11 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Extended Gifts #1 – Match 2, Game 1”

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  2. ya being able to sac the ancient den woulda been nice, but he still woulda gone to 1, and then get aggro’ed out by stupid little dudes.

  3. It wouldn’t have mattered if he played den, as then he takes 36 due to no GQ, and the 1 fetchland wouldn’t have mattered as he could attack you for 2 points that turn as well…

  4. Wait, couldn’t you have gone to 1 there?

    Sac foundry, seat, mox, trinket

    gone to 1

    get 4 tokens

  5. Could of been avoided by playing the Ancient Den at some point earlier in the game. It was in your opening hand, you had ample opportunity to do so. Another option was to get any 0 cost artifact in the deck with Trinket Mage other than basic land, playing the Ancient Den instead of the Seat of Synod, along with the artifact, to stay a point up – though, without knowing the exact number of mountains in his deck, it could have just been pointless to try to play around anyways.

  6. That’s rough. If lsv had been slightly more aggressive about getting the foundry going, he might have gotten there. I assume the way he played was probably the better strategy on average though.

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