7 thoughts on “Channel LSV: ROE ROE ROE Draft #1 – Match 2, Game 1”

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  3. it was only a matter of time before one of these types of hands didnt work out for you

  4. Mulligan the hand? I’d rather have a decent hand with enough lands, than a very good hand, without.

    Also, sideboard Spider umbra in. What you’ve seen, he’s aggro and has fliers. Drop the Crusher and a Dread Drone.

  5. @Mno
    there is no way you mulligan that hand on the draw, when one land gives you 3 plays, and a win versus no removal

  6. This is never a mulligan on the draw. If this had gone well no one would have pointed it out…

  7. Ya this was basically a game where the only chance he had at winning was to make a bad play (mulliganning the hand). Nothing he could really do.

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