16 thoughts on “Channel LSV: ROE ROE ROE Draft #1 – Drafting (part 2 of 2)”

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  2. Why didn’t you take the skeletal wurm over the dread drone toward the end of the pack? The wurm tends to put up great numbers and regeneration on a big dude is nothing to scoff at.

  3. I think you should have cut a second Dread Drone instead of the deathtouch guy. The Drones really are not good enough with no equipment.

  4. I would’ve definitely kept the Daggerback Basilisk in. Two invokers seems like enough to me.

  5. Invoker over Daggerback Basilisk seems wrong to me in a vacuum and a little bit worse even with 2 Snake Umbras to potentially put on the Basilisk.

  6. Choosing between Overgrown Battlement or an Umbra, I think having only one 2-drop so far would have swayed me to the Battlement. The finished deck doesn’t have much to do before turn 3… Is the format just slow enough that that’s not a big concern?

  7. gigglioronomicon

    That daggerback cut was not the best. 2 snake umbras! Even without em i’d still cut another drone instead. Other than that, awesome deck!

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  9. I thought the same on the basilisk cut, but I have second guessed Luis in the past and he has made good argument for his choices. Glancing at the scoreboard, I see he is the top player in America and I’m not. So I suppose there is something for me to learn here.
    Visit Drom’s more Luis!

  10. Invoker and Stomper Cub both get cut before basilisk imo. I also think you undervalue Sporecap Spider. 1/5 reach for 3 is a great stopper.

  11. I have to say, running crusher over Pathrazer, isn’t necisarily a good idea. Sure, the Pathrazer comes out a bit later, but with the slowness of this format, and Pathrazer’s pseudo-evasion plus his higher Annihilator makes it a much better finisher… plus i have been able to play into Ulamog’s crusher’s “attack each turn” ability in order to kill it..

    My only complaint, is your choice of finisher…. and i personally would have gotten into U/B rather than B/G…. I love blue in this format beyond all other colors..

  12. You sound as though you are ill. I hope you get better soon, Luis. Thanks for drafting for us again!

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