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  1. You should have made the 4:20ish zoomin on Disaster Radius the picture of the second video, to describe the draft!


  2. Pack 2 you didn’t take Skeletal Wurm. Its a bomb and since you’re splashing, you should have black by that late.

  3. I could feel your sadness and anguish when you had to hide the recurring insight.

  4. Could you make the card images bigger by raising the middle divider? It can be hard to read the cards when they’re small, and you’re unfamiliar with the format.

  5. I actually get a little giddy when I see these draft videos go up.

    So.. hard.. to focus..now.

  6. Also, why do you keep R open over B in round two game two when you could easily be splashing Vendetta and there’s no comparable R instant-speed removal?

  7. I love the video aspect of this site. I check every night at midnight to see if there are any new videos. I would love to see more of the other authors do some videos as well.

  8. Lust for War is an awesome card in general; I’ve been really impressed with that card in draft. I know it made your deck at the end, but it was the last card to make it, so I figured that you didn’t like it too much, whereas I’d probably include it in every deck I play. Any thoughts on that card after playing with it?

  9. I agree with Zac. The videos, in particular LSV’s draft & constructed videos, are the main reason I come here and purchase things from CFB and Superstars. I feel happy to support them when they give us great content like these videos. I really liked the old format drafts like tempest and saga. Of course, LSV’s comments are always awesome. Thanks.

  10. Drana is soooo lame. You even dont need to cast it. Just have Drana in Deck is enough to win a draft *g*

  11. As a new limited player, I’m forced to ask: Is it possible that there were just 24 terrible packs in this draft? It seemed like half of the decks were pretty bad unless you all just cut each other really hard.

  12. I really like the new format of the draft videos (all in one playlist rather than separate posts).

    I think match 3 game 1 you might not have been dead when you conceded, as you could’ve held on to your hand, and blocked to take 12 damage leaving you at one with the ~5% chance to draw disaster radius and wiping his board. It would’ve been a good mise, for sure.

  13. @OneEyedKing
    not sure when you’re talking about but in that deck i don’t see any reason not to play swamp last. can’t draw another swamp and drana on the same turn barring some rare opponent play which i can’t think of.

  14. Wouldn’t the rebound on Staggershock plus Disaster Radius revealing the Soulscourge Elemental been enough? You would not have needed to wait to draw Emerakul’s Hatcher.

  15. Nick: Eh? Skeletal Wurm isn’t a bomb, it usually doesn’t make the cut. Might have in this deck though.

    Good job, I definitely didn’t think you were winning with this deck. That’s the way it always works out for me, too, the better my deck the worse my chances. Not much you could do, the packs were just terrible.

  16. “Taking the fireboar or the soulsurge seems kind of boring… heh heh..” Laughing at your own bad un/intentional? puns, the reason I watch these.

  17. Great Draft VIdeos as always!

    One of the best websites for video content and analysis for sure. Please keep it up. 🙂

  18. Sometimes jank piles win and sick decks lose. Fate is funny that way, and that’s part of the reason Magic is fun. ;P

    Although this draft was bad. Really bad.

  19. In the very last game, you won but shouldnt you have hit the dragon with rebounding staggershock. If you topdeck a land you can disaster radius for an addition 4 dmg.

  20. How, exactly, did you win that? You were in FOUR different colors. Insane.

    Love the video draft + walkthrough format.

  21. Interesting draft and deck. It wasn’t that bad actually and LSV got quite lucky
    during the games. I wish I had more opponent draws like the first two match… :)) Thanx for the videos, they’re great.

  22. You were hating on Sentry, but it turned out to be pretty good in some of your matches. Thanks for the videos!

  23. LSV had good draws and bad draws. That’s a part of the game.

    What i really like about this draft is that you actually showed a bad pool. Anybody can post up drafts where you draft a sick W/B leveler deck with 3 venerated teachers, 2 knights of cliffhavens, and coralhelm commanders. It takes a good magic player to make something out of crap and….somehow LSV got there with the deck.

    great video. it looks like everybody’s decks were just subpar. yours was just the least bad!

  24. This draft was pretty awkward, but I actually like the green based jund decks in Rise drafts. Green wtih a few ondu giants or whatever can easily splash a third color, and when that is for say staggershocks or vendettas it really makes the deck a lot stronger.

  25. Neeed More Videos!!!! i rarely even read articles people write anymore as they are just generally boring. I check everyday to see if a new video is up on this site. I wish instead of people telling us about how a deck works and its matchups they would just post a video showing what it does.

    The videos are the main reason channel fireball just destroys other sites like starcity

  26. Honestly I don’t think that the draft went that terribly. Sometimes you just look at shallow packs and work with what you have. Outside of playing the hand of emrakrul I think that the draft went pretty well. You didn’t play much real magic but that probably has a lot to do with your opponents digging in the same shallow packs.

  27. Am I missing something? You were playing against R/B (an intrinsically aggro-ish archetype, and his deck didn’t seem to have control elements, just a huge bomb), and opted to include Lust for War over an Ogre Sentry.

    Sentry holds the fort, Lust for War….lets you race, kinda? When he has a sac-outlet in deck that he actively wants to use on his dudes and at least one bloodthrone to just nerf it.

    Finally, since you had the Chariot, Sentry can (sometimes) actually beat.

    I could very well be missing something , but Lust for War seems mediocre at best in general and abysmal over Ogre Sentry in this specific.

  28. @Nick,,Skelital Wurm isnt a bomb first off,,its the same amount of mana as an eldrazi but worst,,,and LSV,i think u got that mies cause ur opponents like heat raying ur eldrazi spawn turn 2 lol,, i shit my pants when that happend

  29. Is it just me, or did LSV conceed a turn too soon against Sarkhan? Disaster Radius off the top might have held the day.

  30. my favorite thing about this draft is that you never once play drana and still manage to win.

  31. LSV Fighting!
    I watched all the videos in the draft. Its interesting to see the power level of cards passed seems to be much weaker in this example 8-4 then say swiss as players in 8-4’s seem to evaluate and appreciate the power level of cards better. I guess this can be a good thing as the playing field is more leveled with less potential of blowout decks, though this is of course offset by the skill level of the players.

    Kudos on winning too. I must say sarkhan is probably the bombiest limited card in this set – ive experienced that sinking feeling when your opponent
    manages to get him out on a loaded board ><. Nice work playing around that dragon making machine!

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  33. Hey LSV. 10th Pick, last booster, take the +5/+0 Equipment. With all yor tokens it will be certainly better than suckass Hand of Emrakul.

  34. As with everyone else I love me these videos, especially the sub-par ones. Almost everyone can win with smooth draws from a solid deck, but building a deck from the pool you drafted takes more skill and thought which is better for the comments on these videos. It helps to mise lands from the top when keeping one-landers too, but obv that’s a skill.

    Also, you need to learn the goodness that is F4. Auto-pass-unless-they-do-something is often way better than just auto-pass. Obviously there are more times when F6 is better, but often there are times when F4 is sweet.

  35. Thanks a bunch LSV and the guys at ChannelFireball. I LOVE these videos. Everytime a new set is released I long for the day when these vids arrive. Keep them coming!

  36. Match 3, Game 3, you should’ve used the rebound on staggershock on the dragon because it was quite likely that you would draw a mountain and be able play disaster radius with ondu giant to get rid of the dragon.

  37. The format is much more about synergy between cards, and much less about the raw strength level of each card. LSV’s “pile” had that synergy out the wazoo, with the support power cards like Radius and Shock to put it over the top. It was a strong deck.

    LSV, get the Zone down ASAP in that last game.

  38. In match 3 game 2 you took swamp over mountain as getting double black was harder, but you were sending Drana to the bottom of your library anyway. Was just wondering if you considered this at all?

  39. Thanks for getting the second draft video up so soon after the first. You could post one a day and I would still be eagerly awaiting more :<

  40. i would be happy with those boosters out side a draft, awakening zone, drana and emrakul? good times.

  41. loving draft #1 already. I like when drafts start this way, a bit uncertain with 3 cc 🙂

  42. It’s amusing to me having everyone call this deck a “pile.” As I watched the draft portion, I was thinking “damn this draft is good.” Splashing in this format is just not that difficult when you have 4 fixers like he did. Heck I went 5-0 in sealed (yes, I know, a different format) by picking the best cards out of all 5 colors. Did I have 4 Prisms? Yes. His fixing couldn’t support more than 3 clearly but 3 colors was easy. Are you reaching a little when you have to play Jaddi Lifestrider in multiples? Sure. But his deck had enough synergy to even make THAT card better than usual.

    This deck was WAY better than people are giving credit for and I found myself not surprised in the slightest that it went 3-0. I was only sad the first two matches were so easy because this deck could have beaten much tougher decks.

    Lastly, someone mentioned above that it is funny he never cast Drana once. What I think is even funnier is that he never cast EITHER black card once. So even with everything I just said about splashing being true, it wasn’t even necessary in this deck. LOL.

  43. Max: with an Evolving Wilds, Ondu Giant, and Growth Spasm in the deck what he puts on the bottom is mostly irrelevant.

  44. M1G1, I would definitely have played ancient stirring the turn i drew it to find a mountain for staggershock

  45. If you’re in green, Ogre’s Sentry is fine. It turns a spawn token into a lethal blocker and it goes GREAT on Aura Gnarlid.

    It can also combo with 2 spawn tokens and Goblin Tunneler. It’s costly, but 5 mana for 5 damage a turn is solid.

  46. This demonstration of how to navigate an awkward draft is much more valuable than an autopilot “watch me build bombsandremoval.dec” draft. Awesome vid!

  47. Am I the only one not being able to play the video?

    It says “An error accured, please try again later” as it does for vids that have been removed from YouTube. It does the same now for the Drafting 1/2 part of the ROE draft #1 vid – though it didn´t initially.

  48. IComposeEFlats

    Vyolynce: if he drew one of those, that would have gotten him the swamp he needed (and he already had a prism for Last Kiss if he drew it).

    The mountain would have been the right call

  49. Whoops! Earlier I said “If you're in green, Ogre's Sentry is fine. It turns a spawn token into a lethal blocker and it goes GREAT on Aura Gnarlid.” I meant Ogre’s Cleaver, sorry!

    Re: the comment about trying to get double black after he sent Drana to the bottom: He has 3 shuffle effects in the deck as well, and his opponent casting Perish the Thought is also a shuffle effect.

  50. Awesome play LSV. Lots of fun to watch you win with an admittedly meh deck.

    My only question: Was it a bit loose to keep in Warmonger’s Chariot M3G2 and M3G3 when you had taken out both Ogre Sentries? Seems like an odd choice over Tajuru Preserver, considering you already saw Ulamog’s Crusher.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to make the vids. I laughed heartily multiple times, you have a great sense of humor.

  51. Great draft! I was expecting an early exit but you managed to run great in those matches. I don’t think you even cast one of your black spell the entire draft.

  52. While this was definitely a weaker deck and draft (entire packs with several passes with no relevant cards and 0 creatures in ANY of your FOUR colors? COME ON), there were just extremely solid cards in the deck, several of which were pretty disgusting (dubs Staggershock, Disaster Radius, Hatcher/Hand, Awakening Zone, Drana, Miss Not Appearing in the Draft, and even though most were not picked, several Heat Rays, Elephant Caller), which certainly offset the fact that the deck was virtually relying on the Prism and Ancient Stirrings to make the deck do. For all of the absolute blanks drafted, there were certainly not a limited number of playable cards or even potential blowouts.

    It is also very likely that because LSV was dipping into the best cards of 3/4 colors that the other RBUG drafters got cut out of cards their decks absolutely needed and wound up on much lower power levels than the deck “we” were playing with.

  53. I don’t get all the haters for LSV’s deck. I find it pretty awesome, though there are admittedly a few meh inclusions. I wonder if people autohate like that on anything but the U/W leveler deck?

  54. This is why I like green so much in this format. You can skate by with accurate play + whatever bombs you open, which always seem to hit play more consistently than your opponent’s.

    “If this hand was an Ulamog’s Crusher I would’ve won this game a while ago.”

    Not arguing with you there, but if the Ogre Sentry had been a Brood Birthing you would’ve won it a while ago, too. If you look over the videos a Birth>Sentry would’ve landed you a turn 4/5 7/7 annihilate 1 most of the time.

    I probably would’ve waited another turn in G1 of the finals in a hope to draw Disaster Radius. That card is some good.

    Also, in the swamp vs. Mountain pick, you were putting Drana on the bottom, meaning getting to double black was pretty irrelevant. If you shuffle your library, it’ll be with Ondu Giant or Growth Spasm, both of which can fetch the second swamp. Mountain seems better.

    I think I’d at least consider sending the rebounded Staggershock at the dragon in G3. Two life seems pretty irrelevant when your opponent is valuing his dragon that highly, and sending the shock at the dragon lets mountain be an out to it (DR)–which you drew.

    Lots of great lines. “What’d he keep, like a one-lander? How greedy is that.” <- I laughed pretty hard.

  55. chronitog drake

    I do have a question. With all the tokens would Ogre’s Cleaver not turn each of them into a threat? You passed it late when you know you are token heavy.

  56. The comments over here reveal a surprising amount of Starcraft nerdiness. Keep up the good work, fellows. And you too, LSV. “The chariot has arrived” …lol

  57. such a slowroller. Couldve just last kissed and in response staggershocked the shade to force a concession.

  58. Gratz on winning, all the loose playing aside (aside from the f6 which I hope all my opponents let me do to them, there’s the rebound staggershock into radius for killing the dragon a turn earlier (and not having to rely on the topdeck)).

    Anyways, keep em coming!

  59. @Feantur

    His stagger shock we NOT synergetic,,they are just fucking amazing,,and this format is play skill based in my opinion,,not bomb based or synergetic based cards,,i just think this format requires playskill to do good

  60. @timg

    he should have played the swamp because he could have prism’d into drana and cast her. very small chance but could happen

  61. The draft is actually a thinly veiled infomercial for Staggershock. The views and opinions expressed herein do not represent the opinion of ChannelFireball LLC or any of its affiliates.

  62. I just wanted to agree with the others saying how great these videos are. I find myself checking CFB daily to see if LSV has posted a new vid. I especially like how they now autoplay. So thanks LSV, I think I learn more from you than any other magic contributor out their, (next being limited resources podcast). But anyways Its awesome to see how a true masters brain works. Please keep it up.

    Also if CFB could get more of its pro’s to do these videos that would rock. One daily that we could count on would just solidify this site as the best place on the net for magic. Which title it already hold thanks to LSV, but still it would be awesome.

  63. Take no offense to this LSV but, I think the fact that your deck one the draft proves that the entire draft had a just horrendous card pool.

  64. Am I the only one totally digging the new video setup? It’s so awesome to have them all just play in a row on the same screen instead of having to click through multiple pages.

  65. “His stagger shock we NOT synergetic,,they are just fucking amazing,,and this format is play skill based in my opinion,,not bomb based or synergetic based cards,,i just think this format requires playskill to do good”

    Maybe so. I’m an old limited hand, but cashing in 7 of my 8 drafts as I have with RoE is unprecedented, so there may be something to that.

    On the other hand, cards like Disaster Radius and Awakening Zone (and, yes, Tuskcaller – compare to Crytpologist for an idea of the power level there – it’s Baneslayerish mustanswerability in limited) don’t require much in the way of skill (do note LSV’s sac of the token to set up Tusk ultimate in the following turn though) versus just riding the brokenness, but Staggershock is a staple. If they’re Red, they’re likely to have it (they’re not playing Red for the Lagac Lizards), so good players need to build/play with it in mind, both against it and with it.

    For instance, LSV was able to leave mana up to optimize Staggershock thanks to the weaker cards (the Sentries and Lifestriders) that gave him a life-cushion to do so. That’s synergy in itself. The more obvious synergy of spawn and ways to use them is one that is crucial to red-green in this format.

    As for skill, another key play was the Heat Ray on the Rapacious One. Wrap in Flames would have wrecked him there if he makes any other play (the Rapacious tokens turn into Sark Dragons).

  66. In pack 3 I would of definitely went with the lust for war over the heat ray, especially with the awakening zone. Lust for War is ridiculously good, it seems to me pros are not seeing it.

  67. A very excellent draft. I think the pack one pick one is proof of the skill required to draft this set. While the removal is most definitely the way to go, you have to know how popular each color is at the time that you’re drafting, the relative strength of each color, the types of removal that each provides (narcolepsy is cold to activated abilities, staggershock can’t hit fatties with great effect, and vendetta can’t hit black things or loses too much life), and so much more goes into just the first pick.

    I disagree though with a lot of the hype that is shown for Recurring Insight. It’s really only been good to me the first time you play it in a draft. After that, good opponents will scout you and drop the hand size to one or two cards to make your card a bad tidings or a horrible counsel of the soratami. Of course, that one draft where it draws you ten cards in the course of two turns and all of your staggershocks may make it worth playing, which is why I could see the splash for that card over the splash for Drana contemplated in M3G3 (though obviously not on the same power level, it might be good against the deck with several 5-drops with no way to accelerate).

  68. Jeremy Mac Donald

    I’m going to chime in with the Lust for War love. Especially considering how late one can get it these days. I think I picked one up 8th or 9th in my last draft.

    What I like about the card is that its usually great early and often quite good late. Its versatile allowing one to do a number of interesting things with it. Obviously its truly phenomenal if you can put it on their weak guy early and block them with a wall all day. But its not bad even on a more powerful guy if you can generate chumps (spawn are usually fairly easy to come buy but weak guys of your own in a pinch). This allows you to control the damage and insure you win the ‘race’.

    It can even be used to defuse some of the bombs in the format – force the Dawnglow invoker to attack into your more powerful guy for example. Finally it can get an annoying (non-defender) wallish creature out of the way for your own attack. I recall using it to stop some annoying spider from shutting down my flyers in one game – make it attack me and now the path is open for me to attack you – and your taking extra damage to boot.

    Finally one of the things I’ve really noticed about the card is that players often make errors in getting rid of their guy. They’ll loose a ton of life to it for a bunch of turns and then belatedly come to the conclusion that they have no choice but to two for one themselves by blasting their guy with some of their precious burn/removal. So now you not only get a 2 for 1 out of the deal but they took a bunch of damage in the process because they waited 4 turns before finally deciding that they had no choice.

    Sure the card is occasionally awkward – the main issue being its not an answer late in the game to some critical situation, but its upsides are still fairly significant. In fact I’d argue that at least once in this draft LSV probably should have gone ahead and used the spell earlier instead of waiting for the ‘perfect’ set up of having a guy that was big enough to be blocked without dying to the Life Strider – While that is, of course, ideal I generally think this is a case of a good plan now (put them on a faster clock then the one I’m on) is better then a ‘perfect’ plan later.

  69. I really disagree with you calling this deck a trainwreck, its actually really strong. It has consistency, synergy, good removal and a few strong bombs. Sure, the draft itself was chaotic, but the end result was a really solid deck, with pretty much everything in perfect balance. I would be happy to play this deck every single draft and expect to be doing very well on average.

  70. Great vids, keep ’em coming!

    Also, one thing to consider, even though he never actually played Drana (And only saw it once), what was more important for his deck is that HIS OPPONENTS DIDN’T PLAY IT EITHER. This deck would have folded (prob) to a resolved Drana, so kudos to LSV for not just saying, “I’ll just stick to my colors and make my mana easier by being R/G.” It may not have felt like a hate-draft, but it sure ended up that way.

  71. it kills me that the draft was so all over the place and it went 3-0. taking nothing away from the skill of LSV of course, just his draws were so sweet and i draw so poorly. lol. Got all of his colors pretty reliabily, even straight out drawing all 3 land in his first sets some times.


  72. @gerardo

    lust for war over heat ray??? really? Lust for war is acceptable, but not an actual good card. Heat ray is a true first pick, lust for war is something you play because you don’t have too many options. Lust for war is fine, I’ve seen it do good things, but I would say that it’s just a playable card, not a truly good one.

  73. A couple of people have commented and I’d like to affirm that ROE ROE ROE (your boat) limited is all over the place. It’s very hard to draft a solid theme to your deck in this format unless you go UW (sort of) Skies deck or you try the wierd UR Wall deck that I have seem a few times (and Won a 4/3/2/2 with once).

    I have done 12 drafts in this format 4-8/4s, 6-4/3/2/2s and 2-Swiss and I’m about 50/50 on wins, but I have had to aproach each draft looking to the 2nd and 3rd pack to set some sort of agenda to the decks, unless you open a complete bomb and even then you might have to force a color if it doesn’t come in your 1st pack.

    Just a quick example; in one of my 8/4 drafts I had been tring to follow a B/R heavy removal deck with some spawn generators and a few decent Eldrazi, pack 3 I open a Gedion and I have to start looking and grabbing any mana fixer I can all of a sudden, because there is no way to not play the Plainswalker since he is an auto win most times in this format. I could see the same thing happening with quite a few bombs in this set.

  74. The “auto play next clip” feature being used is fantastic.

    Nice mise too, i never really rated Heat Ray before this draft but now i see its fully operational potential.

  75. The awkwardness of this draft was mostly due to the poor players in the draft, right? The first two players seemed to have decks that almost did nothing and the last player seemed semi-mana screwed and had basically nothing exciting other than Sarkhan and a couple burn spells.

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