24 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Extended Gifts #1 – Match 4, Game 3”

  1. Great playing there. That trick with the gifts and path was classic.

    Thanks for posting this. I always look forward to you posting games. Keep up the good work, man!

  2. If he would have used celestial purge in response to you tapping out that turn, it would have been a much longer game.

    I guess he didn’t notice the sac land or something.

  3. Thanks for posting this. Your videos are one of the things I look for each day on this site. Keep posting any video you make. Great job as always!

  4. Amazing videos … so interesting! Thank you LSV. I agree with the others, continue with this kind stuff, in particular associated to the ongoing ptq season. One step over the other sites.

  5. Loved this series. Taught me plenty about the 4 decks in the rounds that i can take with me to my ptq. Thanks for the awesome content!!!

  6. Thanks Luis, please keep doing the extended videos. I am not a big ZZZ player, but I do enjoy extended quite a bit. That doesn’t mean don’t do the draft videos, cause I’m sure other’s find them very useful. However, from a selfish stand point, I think that the extended daily event video is quite awesome, and you should do a lot more of these.

  7. Thanks 4 Vids and 3 scapeshifts… wow. Hey! How about doing one ALA Block Draft. Slightly different from ACR.

  8. That was awesome. Still hoping for more drafting videos (i guess you are waiting for worldwake to do more?).

  9. I’m going to have to disagree with everyone’s praise for the videos. It’s not enough that this site puts up the best Magic articles on the internet, but now you’re putting up the best Magic videos too? That’s just selfish Mr. Scott-Vargas.

  10. I had never seen this deck piloted before and really appreciate the insight along with the thoughts that go with it. I love the little mindtrick with the gifts for exile to assist in getting the peices one turn earlier.

    Keep the vids coming!

  11. Keep the good work with this kind of videos, i have learned some new stuff about the 3 decks we’ve seen today. Congrats

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  13. Ãœlger

    Great vid. just wondering… have you tried Mana Tithe in Tezzeret? It seems kinda good…

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