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  1. You’re really churning these out! I appreciate it. Draft videos are the best. That’s what makes CF better than SCG in my eyes.

  2. You could have had a fourth Raid Bombardment and just built around that… but that’s just my love of joke decks coming out. Doesn’t even make you take the fourth over Flame Slash, though you probably end up taking Nest Invader over Beastbreaker. That deck is somewhat ridiculous, since you always get all the Brood Birthings, etc. Hand of Emrakul is pretty good in it, surprisingly. Dunno if it’d be better than YOUR final product.

  3. Wow, I really enjoyed the amount of puns you laid down LSV! I was laughing all the way through the drafting.

  4. @ Seeker
    Also, don’t forget that ChannelFireball doesn’t try to milk as much money out of us just to read up to date articles.

  5. 2nd best draft video from CF to date.

    The addition of Tristan to this draft was excellent! I liked his comic relief, but more importantly I felt his card evaluation and play suggestions were more relate-able to “the average player”.

    It’s nice to watch a pro draft and get his insights, but it was more entertaining to listen to the discussion over card choices and in-game play decisions from a pro and an ‘up-and-coming’ pro.

    It wasn’t just LSV running the show. There were compromises over card choices and overall I thought you built an AWESOME deck!

  6. awesome! another gnarlid instead of the boulderfoot and i think that would be a perfect deck

  7. That was an awesome draft! The non stop puns, hysterical! Not an awkward moment. The LSV-TSG combo, better than Aura Gnarels -lust for war. Keep up the good work.

  8. LSV, you need to do these drafts with other people more often. There even more amazing than your usual draft videos.

  9. Ahh lsv never fails to disappoint with the puns =P

    i actually enjoyed the dual commentating with Tristan

  10. Andrew Lapinski-Barker

    Please don’t tell people about lust for war, I take them over Dranas and Gideons!!

  11. What about the one where he said, “Goliath online” ?!

    i literally pooped my pants and had to buy a new computer chair after so much win

  12. I don’t think the Boulderfoot is quite as bad as you make it out. There are plenty of 1 toughness guys to eat, and 5 toughness is pretty significant – doesn’t die to red removal, even Induce Despair needs a significant guy, not a ton of 5-power men, etc. I mean, he isn’t good, but he seems a lot better than Lagac Lizard (subject to curve considerations, of course).

  13. Heat Ray can’t hit players!

    And I caught that cleaver pun you threw in there.

    Thanks a lot for churning these out, you rock!

  14. Another Great Draft Video!!! Best on the net. Also liked the LSV TSG team!! Keep it up!

  15. That was so great guys. I really wish you could do something like this several times a week. These videos are the reason I check this website multiple times a day.

    Keep up the amazing work….and continue with the dual commentary!

  16. Quality entertainment! Best draft info media I have seen. Double commentators makes it doubly fun like pairs of hatchers and preditors!

  17. I love TSG giving his thoughts during the draft. It made the commentary hilarious! Keep up the good work, I think these draft exemplify how to draft ROE. Pick a strategy and stick to it. Love it.

  18. @ Blind Fremen, maybe the ZZW draft where he wrecked face with Lorthos? A lot of ppl thought that was pretty entertaining. (My favorite to date)

  19. this was SO awesome! I laughed out loud alot because of the fun humor 😛 LSV’s word-jokes are so dumb that its hilarious! 😀

    Like the beastbreaker joke! omg! XD


  20. Lol. That was an excellent block LSV. Not blocking loses to 3x Virulent Swipe and 1x Staggershock or 1x Spawning Breath.

  21. The game where you couldn’t think of any outs for your opponent, I think he could have Disaster Radiused you, and then untapped, and played a removal spell on his guy with Lust for War, leaving you with no cards except your Cleaver in play. Not that it’s particularly relevant, but when you mention that a person has no possible outs, I take it as a challenge.

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  23. I liked TSG being there, no offense but LSV on his own is kind of bland but this was fun to watch and listen to.

  24. Awesome Video. Though it was only “draw Aura Gnarlid, we win” every game. Btw. hat last guy has to feel fucked over in the last game lol.

  25. Wow great vid; this is the very reason I check for updates on cfb.com every day of the week. Its sad though, Im a casual player who enjoys following the pros play but I only play some casual games on mtgo, time and economy doesnt allow for anything else. Still as I realy apreciate the constant stream of vids and high quality articles Id like to extend some sort of support. Its too bad you dont have an online store for mtgo-cards as well.

  26. Great draft as always, really enjoyed the dual commentary so hopefully we get to see (hear) more of Tristan!

  27. That was a really good draft video , I really liked the dual commentary. You should do more draft videos together , videos like these are the reason I like CF over sites like SCG. Keep up the good work!

  28. This is the first time I’ve seen lust for war in play and it is quite the beating, Definitely a card I will consider higher int he future

  29. wheel of armageddon

    LSV + TSG = OMG!

    I love the draft videos but this took it to another level. Very entertaining and informative as picks were discussed. TSG prodded LSV to explain more just by asking a timely question or making a timely observation. Would love to see more videos like this! Keep it up fellas.

  30. Tristan is a great addition. You both seem very cheery when your drafting together and it makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Some pretty good puns too.

  31. That was a truly disgusting draft deck. This was also the most fun of the videos you’ve done yet and having Shaun there kept the conversational pace going; that guy can talk and talk consistently (as I can attest from my own encounters with him)! It sort of had a “Beavis and Butt-Head” vibe to it; only the good connotations of that and not the bad. Nice work Luis.

  32. Excellent videos, great fun to watch and very informative!

    Agreed on the double-commentary, definitely should do it again. =)

  33. PlatypusPlatoon

    Sweet videos. So hilarious, especially now with Tristan on board. I watch these every time as soon as they’re posted. Love ’em.

  34. I agree. Tristan is a welcome addition as he provides additional commentary that is very helpful. These videos are the reason I buy from and sell to CFB.


    Please remember to feed Humphrey, Tristan.

  35. Best draft video I’ve seen, enjoyable, informative, generally just insane. More like this please, the dual commentary was great 😀

  36. I thought i was going to hate tristan’s commentary, but it actually added a new dimension of learning to the video, suggesting cards that may not otherwise be brought up and a lot of reasoning into each pick. and reasoning into each play. I especially liked that play involving the beastbreaker and the might/cleaver.

  37. Holy smokes that was a great video…enjoyed having both commentaries on the vid…keep them coming and thanks for doing these for FREEEEEEEE 🙂

  38. Great vid, loved the dual commentary! How about a solo TSG drafting vid series now? : )

  39. Hands down the best draft video was the M10 one where LSV got a manabarbs lock on some poor schmuck. I think the deck also had something like 4 jackal familiars, epic win.

  40. yeah i agree that rdw m10 deck was the most hilarious and one of lsv’s opponents started raging about how bad lsv’s cards were LOL

  41. I love that we all watch the vid and giggle and have a great time. It is a game after all. Seriousness is needed sometimes, but drafting is fun!
    Thanks for keeping it fun, Luis!

  42. Definately agree, “Fork yeah!” and “Stop hitting yourself” were awesome lols. Great vids, could watch them all day!

  43. @Slippery And he also had a 16-minute game. What do you want, a format full of terrible cards like Revised, so that every game is decided by standing around and hiding behind walls until you draw a fireball for 15?

  44. ravenousratsftw

    Man. I quit trying to read all of the comments about half way through. These videos are great. Duel commentay= a hit. I love your site. I love the videos. I really don’t see a reason to visit SCG site anymore. I cut the magic show out of my life. Maybe it’s CA pride. Anyway, I found your latest article very helpful as well. Keep doin you LSV.

  45. I’m sure you guys already get the picture, but I just wanted to add my “holy crap this is awesome” to the pile of comments already. Please do more of these, it’s seriously Next-Level-Drafting.

  46. These drafts are phenomenal! TSG was a great addition and i would love to see more of these dual commentary drafts, please keep them coming.

  47. I usually like the draft and I watch all of them, but this one was the best so far. The dual commentary was more lively than LSV talking to his screen (no offense :-). Also, the back and forth of ideas was really interesting.

  48. Just wanted to tell you guys how effin’ awesome you are!
    You upload new videos so fast, & do so much drafts while maintaining a high quality!
    Nice job!

  49. lol, omg, that was a great draft video! the both of you make a great team. as everyone mentioned before, the puns were super funny, and i rly enjoyed the insight and comments both of you made during drafting and play. having 2 ppl discussing card choices and play theory also helps new players like me understand some of intricacies ive never thought of. newayz, thanks again for posting these awesome vids, keep em coming!

  50. Super great video. Keep TSG + LSV combo going on!
    Even if I don’t play too much nowadays, these drafts remember me why Magic is so funny and entertaining (without the hyperbolic competition). I never miss one of them.
    Great job, especially considering the “open/free” mentality of CFB, compared to other sites. Please continue on this route, staying humble as you are.

    Max (Gasp)

  51. It seemed like LSV enjoyed filming much more with TSG there. Made it much more entertaining to watch.

  52. LOL! This was certainly one of your best videos to date! Very entertaining with your banter and the deck you drafted was pretty sick to watch in action. 5/5 will watch again. 🙂

  53. by far the best draft videos i have seen on this site. haha craziest deck ever and the addition of tristan was nice. he added to the commentary when things were slow and threw in some more comedy.

  54. How come all of a sudden I can’t view these draft videos on my iPad but can all the other vids?

  55. Moar drafts with a second person, Tristan was awesome to have along! Well timed questions definitely helped out understanding your draft picks WAY more.

    Less phone in the backround… it sounds exactly like my house phone and freaked me out every time it rang!

  56. Take a percentage off Wizards, if you aren’t already. You’re keeping Magic alive. (Man, that’s so serious it doesn’t sound like a compliment…)

  57. So much more entertaining than other draft videos or walkthroughs, awesome job guys.

  58. I’ve never commented on one of your draft videos before, but I have to say the dual commentary is fantastic!

  59. Always love the videos, guys!

    Match 2, Game 2, Part 1, when casting the Wrap in Flames, you opted not to target the 3/6, Aura’d Hartebeest, saying he’d just chump with a token anyway, but this also would have allowed you to get in with a 3/3 and a 2/1 meaning either more chumps or some damage.

    Seems like a mistake to me?

  60. LSV does great commentary by himself (like nobody else on your site does). But Tristan took it to a whole nother level.

    Maashi who? Humphrey who?

  61. anthony williamson

    @Justin press the middle scroll wheel button on your mouse. Awesome video guys it was really funny.

  62. Why are you playing Evolving Wilds? You definitely do not want a land to come tapped.

  63. 3rd best draft so far

    2. being lorthos
    1. being the geopeding of the century

    might be forgetting some shards draft though.

  64. Man I love these drafts.
    They have made me so much better at drafting. The whole idea of drafting a deck with strategy/synergy/mana curve didn’t really imprint into my mind until watching these. I used to just take the best card in my color out of each pack but not after watching these.

    Oh and the dual commentary is awesome. I look forward to more draft posts.

  65. @Matt: You can skill skip ahead to the next video by clicking the arrow on the right hand side of the vid or selecting the appropriate video by hovering your mouse in the bottom of the player to bring up all the videos in the playlist.

    Feedback for the playlist (as opposed to separate pages) has been mostly positive, and it's much less work for me, but I'll agree that the playlist isn't perfect. Thanks for the feedback.


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  67. Epic Epic draft! The dual commentary rocked and put it above the others! Please keep these coming, they are both educational and high quality entertainment!

  68. Awwww LSV, don’t be so hard on yourself. You think of cleaver things to say *all the time*.

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