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  1. “Did he just scoop?”

    Another good draft. I know I will watch these videos regardless of what content is provided, but I am getting tired of Rise drafts in general. Constructed queues would be a welcome addition to these!

  2. First!!!!!! anyway ty for this drafts LSV, Everytime i play one it’s right after watching one

  3. Bramblesnap invalidates rage nimbus so if he doesn’t have an answer to that, it’s pretty over.

  4. Awesome. Rise draft videos are VERY welcome. Now lets just hope more of the premium sites recognise this =) For now, ChannelFireball has my vote for best content. Keep it up guys!

  5. these drafts make this site the best magic site on the net. see ya later starcitygames subscription.

  6. So let’s see. You never attacked with Pellaka Wurm, Skeletal Wurm, OR Pathrazer of Ulamog. And won the draft anyway. Maybe Wildheart Invoker should be a little higher in the pick order…

  7. well the gain 7 part of pellaka wurm was pretty useful in a couple games, and skeletal wurm/pathrazor are meh finishers

    yeah wildheart invoker did some serious work, I think its pretty highly rated though

  8. All is dust isn’t the only wrath in the format. Disaster Radius can be very brutal in GR ramp/token decks with Eldrazi and Pelakka Wurm as finishers.

  9. I honestly can’t get enough of these videos. Thanks so much LSV, they are much appreciated!

  10. 6-0 is a respectable record. I wish you could have actually attacked with ONE of your bombs in six games.

  11. I’ve never seen green more open. Basically a last pick Might of the masses… It was really weird because in my experience green is just as over-drafted as UW levelers, so it was weird to see both open for most of the drafting.

    I still don’t think pathrazer is playable(i thought Conley was crazy when he windmilled it over Nullchamp, but he did end up casting it so the jokes on me i guess) but it didn’t matter because i don’t think you ever drew it anyways.

  12. I spent the weekend going back through the earlier drafts (like zenx3 and alara drafts) and can really appreciate some changes you guys have made.

    No more annoying 10 second punk rock intro, videos now chain together, (and at one point, introducing “watch next video” was introduced).

    All of those were things that made me not watch the vids at first, but you guys got it to an art now. Love these vids!

  13. Wrap in Flames has one me a good number of games. I usually find myself main decking it in my aggressive RG/RB decks. Plus you can’t top the feeling of wiping a poor UW board turn 4 >:)

  14. Yeah, Wildheart Invoker did some work this draft. It is awesome, though not usually as awesome as here. Pelakka Wurm is more consistent, since you kinda just fire and forget him once you hit 7, but Invoker can definitely dominate games given the time and mana.

    Re: Pathrazer

    Yeah, he isn’t the best, but sometimes you have a ton of mana, and you need to be able to convert that mana into a threat. Pathrazer is very effective once in play, though obviously the getting him into play part is the difficult one.

  15. At 4:00, in match 2, game 2, part 2, if you’re assuming he has nothing relevant in hand, why not attack with everything and pump the unblocked guy? That was the case as he only had Lay Bare, and this line of play would have won the game that turn.

  16. Definitely a welcome surprise when I check the site to see if these videos are up. Please keep them coming. I would also like to see some constructed queues displayed in a similar fashion on here. Would seem to go well with LSV’s excellent constructed articles.


  17. 1/2. Game 2

    When you figured out he had a Puncture Blast in hand and attacked with your 3 tokens, you should have probably pump your Ondu giant b4 attack and just attack with it.

  18. r2g2: in the turn you played around puncturing light and he had it, why not play around it by pumping ondu giant before combat and attack with it?

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  20. @Irenicus, awesome name by the way. I loved BG2 back in the day. You hold left click and right click at the same time and it enlarges the card picture.

  21. @irenicus: just click the scroll wheel on your mouse if you have one 🙂

    did you notice the untold “look it’s late i gotta take my lust for war, no argue!” on p1p1 😀

  22. Thank you so much for these! I walked away from a draft with a Vengevine (the winner got first pick) this weekend because of everything I learned here! Keep up the good work!

  23. I’m afraid I’m addicted. Do you know any LSVholics anonymous group or something?

  24. “Maybe Wildheart Invoker should be a little higher in the pick order"¦”

    3 toughness + 4 power + non-tap ability = not easy to remove in this format, especially for certain colors.

  25. Love the draft vids! But man, I waste a ton of time watching these when I should be getting my resume out! My wife’s not happy…

  26. Awesome draft. Please please keep them coming while ROE stays relevant… definitely the best draft format in a long time, minus Drana not being Mythic :p

    Thanks for the videos!

  27. Thanks for the awesome vids, LSV! You helped kill another 2 boring hours of work! Some constructed videos would be awesome, as I’m trying the turboland deck and it’d be nice to see your thoughts on playing it. I viewed the info from AJ Sacher on Starcity Games, but I’m playing your build and wanted to know how you mulligan, what hands are great to keep and so on.


  28. Kurtin set you up so perfectly! “What about Enatu Golem?” I was completely expecting “Yeah, this guy’s real Enatu good”

    Also, Perish the Thought over the 18th land IMO.

  29. p2p1 viruent swipe? its a tasty trick with a bunch of spawn.

    round 2 game 1, if you’re not going to do anything main phase 1, the best way to play around the puncturing light is to pump the ondu giant before its attacking

  30. Ah… no… you pump after they cast the puncturing light. It becomes an illegal target and puncturing light fizzles. That way u get them to waste the card:)

  31. Quick questions:

    Why not ever board out the 18th land? The only reason the deck had 18 was because you didn’t want to cut that land for something marginal like Perish.

    Where do you get these opponents? =P WTB LSV’s draft road, offering 2 tix.

  32. I think my favorite Lust for War moment was when my opponent Lust for Warred my Aura Gnarlid and I threw my sideboarded Luminous Wake on it. Poor man’s Mammoth Umbra =P.

  33. @Chris Davis: Your odds of having sufficient mana in your opening hand are slightly higher so you don’t have to mull as often.

  34. @b19 I Lusted a Tuskcaller and came darn close to winning, until my opponent slapped a Guard Duty on it. Was that you?

  35. @lsv When you mis-removed the Corpse Hatch over Skeletal Wurm…then moved to click SUBMIT…I said aloud “NO WAIT” lmao.

  36. Perish is good in decks without ramp against ramp, especially with Cryptologist to let you cycle it once their hand is empty. Same with Inquisition. Yesterday, I inquisitioned a Gelatinous Genesis, for instance, in a hand with Battlement and Spasm and no other gas. That gave me the time I needed to get my board established so I could have a counter up when he drew his other bombs.

    Discard creates a low-card, high-mana environment (perfect for levelers, for instance), so it’s like-quasi-ramp for colors with no ramping.

    Green ramp doesn’t need it.

  37. Feantur: Regardless of those points, which all are somewhat valid, the deck in question absolutely did not need an 18th land (with 3 nest invaders, a cantrip, a growth spasm and an ondu giant) and had very few 3 drops with no battlements. Perish would’ve been a nice fit in that slot, though it turned out not to be needed, as Wildheart Invoker is just as good with 9 mana in play as it is with 8 =P.

  38. I watched all of LSV’s draft videos. Then when I drafted ROE for the first time I went 6-0, two games of which were against Tiago Chan. LSV worked for me!

  39. wheel of armageddon

    Great video as awlays, lsv. Rise is such a fun format to draft, keep up the great work!

  40. Game 2 final probably should have boarded in irresistible prey, not that anyone was taking it too seriously.

  41. @ JungleBus: Sounds like an infomercial…I can almost see a barn-y looking face with a few magic cards in hand making a semi-jump with cheezy graphics: “LSV worked for me!”


  42. Guard Dutying a Lust for War’ed guy is getting away easy. I’ve had to Vendetta it several times =(

  43. you know when you said that’s why we can’t f6 it sounded like you said thats why we can’t have sex

  44. @lsv
    Two picks in the draft that interested me:

    Ancient Stirrings was readily dismissed — it gets your colorless stuff including lands, so you can almost treat it like a land in deck-building. A hand with Ancient Stirrings and a Forest is certainly keep-able on the draw. It helps with color fixing, and has the added benefit of snatching your Eldrazi/artifacts. It seemed better than hating the Repel the Darkness.

    Also, Realms Uncharted was not even considered — it basically is “draw two lands” — just play forests, 2 or 3 of your 2 splash colors, and 2 ‘colorless’ plains. I have had it work reasonably well for me. Never worked for you? It isn’t an amazing card but perhaps worth considering over hating Kor Line Slinger.

  45. Brilliant work Luis. That was a fine draft to watch — you were thinking quite lucidly which actually showed me several things I hadn’t noticed about the games. Thanks for these great videos!

  46. dang. i did a rise draft last night and i was wondering why all my opponents seemed to be loaded with wildheart invokers. i need to pay more attention to these videos to know what everyone is going to be copying.

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