10 thoughts on “Channel LSV: ROE ROE ROE Draft #1 – Match 1, Game 1”

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  2. LSV needs to read what Splinter Image does. He doesn’t realize that the tokens are exiled at the end of turn. Could have won this game without question if he wasn’t attacking his non-trampling INvoker into free chump blocks.

  3. That’s not what he’s doing. The tokens are exiled at the end of the next end step, so what his opponent can do if LSV doesn’t attack is activate Splinter Twin on LSV’s end step, and that token gets to attack on the opponent’s next turn. Then on the opponent’s next turn, he activate splinter twin again, and attacks with the two copies. Since LSV can only block one, he ends up taking an extra two damage every other turn.

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  5. When you cast the Snake Umbra, if you would of used GGB, you could of had BB open for Vendetta + the 1/1 Enforcer. This would of let you trade for his 2/1 a turn before. This would of had you +2 life at the end of the game and you should of been able to pull it out.

  6. You always talk about how why give the opponent the opportunity to use a pump spell/protection spell to save his guys from removal if you want that creature did. With that in mind why didn’t you Last Kiss the guy when he was tapped out? Did you just not value the pinger that much? Do you think you would play that differently now or do you still agree w/it?

  7. Yeah, i’m asking the same as Craig.
    Was the risk that he has a pumpspell worth the fact that you screw his levelling end of turn ?

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