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  1. Have you considered Smother over Doom Blades in the maindeck? I feel like they hit everything you really want Blade’s for, since they are mainly to buy you time early game, and also deal with vamps and Putrid Leech.

  2. don’t you leave yourself dead if he ends up casting a Mana Barbs after you’ve used your Purge on his random Goblin Guide instead of the Path. I mean, yeah, you don’t want to give him a land, but I think not losing to a card that you can be 100% sure is in his deck takes precedence. While I realize that you knew the Burst in his hand, there was still that one unknown.

  3. G1 He didn’t have a second Searing Blaze because he would’ve just dubs Blazed your wall before combat.

  4. This was about a week ago, but I think I wanted the extra cards from the Jace more than dealing with it once it hit 1, and before hitting 1, it prevented him from dropping a Jace 2.0 to bounce my guys, which was one of his outs.

    That said, it was probably in my best interest to cut him off of the 1 extra card he got although arguments can go both ways I suppose

  5. Yeah play match 2 was quite poor… Not negating the O-ring, not esper charming a spreading seas to identity crisis, etc

  6. match 2 game 2 on the final turn, you esper charm to draw 2, you could have destroyed the seas on your tarpit and gotten in for win

  7. match 2 game 2 you had him dead on board at 4:00 but attacked gideon instead with him at 6 life.
    sweet deck and these videos are awesome, but that’s frustrating to watch

  8. Thank you. Great commentary, and you’re already getting smoother on your third video. This deck looks really fun. I like the versatility of the esper charms, and curving from persecutor into baneslayer is undoubtedly strong!

  9. Yea, I commented that I could tell I was making very small mistakes and catching them just after making them. This is just an issue of “speaking before thinking” or in this case, clicking before thinking and was me trying to keep the video speed up to snuff.

    Still figuring out my comfort zone for these so it is bound to happen from time to time, so all I can promise is a continued effort to improve.

    As for the Gideon attack, he +2ed it.. so I couldn’t win that turn unless I drew an Oblivion Ring or something off the top.

  10. Match 2 Game 3, you want to blow him out with Identity Crisis, but don’t play Persecutor->Path->Crisis with Negate back-up? Unless I have the mana cost of Crisis wrong, this seems like the best play at 6:10.

  11. He staggershocked your baneslayer m1g2 because he needed to rip a land to searing blaze your baneslayer

  12. Match 1 game 2, Why didn’t you let him attack with Ball Lightning? It could have killed your persecutor. Then you swing with baneslayer angel the next turn and win. With baneslayer against red it’s kinda win/win but seems like a huge mistake.

  13. @jntx: The opponent activated Gideon so he had to attack it. There was no way he could win that turn.

  14. @Random: His Persecutor was tapped because it had just attacked, so it couldn’t block the Ball Lightning….

  15. @Conley

    M3 – G1

    “Not sure what he’s playing…”

    CitrusD = Tom Ross. What else would he be playing? lol

  16. Wow during your attack phase at 3:20 in the second video against RDW you had lethal with your colonnade, but you didn’t activate it???

  17. @ Ozryel

    Smother doesn’t answer Sovereigns of Lost Alara, which is one of the matchups you really want to Doom Blade in.

  18. Game 1 against Jund – had double Jace and Baneslayer. Jace into Brainstorm would allow hand to keep Baneslayer despite a Blightning(which did not happen, but could have and also prevented 3) and Drawn out the Pulse on Jace#1. Baneslayer after Jace would have made him put out another removal or grant time to stabalize with life at 5 and no profitable attack while Jace #2 Brainstormed. Although You would have prolly lost that game anyway. Nice Vids and the Abyssal Esper deck looks good. Keep it up. GL.

  19. ksh plays red in every format, he does decent results in GPs and stuff. and he says karghan sucks because it gets killed by everything the other bugs do and does not have haste. so it’s not like they don’t play it because it’s not budget.

    mtgo does keep track of what you duress. if you had the chat window of the game open you would have seen the cards in his hand get logged there.

    and not noticing r3 opp was tom ross was disappointing 😛

  20. would be really cool to see videos of all the top decks like this apart from Jund as I’m sure we all know how that works by now

  21. g2g2 part2 he mindsprings you could espercharm spreedingseas and put him in a situation in wich if he hasn’t path you win or at worse send him to 2

  22. m2g2 when you kept the Duress off of Jace, I definitely would have shipped the Island and Duress and shuffled. After you play out Id Crisis+Persecutor, there’s no card he is keeping in his hand, so Duress only works if he draws Mind Spring (which he did). I think a random card is better since more than half of your deck is gas/answers.

  23. Awesome vid thank you so much for posting them.

    I totally agree with Ed and would love to see all of the top decks recorded this way.

  24. As people have covered some of the play seems a bit loose. I think you may be worrying too much about keeping up a literally continuous commentary. It is ok to stop and think for a few secs, we’re considering the issues ourselves too.

    Don’t mistake our critiques for ingratitude though, these vids are great!

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  26. This was a very good watch. I had to post just to give you props for doing this. I love watching constructed, and I’m glad that you made these videos. I think that since we already have 2 people commentating drafts, your insight into constructed in a perfect blend. Please do more constructed in the future!

  27. Conley – Thanks a bunch for posting this set of vids. For those of us who are just returning to the game, seeing how to play constructed is a great help! Limited, as far as play order, is a bit more obvious in many cases, so really seeing the ins-and-outs of a constructed event, and hearing the thought process behind the plays, is extremely helpful.

  28. Match 2, game 2, part 2 of 2. 4 minutes in.
    You are staring at an opponent that is
    A) Tapped out
    B) at 6 life
    C) Only has one blocker (for which you have a path)
    D) and has gideon (which you have oring for)
    E) Playing constructed, a format with no free magic what so ever.
    How does it take you a minute+ to miss the most obvious kill of all time?

    You do realize that if you oblivion ring the gideon it is therefore impossible to attack the gideon and you are allowed to attack your opponent right? The opponent that had no blockers, no land, and whose life was far below the 10 damage you were able to do.

  29. EDIT:. LOL ok i realized how you missed it now – you clearly didn’t.

    You had a specter in play you had to worry about more than just killing him. Sorry about that – i’d delete it if i could.

  30. M3 G3: Wouldn’t it be better to hold the wrath one more turn? You killed all his mana, but doing it the turn after would have the same effect and you would only get hit by hastey things, and you still had the wall to block.

  31. M1 G2, I believe he staggershocked baneslayer hoping to rip bolt or searing blaze. At that point, getting hit by slayer is basically losing, so I think you just have to cast the stagger and pray.

    I liked the vids a lot. Watching you comment against four different decks gives a fantastic view of the deck. Thanks.

  32. Thanks a lot Conley, that was awesome footage especially after having read your article on the deck with interest the day prior.

  33. in the jund match, there was a spot where you had the choice of marsh flats or glacial fortress, you choose fotress, why wouldn’t you just play flats, get a plains so you could path a thrinax, still have untapped fotress the next turn

    you took 3damage for no real reason which didn’t end up mattering but easily could have

  34. Conley, these videos are great, and I especially enjoy the detailed level of commentary you provide. One small complaint: There is a noticeable video lag, where you are describing things just before they happen, which gets confusing sometimes (i.e. his draws, your draws, his attacks and plays.) I don’t know if there is an easy fix or not, but it would be cool.

  35. Love the videos, thank you very much!

    There are lots of places to watch Limited vids so more Constructed please!

  36. I enjoy watching constructed vids and draft vids, but Conley your commentary needs work 🙁

    This time around, I learned the same amount with the sound on or off. You need to explain your plays better. Tell us WHY you’re making a play. Explain what plays you’re considering, and why play A or B or C is better than the others. As is stands, right now you just say things like “I’m going to play Persecutor and if he Paths it, that’s fine.” But we have no idea why it’s fine. Are you saying that this is going to be a long game? Are you saying that you need to get all the Paths out of his hand? Are you saying that they probably only play 2 Paths so it’s more likely that they don’t have it? You need to explain what you’re trying to do in each match up. The 20+ tiny mistakes don’t help either :-/

    It comes off like you’re just playing the cards in your hand without thinking about the next turn and takes away this huge opportunity to teach those of us who don’t have the experience.

  37. Match 4, Game 1, fourth turn, My play would have been pass the turn, then path the thrinax + draw 2 off esper charm, and DoJ whatever he plays the next turn. Jund always have removal, so you just take extra dmg from the thrinax you will have to path anyway.

    If he didn’t have removal, you would probably be fine with persecutor + whatever threats you might have drawn. Worst case, he has a bloodbraid and you DoJ everything away the following turn.

    Playng Persecutor means he can’t bloodbraid you next turn if he has the removal spell, but you will have to deal with that anyway, I just think drawing into more threats and removal is better than trading persecutor for something and delaying bloodbraid for a turn.

  38. Am I missing something? What is this talk of using your esper charm to blow up an O-ring on your Jace? It would come back into play with zero loyalty counters!

  39. Hah it’s so funny how about half the comments pointing ‘obvious mistakes’ are actually completely wrong. I think Conley’s reports will get better with time, but these were fine whatsoever. I would like to know how you updated the deck with M11.

  40. M2G2 what is wrong with pathing or oringing the baneslayer attacking to put the opponent to lethal and then using the respective path or oring left to win the game?

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