prior to attacks next turn. This would mean no blocking, and hence lethal damage was inevitable. LSV could not use Drana to kill anything because he only had 3 mana available (0/-1) and Dawnglare was a 3/2 due to the opponent’s leveler that pumps all other creatures by +1/+1.

  35. wout, the dawnglare has tougness more than 1 from vindicatot and he had access to only BBR which only kills a dude with 1 toughness.

  36. @wout
    the Invoker was a 3/2 due to the +1/+1 from the leveler guy so he could not have killed it with Drana. And other wise the Invoker would have just tapped all his dudes on his opponents turn and died.

  37. He already did in the video. He slammed Drana precombat assuming he could pop the Dawnglare Invoker and stay in the game. Unfortunately, in his haste LSV forgot that the Invoker was actually a 3/2 at this point due to Kabira Vindicator’s Anthem ability (something I forgot as well, I was yelling at my computer “Just kill the Dawnglare!” until I noticed and followed with “Oh, it’s a 3/2!?”).

    Match 2 Game 3 was pretty unfortunate, opponent’s draw was just phenomenal. I guess everyone seems to think snap killing the Vindicator was right, and I think it’s certainly a possibility. Given the situation, you were guaranteed to not spend any mana/cards that turn if you don’t, and your next turn was spoken for so that you could blow up the Slinger with your Scorpion. I’m nowhere near your level, but usually in these situations where I have a card I can use and have a few turns that will be scripted so that I won’t necessarily get a chance to use it I tend to use it just because I have the opportunity and won’t necessarily get it again.

    Although there’s no reason for you to expect him to drop Spiritdancer and combo you out considering how unlikely that was.

    This video showed off Thought Gorger and Magmaw in a way that made them seem pretty weak. I’ve never played with either card so I don’t know their true powerlevel, but every time you played Magmaw it was never really in a good situation to use its ability despite mana and Spawns with which to abuse it. Has your consideration of these cards changed at all?

  38. Hey, Enchantress is a good deck in Legacy, it can rock the boat to in draft! Not a hard archetype to force if you see the enchatress early and then just go all in on umbra’s and g/w dorks.

  39. PS. Everytime I see the “Channel LSV: ROE ROE ROE” I always sing, “…your boat, gently down the stream…” involuntarily…

  40. Magmaw is “fine” normally and good in a deck with tokens. Thought Gorger is just bad, imo. Amazing deck but a misplay here and an opponent gets a great draw there and that’s it. Even for a champ like LSV! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Still, love the draft vids!!

  41. Lasse Nรƒฦ’ร†โ€™รƒโ€šร‚ยธrgaard

    Can you please elaborate why you picked Magmaw P1P2? You had shipped:

    Deathless Angel, Narcolepsy and Boar Umbra

    Now you dont really wanna start picking a fight over white or the other Bant colors without good reason, so the:

    Knight of Cliffhaven, Kabira Vindicator, Kozilek Predator

    Are pretty much out of the question, so the leaves:

    Brimstone Mage, Last Kiss and Magmaw

    Sure Magmaw ended up being the best pick, but is it the best pick with only Drana in your pile? When you go for B/R do you automatically know you are going for tokens, or do you just hate Brimstone Mage?

    Magmaw doesen’t really do anything other than being a big dude with an ok ability, if you don’t set it up with Threatens or Eldrazi Spawns. Brimstone Mage turns games around by himself, and Last Kiss keeps your colors clear and your options open. I would personally have taken both the Kiss and the Mage over Magmaw in your situation, why did you take Magmaw?

  42. Thanks for putting these videos up, they are the number one reason why I visit your site and have purchased from your store. Every day I visit your site I hope to see another draft or constructed video. Please keep them coming!

  43. Definately Black/Green was the way to go. You would have had better creatures/options that way. Or even splashing red for emrakul hatcher/Flame Slash, since you passed up a growth spasm as well. Magmaw is usually craptastic. And like it was said before you could have used the tokens and kill the spiritdancer in response to the umbra on it. Sac’d a land and the scorpion, though it wouldn’t matter much less you could have gotten rid of that flyer next.

  44. great, more cool draft videos!

    your deck was pretty sick really, too bad “evil” got nuts draw in last game :/

    Can’t wait for the next draft !!


  45. Great post / video as always. I’m sure it isn’t easy posting a video where you make a mistake (i.e. playing drana then dying instead of redraining with the invoker).

    Thanks and keep them coming!

  46. Re: AL

    “In Match 3, Game 3, you could have sac'ed you spawn for mana and two lands to kill the spirit dancer in response to the boar umbra.”

    Can’t sacrifice lands to Magmaw… would’ve had to sac his whole board to do it… Maybe that was the play since he had a few plays in hand, but not sure that’s the right play.

  47. Seems way greedy to not Vendetta the Vindicator EoT. He would have had to play snake umbra on the spiritdancer and you could corpsehatch it and kill it with magmaw hopefully. Kind of impossible to know exactly how it would have turned out though, but you definitely would have had a few more turns to draw into answers.

  48. by not using vendetta on the vindicator, he gets to play the scorpion which will chump the vindicator anyway even after one level, and get more value out of the vendetta by either killing something better, or more likely killing the vindicator after one pump which gets a little tempo. Against any deck without umbras this is basically an automatic play. against this deck with umbras, either line of play can be argued for, because by not playing the vendetta, he still leaves open the possibility of a 2 for 1 on an umbra on turn 5.

  49. Magmaw is not junk. Thought Gorger is, though.

    I agree with everyone saying they would have Vendettaed the Vindicator. I don’t agree with people saying they would Corpsehatch the Spiritdancer. He had seen a total of one Umbra in the first two games, there was no reason to think his opponent would go off like that.

  50. Dear LSV,

    Please stop making these videos. I am now at the point where I am forced to watch each video twice, and I have begun to miss my friends and loved ones.

  51. magmaw has never been amazing for me before… it just seems amazing but its not really amazing in draft cuz the format is so fast and you rarely want to throw away spawns unless you got awakening zone or something.

    keep these coming, great work

  52. Not a gravy train pro, but know what I’m doing, and I think you misplayed game one of round two pretty badly. There was no good reason to trade the Magmaw at the point you did. By trading it off, you left yourself in the situation where you HAD to rely on the Bloodrite Invoker to go all the way despite not having the eighth land yet. As it was, given that you had plenty of Magmaw fodder to throw at his face, he was effectively on only 7 at the time, and if you drew lands or spells, you only got further ahead, meaning that the invoker would quickly become lethal. Yes, the Beastmaster would’ve gotten big quickly, but he could only attack with just that, since otherwise he’d leave himself open, and you were winning that race.

  53. “He had seen a total of one Umbra in the first two games, there was no reason to think his opponent would go off like that.”

    Erm, if an opponent plays a Spiritdancer, you can safely assume they are playing more than one Umbra.

    Just saying.

  54. Was this supposed to be a good deck or a fun deck? It was fun watching you draft it, but it just did not seem very strong. It seemed like there were strong cards to be drafted but they were passed over for a combo deck. Pawn of Ulamog is not that good — I don’t know why this deck had three of them (they were hardly better than Scathe Zombies).

  55. grannyspayback

    No one has mentioned so far that while LSV was picking great cards with lots of synergy and removal to boot, he did pass 4 snake umbras, two bear umbras, a boar umbra, a mamoth umbra or two, and lots of spider and hyena umbras (I am guessing at the number, but it was huge), as well as assorted great green creatures including one anaura narlid(the guy that can only be blocked by creatures with power greater than his power).

    I have been drafting the green white umbra deck a lot latedly, and when you get it it is sick, sick, sick, even without the spirit dancer. If you play carefully and do not walk into removal in response to your umbra, it pretty much nullifies removal in that you are trading an umbra for removal, and umbras are (so far) a lot easier to draft.

    Yes, the guy got great draws, buts so did LSV. I do think LSV could have played around the umbras a bit more, and for those who say he did not know about them, in addition to the spirit dance there were all those cards he passed.

    I love these drafts, learn so much.

  56. Is there any way you can change the type of your embedded youtube player so that it doesn’t have the stupid button that makes related videos pop up every time I move my mouse?

  57. Argh pennon blade over battle-rattle with almost nothing in the 4-slot was a frustrating pick to watch. Shaman is just so underrated, and is outstanding in this deck in particular. It is interesting that the Blade ended up winning you a game where the Shaman would have done nothing, but I’ve certainly seen the opposite of that more often.

    Also, both for Luis and for everyone making comments I get that umbras is an accepted alternative, but umbrae is the standard pluralization of umbra…

  58. Owen said:

    “Is there any way you can change the type of your embedded youtube player so that it doesn't have the stupid button that makes related videos pop up every time I move my mouse?”

    I second that!

  59. grannyspayback

    My god Umbra is actually a real word? Do I feel stupid.

    Please, someone go through and cound the number of Umbrae passed so I don’t have to. Huge waste of time.

    And I am not a pro, please, someone who is tell me. Are Umbrae just better than I think they are, or are they really bloody good (in Rise limited that is).

  60. “Erm, if an opponent plays a Spiritdancer, you can safely assume they are playing more than one Umbra.

    Just saying.”

    Yeah, but you don’t expect them to draw and play 4, and they’re not really gaining a huge advantage until they play 3, which is fairly unlikely. If your hand is just insane and you can afford to kill the Spiritdancer on the off chance that he goes off, then sure, kill it. If it’s looking like a close game, you have to assume/hope that it’s not going to happen, otherwise you’re spending removal on an 0/2 that might not do anything.

  61. Dude, you should put some more videos of Standard play, those are my favorites. I like the drafts a lot too though!

  62. Hey I want more now!!!
    You were in the draft room all night so don’t tell me you don’t have them

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