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  1. Leyline of the Slow Upload
    If Leyline of the Slow Upload is in your opening hand, you may begin the game with it on the battlefield.
    If a draft would be put into an opponent’s website from anywhere, exile it instead.

    (also, reserved so people don’t spoil the draft)

  2. Great draft overall, sucks that you had to lose in the first round due to bad draws both games. Get ’em next time LSV!

  3. Wow, a five-color deck with a milling subtheme, no card advantage, no evasion, and no removal and you still made it to the finals…some people were just born to play Magic, I guess.

  4. “don’t want them unholy strengthening their black knight, I suppose I have excommunicate to deal with that”

    No, you really don’t.

  5. That was worth the wait… not!

    On a more serious note, thank god M11 drafts are soon a thing of the past.

  6. You really undervalue Mighty Leap. That card is so good in W aggro. You could’ve had 2 this draft.

    Cut the shivs and the berserker, replace with 2 might leaps and a inspired charge…

  7. Haha… Relentless Rats… to be fair, the rest of his deck looked decent and he those Rats did a pretty good job.

  8. I don’t really agree with your play game 1, when you outraged the rats to kill the other rats with the fire servant. Did you consider letting them just trade, then outraging the black knight, leaving him with a 2/2 rat and a seer, making your entire team relevant again? That black knight was really holding up your ground army.

  9. His opponent’s got a much stronger deck. Obviously, the strategy to play a simple deck with old-fashioned creatures isn’t the hidden formula to winning drafts.

  10. Thx for also posting vids of bad drafts. The deck turned out very bad this time. Nice to see it happens to the best as well. Not a good draws either and a loss to a rat guy is pretty embarrassing.

    First pick squadron hawk? Wow, u r really greedy.;-) i am not saying it is a terrible pick, I have done that before,however, it is just really really risky. It is always better and safer to draft a deck that is getting passed to you, not forcing a deck with a fist pick, showing no signals at all. Sometimes, it can work out well, other times like this one it turned out bad, unfortunate. Keep it up.

  11. Thx LSV for showing again how bears suck and FFfreak’s 4th pick hate drafted bear was simply ridiculous.
    Then again this should have been UR with
    2.Azure Drake
    4.Ice Cage
    5.Earth Servant
    6.Ember Hauler
    etc… etc… etc…

  12. Yeah opponents deck was pretty good. Had sac combo with skeleton and a boat load of removal, plus knight. I really can’t fault him for dying to it. Also rats aren’t the worst, they’re about as good as any of the m11 lords, 3 mana 2/2s aren’t the worst.

  13. Why not play the berserkers first and attack into the skeleton. then cast the 5 cc berserkers or the cloud crusader it would seem to me that you would’ve been in better shape then.

  14. i think red is the best pairing with white aggro. i’ve been forcing W/r and R/w aggro for most of M11 draft

  15. Have to agree that I’ve been really disappointed with the bear deck. Your draws really have to be perfect to compete, and there are so many cards that just make your deck awkward: Black Knight, Liliana’s Specter, Giant Spider, Azure Drake, Wall of Frost, Aether Adept, etc.

    Also, when you say, “man I’m good unless my opponent drops a Canyon Minotaur”, you might want to reconsider your archetype. Getting your offense completely blanked by a Hill Giant something.

  16. Man, tough draft. At least you got crappy draws with this less impressive deck, and with the previous draft where your UB deck was SICK!

  17. wheresmyhundychapin?

    You drew like garbage but 1st pick Hawk? I know, I know…it’s the best deck, bla, bla, bla but it seems that that card is one of those “if you get it 3rd-5th and you’re white” grats type of cards. Not a first pick over Gravedigger (which isn’t an amazing 1st pick either but still a dude that gives you card advantage). If I remember correctly, the digger was the only good black card in the pack and you were passing a arguably “better” flyer in the griffin.

    I see amazing pros draft “just alright” decks and win because of better play and sick rips but thanks for posting a draft that makes you look like a regular guy. And as always, entertaining!

  18. I’ve never had W/R work out for me in M11 draft, it’s too fragile compared to W/x with any other color and people typically hate your burn. One Mind Rot or LIliana’s Specter can put you far from killing your opponent.
    The success I’ve had with red has been U/R tempo, opening two Fireballs and getting passed some Lightning Bolts, or using a few burn spells to complement green beats.

  19. Beyond the fact that the deck was extremely underpowered, I found the last game excruciating to watch. I think I actually fell asleep twice. I can’t wait for Scars, or anything other than M11 really.

  20. Don’t hate on the white aggro archetype… it is legit. The problem is, he didn’t find any more hawks and he didn’t find any Stromfront pegasi, griffins of any kind, etc. It is the cheap little fliers that make the deck. A couple silvercoat lions are fine too, but if all you have are bears you are in trouble. If LSV finds 2 more hawks and 2 stormfronts this is a decent deck.

  21. Silvercoat lion over act of treason seems like a mistake. Act of treason is very good in the w/r aggro deck. Red offers piker has an alternative if the lion didn’t wheel.

  22. To everyone saying his draft was bad….

    His opponent’s deck was fairly good, and LSV had him dead to an average draw both games, and his deck craped out on him.

    Never drew 1 of 3 enchantments or a Lava Axe (Lava Axe wins him both games).

    Both games he drew more lands than spells while keeping hands with more spells than lands. I’m chalking this up to bad draws, the bad players can just say “bad deck” instead.

  23. It is true that LSV could have won both games, but don’t forget that the opponent he played against was mana flooded first game and mana screwed second game, and even with both mana screws he was able to pull it off.
    The deck LSV ended up was just too weak( I d say a 1:2 deck at best). But that happens, draft is as much about luck as sealed and sometimes u end up with good decks, some times u end up with bad decks. Godd players are the ones that can win easy with good decks and by playing correctly win some more with the bad ones as well.

  24. @LSV

    Any consideration of NOT playing 18 lands in a deck full of 1-2 toughness 2-drops? It seems to me you’re still stuck in a ZZZ mindset.

  25. On another note, this was the poorest quality of cards I have ever seen in a draft. Pack after pack of unplayables. What’s the deal Wizards? Cutting costs?

  26. @abdallah I’m not sure about that. This video seems like the sort of thing that an A.I. would use to throw people off track.

  27. @MaxFan

    Thanks for the advice, I guess all we have to do is open a pair of Fireballs and we should do all right. I thought it would be something harder.

  28. Pretty blah draft, mostly opened good cards out of your color, and you got cut from your primary color 2nd pack. Cant win them all.

  29. I’m all for forcing favorite archetypes, but you were pretty obviously cut… isn’t it good to have a backup archetype or two to play?

  30. Man you ‘ve changed a lot since Zendikar. Before was mostly CA and blue control and now you end up playing 7 bears in a draft deck.
    I want the old LSV back !!!

    (j/k … your last BU deck draft #9 was awesome but this deck looked more like a junior draft deck)

  31. i took a gravedigger first and my deck would probably have ended up insane. end of pack one was looking great at least, on track to play mono.

    my experience with m11 is that black can be pretty heavily underdrafted, if i can cut it i will aggressively take black now.

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  33. you played me in the first round.

    I had 3 rats and multiple gravediggers for them. Not the most exciting card, but the rest of the deck was definitely insane.

  34. I thought the deck was pretty solid. I think it is pretty important to have cards that make your bears relevant later though. That is one aspect I think about when drafting these decks. veteran and the auras are excellent. The goblin is alright in this deck too. I probably would of ran it over beserkers which I’m not a big fan of. Sometimes you don’t draw those cards that make the bears relevant in the later stages of the game.

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