38 thoughts on “Channel LSV: ROE ROE ROE Draft #1 (Drafting part 1 of 2)”

  1. wow g1 m1 was so bad lsv come on..

    – i know it may be nit picking but why would you play forest t2?
    – on t3 why would you wait to last kiss? and no im not talking after the fact…you had vendetta there was no reason to risk it for a time walk….you could of then used one of your bigger creatures to get into a trade situation and when he had a pump spell vendetta ftw and therefore a blow out….or if he didnt have a pump, just trade and take over with bigger creatures

  2. lol, i really like how your voice changes once you are in the loosers seat 🙂

    anyway you had a nice deck, keep em coming

  3. No comment on Brood Warden, no comment on Growth Spasm.

    And then it’s about ramping and you pick Wildheart Invoker… Weird start. But then, I’m not a good drafter :/

  4. I think your drafts are awsome. Just keep them coming. I am always learning something new from your games and it is really comforting to see that a world class player also could lose sometimes. It is encouraging.

  5. naturalize over bloodthrone vampire? I dont like this pick. She’s an amazing threat all on her own if you pick up a pawn of ulamog. And she goes well with the dread drone you already have plus potential nest invaders/kozilek’s predators/corpse hatches/etc.

  6. Devastating Summons is really powerful. It can win games on its own when you sac 6+ lands.

  7. He could have killed you by taking 9 from invoker, making a token at the end of your turn, which would stay in play untill the end of his turn and then attack with 2 siege runners + the mage for 4 damage (with you blocking 1 of them)

    By doing the same trick he also wouldve gotten in some more damage 2 turns earlier…

  8. @Zach: I didn’t listen to the commentary (at work and don’t think my boss would appreciate it), but I would have made the same pick and here’s why:

    I value cards like Naturalize and Demystify a lot higher in this format than in other formats. While in M10 Naturalize was pretty bad since it killed Oakenform and really not much else, in this format it’s basically a removal spell. With the Umbras floating around, if you kill an Umbra’d dude, the Umbra goes away, so you’re basically just playing a bunch of bad Naturalizes (since they either cost more or have drawbacks) anyway. Instead of playing bad Naturalizes, just play good Naturalizes like Naturalize.

    I wouldn’t MD it, but if it’s 12th pick or whatever and I’m given the choice between Naturalize and a mediocre dude, I’ll take the Naturalize.

  9. @ xsv1nrg2 what is wrong with my logic heres how the game would of played out…

    t3 last kiss pass..
    t4 play invoker…oppoinent has runner and battlement….
    t5 play umbra on invoker and DO NOT ATTACK….opponent has runner battlement and the 5-4 now
    t6 how can the opponent profitably attack now? you can play the 5-3 and still have vendetta mana

    that seems like an easy win and lsv punted

  10. that was the third misplay…why would he attack with the umbra’d invoker when he already had a 4-1 card lead and a lower life total…who knows.

  11. seriously how is LSV even a pro. in all the videos he psost he doesnt play very well. sometimes he wins anyways since his opponents are god aweful or he has some redicioulos bomb or luck. like in his legacy videos man sure was abusted deck and he punted so much im surprised he made it passed round one. and all the videos he posts also make sme believe he cheated to undefeated back in sandiego.

  12. @ thomas

    oooook. I guess everyone has their own opinion, and I’m not gonna bother arguing with you.

    @ Last Kiss on his turn

    Yeah, that was pretty bad. I got greedy, since I wanted him to level his guy, but there are a few reasons that is bad:

    1) I had no 1-toughness guys out, so he has no real incentive to level vs playing another guy.

    2) He was Green, so Giant Growths were a definite possibility.

    3) Even if he did level, I would take an attack first, so I cost myself some extra life.

    Pretty sure that if I Last Kiss on my turn, the game goes much better.

  13. @Zach,,,,,at his current card pool the bloodthrone would of been not good at all,,,he only had one dread drone witch doesnt make it good enough.

  14. LSV, why don’t you record these first and comment later? I know some people will whine, but it’s a lot easier to play optimally when you don’t have to slow yourself down by talking out loud.

  15. LSV, please keep recording them live. Its more honest. Maybe put that pop-up text I see on some video if you want to make a note that you realised later (eg “should’ve played X here”) but I’m a fan of them live. its more exciting knowing
    that i am watching things unfold like the narrator did.

    But how did you not think a Hand of Emrakul was not worth drafting when you had so many Dread Drones. I’d like to hear this. A 7/7 for 4 is nice, and *then* annihilator 1?

  16. @ Artb

    I don’t think hand is good at all. If you have a million tokens, maybe, but he is not powerful enough to be worth what he costs.

  17. i think you underrate spider umbra a lot, i mean its at worst +1/1 and a regen shield, but on a gnarled its insane, it makes it extra bigger, and immune to most of the very limited removal in the format.

  18. Hand is to small, and its a very rare deck where you have enough guys out. if it was like m10 or something it might be good enough but annihilator isnt good enough at just 1. ulamogs crusher is better since hes an 8/8 for 8 and kills 2 things. hes still only ok, not great and usually not something you run. the 9/10 reanimator one is better because it reanimates.

  19. I love these live recordings. It is so interesting watching as you figure things out. I love the live ones, many thanks for recording them.

    ps. I also love that you post drafts where you dont always just smash face. it is so cool not knowing if you are actually going to win.

  20. @LSV thank you for being one of the only people to say that the hand is bad,,been saying that he is obv the worst eldrazi and he is like 10+pick,,,i just hate that card all around

  21. @LSV thank you for being one of the only people to say that the hand is bad,,been saying that he is obv the worst eldrazi and he is like 10+pick,,,i just hate that card all around

  22. @LSV thank you for being one of the only people to say that the hand is bad,,been saying that he is obv the worst eldrazi and he is like 10+pick,,,i just hate that card all around

  23. @LSV

    Was thinking about getting into MTGO. Any suggestions on what to get started with? You can hit me up on Twitter @wheelsallen

  24. In my opinion LSV:s videos is one of the best things that has happened to the community. Even though I don’t always agree with the choices he make, his commentary, longsighted thinking and eagerness to get full value out of cards has been the most helpful thing for me so far, to develop as a player.

    The live commentary makes it thrilling like a movie or soccer game. Not every draft needs to be a masterpiece, it can be exciting and helpful anyway.

    LSV:s drafting with older sets puts cards and effects in a deeper context, and I know they have managed to draw interest from people I know that quit playing more than 10 years ago. The TSE-, MED- and Urza’s Saga-drafts was immensely enjoyable and I wish there will be more of this sort!

    Keep up the good work!

  25. ravenousratsftw

    @Dark BoP

    I stop playing the same time you did. I only recently Got back into MTG during Shadowmoor block. Anyway, I have seen almost every draft LSV has posted and I know that I am much better at drafting having seen them. It is nice to have these videos to give the returning players a way to get up to speed.

    After watching I usually go draft online. Surprisingly I find a lot of people playing good WB decks. It makes me laugh every time because LSV has said anytime that he drafts black, “I’m not convinced BW works all that well together.” Ha.

    We love these videos. Keep making them. I thought the one where you had a second person commentating was really fun too.

  26. @ravenousratsftw

    B/W is tough because the colours usually don’t have great synergy. But I think it all depends what falls into your lap.

  27. LOL beginning of the video i heard a cat in the background..keeping some wild nacatl’s in your home lsv?

  28. @LSV (if he reads these things)
    First off–I really appreciate all these draft videos. I find them both endlessly entertaining and highly educational. I feel it’s really helped my game recently.

    Also, (anyone?) I was wondering what’s wrong with BW in triple ROE.

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