Channel LSV: ROE ROE ROE Draft #1 – Match 2, Game 2

23 thoughts on “Channel LSV: ROE ROE ROE Draft #1 – Match 2, Game 2”

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  2. Spider Umbra is good. Especially against this deck. And I’m not even counting the fact that you drafted double Aura Narlid. He didn’t even consider boarding it in. I can’t believe it…

  3. I was thinking you should’ve held on to the last kiss and instead play the dread drone to get that ulamog crusher out one turn earlier than it did

  4. Problem with Spider Umbra is Regress, but yeah, it should have been swapped for a Snake Umbra.

  5. If he doesn’t draw or attack with the Invoker, aren’t you dead anyway? He has 3 unblockable (Spy Patrol) and, even without the Invoker, a 3 power flyer and a 2 power flyer against your one untapped flyer and 5 life.

    Plus, if he hadn’t drawn invoker, he could block the Crusher with the Griffin, lose the umbra, and swing back with the Patrol (3 damage) and two 2-power flyers vs the one gloomhunter for exact.

  6. The turn you played Cadaver Imp if you would of played the Assassin instead of Gloomhunter you could of then next turn level him up, played the gloomhunter and activated the assassin’s ability

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  8. @sk

    If he didn’t have the Invoker, LSV swings with 4 guys into 2 blockers and kills him there and then!

  9. I think killing the hound was maybe a little greedy? Perhaps I’m overly scared of them, but I would kill a spy patrol over pretty much anything. Otherwise that guy just killz j00.

  10. Ya, he should have played the assasin.

    Actualy that’s what i thought he would do. It prob wouldn’t change how the opp would attack, and it would most certanly mess the opp up when lsv would attack next.

  11. Should’ve played the assassin for sure. You already had chumps for the turn, so play the assassin, level it up twice next turn and still be able to play land and gloomhunter. so that you have active assassin.

  12. Can I ask why you wanted to play eighteen lands in this format? Is it that the average cost of spells are higher? I was led to believe that ZZZ/ZZW did that because of landfall triggers, but 18 just seems unecessary in this format where you can probably afford to miss a drop or two on your way to 8-9.

  13. @scott I like 18 land also in this format, mainly because the format is slower but tempo is extremely important. You don’t really have time to miss landdrops because stuff like levelers make every turn count. Most games are actually races, so acceleration and chump blocking are a lot stronger in rise than other formats.

  14. @ bigpapamulls- He probably meant null champion, and I’m sure you figured that out, but the point is pretty much null anyway isn’t it?

    @ bob-I’ve actually felt flooded with 17 often enough that 18 doesn’t appeal to me at all. This could be a result of the style of deck I draft. I also find myself in a very controlling position most games and just win with slow inevitability.

  15. @bob the reason people played 18 in zendikar was the fact you couldnt miss a land drop due to the soo aggressive format full of 2 drops. this format is one were 17 lands is good because you can afford to slip and miss a land drop because it is much slower than zzz or zzw.

    so your wrong lolz

  16. Personally in this format I’m a fan of 18 lands in decks with levelers and 17 without or with few levelers. The levelers generally insure that even if you get a little flooded you don’t loose to much tempo since they can act as a mana watershed

  17. @wilson

    Uh…. I know the reason why 18 lands were played in zendikar, I’m saying that I prefer 18 lands in this format as well because tempo is important and you can easily gain card advantage or virtual card advantage by making plays faster. Games are slower, but they’re still races and based on tempo. Very few games in this format come down to both players just topdecking and having nothing they can do, almost always someone is making some sort of play or gaining board/life advantage. You can even see this in the draft videos posted, neither side has enough time to maximize their potential before the game ends.

  18. “you can easily gain card advantage… by making plays faster”

    Not sure what you mean by this, I don’t see how that is card advantage. It is a tempo advantage and a board advantage, but can you explain what you mean?


  19. hamdog- he is saying that because the game will end before each player has time to maximize the potential of their hand or their cards, not missing land drops and gaining tempo advantage is actually pseudo card advantage because the cards your opponent isn’t playing will have no impact on the game once it is over.

  20. Or like, I you have an Ulamog’s Crusher on turn 6 instead of turn 8, that is 2 more swings, each for 2 permanents and likely chumpblockers as well. How is that NOT card advantage?

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