11 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Extended Gifts #1 – Match 4, Game 2”

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  2. Thanks for posting this, really liked watching it between rounds of my ext daily playing the non gifts version.

  3. Why not play Explosives for 1 on T1? He wouldnt keep a hand without 1-drop on the draw and it gives you a free Mana.

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  5. His lands were Verdant Catacombs and Hallowed Fountain, so he would have to pay 2 life to play EE first turn… He end up taking 2 from the Lynx, could have been 4 if his opp had a fetch, or 3 witha full-power nacatl… Or nothing if he just had kept without a 1-drop… Maybe it was worth waiting, but I am not sure…

  6. Thanks Conley. Especially in light of your article from 2 days ago on learning levels, I find I’m struggling to identify when cards that are good in situation X are still strictly worse than a more global alternative. (Had a similar question for Matt Sperling re: Gatekeeper in Grixis).

  7. I guess I don’t know what the odds of him having Extirpate are. Is it playing too cautiously to go Tezzeret, second sword before cashing in the first sword for thopters?

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