Channel Conley – ROE Draft #5

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  1. Leave it to Sir Conley to keep delivering draft videos!
    Thanks so much Conley Woods, I love your draft videos, and your interesting ways of drafting!

  2. hey conley its me worm!

    will this be the last of the rise?

    by the by i came up with mono blue eldrazi first!

  3. you just straight up win the game if you had fork bolted his pneumonic wall the first turn u attack with the hatcher and predator..

  4. In all of LSV’s videos, and all of your videos, and all of my own drafts, I have yet to see a single person play Valakut Fireboar.

    Sure it’s playable… but there always seems to be something better.

  5. Is Mnemonic Wall really not worth a splash here? With Disaster Radius, Skittering Invasion, Heat Ray, and Gelatinous Genesis, Wall seems pretty useful, and you do have 2 Wilds and a Giant.

    When the second Wall presented itself, you also had Might of the Masses, Forked Bolt, and Growth Spasm as potential targets. I think the wall would be a fine splash to improve the late-game power of your deck even more, and make you not worry about using Genesis or Heat Ray early on, because you can bring them back when you have more mana.

    I think wall would be more useful / synergistic with your deck than random guys like Boulderfoot and Aura Gnarlid, which don’t really fit with your deck’s strategy of ramp into huge late-game spells / capitalize on having lots of tokens.

    Plus, Wall + Radius? Insane!

  6. So game 3 during the first match, if he wanted to win with gigantomancer, why didn’t he just play it during his first main phase and just alpha strike? Two unblocked creatures would be the game.

  7. Why would you not play the Gigantomancer earlier in Match 1 Game 3? Was that just a flat-out mistake? The only reason I could see for not doing so is playing around something stupid like a counterspell, but that’s going to get you anyway. Play the Mancer before combat and just win that turn.

  8. The end there wasn’t quite ideal, but I loved the rest of the video. I think you probably want to play skittering invasion there though since it gives him far fewer outs. If you’re assuming 16 life of course not, and I’m sure you are aware of this now.

    Keep up the fantastic work! I would very much enjoy seeing more of these.

  9. Agree, all your mana babies turn into “sac: Win the Game” if you had played the mancer precombat.

  10. There was even a ton of mana to spare to protect the Gigantomancer from removal, so yeah, seems odd.

  11. Another reason to evolving wilds EOT in this format is Contaminated Ground. In other formats there’s obviously a ton of other LD/disruption.

  12. You realize that you can watch replays after your next match starts, right? At least I assume this is why 90% of the players take a minute or so to start rounds after round 1 since they speed through the replays of the person they’re playing against.

  13. WOW! I can’t believe you posted this with a misplay like that dude! I gotta give you props just for having the stones to do that!!!

    I’m 100% behind you dude. Can’t wait to see your next vids. I’m sure commentary combined with high level play is very difficult. You do a great job, and I got faith that you’ll get better. I’m still going to tune into every video you put out.

    But holy COW, that misplay was HILARIOUS!!! You are a freaking legend man!

  14. Match 2 Game 2:
    Why play Aura Gnarlid on turn 3? Turn 3 Lavafume Invoker sets you up for turn 4 Giant, turn 5 Hatcher, turn 6 Hatcher, turn 7 virtual win with Invoker + Might.

    Match 3 Game 2:
    Play Gigantomancer before combat!!! If you did that then you could have won on the spot, that turn, the opponent has no outs.

    Overall I think you drafted / played very loosely. You play so fast and go on autopilot so much, it’s easy for you to make mistakes or overlook things. I respect quick play, but especially for an informational video like this, I think sometimes you just need to stop and tank, and see what all of your plays are, instead of making such snap decisions like Gnarlid before Invoker, or Gigantomancer / Battle Rattle Shaman after combat, or not noticing you were at 6 life with the game in the bag, or going into combat before you calculate Might of the Masses damage (you did this multiple times). Your deck happened to be so insane that it didn’t matter much, but that’s no excuse for playing loosely. I know you’re a good player and I know you can do better than this.

    Sorry for the harsh / repetitive criticism, and I really respect you as a player, but when you are doing videos like this for the public, it sets a bad example when you rush into decisions and miss basic stuff.

  15. That gigantomancer play m1g3 seemed like the worst of the choices you had. They were: disaster radius, then attack for 6, run out gigantomancer and threaten lethal, or attack and then play gigantomancer. The first leaves you vulnerable to discard for the gigantomancer, which seemed pretty unlikely given that he already ran out the perish the though. Playing the gigantomancer and attacking with 6 spawn tokens seems best. I think his only out would be something like haze frog. Removing the gigantomancer wouldn’t help, and he only has 2 blockers. The line of play you made left you pretty screwed to an induce despair for 7. Admittedly, you hadn’t seen any of those creatures, so it seems unlikely, but of the choices, running out the gigantomancer seemed the best. I admit, hindsight is 20-20, and playing these on camera is kind of difficult when you’re trying to explain yourself, but that play made me sad.

  16. We all make mistakes like that in M3 G1. It’s cool that you posted it. Thanks so much for the ROE videos, fifteen and counting! It’s great that a solid format such as 3x ROE is posted so much.

  17. Nice deck, though it’s kind of tiresome seeing the same red/green deck each time. Yeah you take what you’re given I suppose. Also, shared discovery even in that sort of deck isn’t very good. It just requires so much to go right. Need the mana, need to draw it obviously, and need 4 guys in play and can’t be under pressure or mind taking some hits.

    Loved the crush of wurms + flashback play. Yeah that card is a bomb.

  18. I was definitely just looking at my compute screen in shock trying to figure out what you saw that I was missing as to why you didn’t play the skittering invasion at the end of M3 G1 but it is ok for multiple reason.

    1. Any magic player should understand stupid mistakes are made when your forced to concentrate on multiple things.

    2. Your a good magic player so it’s not like you would be making that kind of mistake in a tournament (although no player should ever make that mistake, lol)..

    3. Your with Team Fireball, that makes a lot of people jealous, lol.

    Anyways good draft and honestly I don’t know how the person to your right didn’t win with blue white levelers, it seemed as though you passed him every solid blue/white card that there is in the set.

  19. Love the draft videos, although like others have pointed out you could have won earlier with Gigantomancer m1g3, and IIRC a turn earlier on m3g2 as well. Also agree with a previous poster that Memonic Wall might have been better in the deck than Shared Discovery, although I forget what you’d have had to take it over. Then again, I think that pretty much anything (Sporecap Spider, e.g.) would have been better than the Discovery. I mean, your deck’s plenty powerful enough as it is, so running Discovery just seems like asking for a dead card too often, and the Island could randomly manascrew you.

    But I have a healthy respect for certain others of your plays, especially not playing Might on your 2/2 when your opponent blocked with Dawnglare Invoker. I hate to admit it, but I’d probably have walked into that one. Good call.

  20. Not to poke fun, but tks for the gaf and the tilt. As someone who is actively working on reducing these, I find it encouraging that even the top players have bad days. Very often top players seem to get have an air of invunrebiliy, and seem always to know the right plays etc. It is nice to see that this is not the case and that we all can make mistakes. The fact that you ended up winning match 3 as well, is also very encouraging. Cheers

  21. hahaha, I love it! That was such a huge punt that I thought the game must have glitched, and you come back to win the 8-4. Amazing video Conley, I’m excited for more of that craziness in the future.

    By the way, I have no room to talk about that being a bad play considering all the blatantly terrible plays I’ve made in the past. Remember the shards block draft at Gryphon when I had you entirely locked out if I just kept swinging with the nulltread gargantuan, and instead I found a way for you to wipe my entire board plus a flurry of wings out with a volcanic fallout? People that weren’t there at the time found out about that, and I don’t think either of us told them.

  22. Hi there,
    I was the one playing in the finals. I was baffled when I won that first game and very sad when I lost the second one. I had those 3 forests in my starting hand and only needed a land a bit sooner to win that one.
    It was nice to see the match from the opponents view and I enjoy these draft video’s. If Conley has more questions about the match just let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Match 1 seemed very rushed and not thought out very well. I haven’t watched m2 or m3 yet due to commitments, but I’ll be watching them later. Obviously as everybody said, the m1g3 play was bad, can’t really harp over that more than everybody else.

    I’m also curious as to why you would main deck an aura gnarlid with only 1 pumper for him. If you were splashing blue already, why not use one of several better blue cards for him? Your bombs were quite obviously late game, so it seems like the defense your blue cards would have provided (or even the spider) would have been more beneficial.

    Lastly, as one poster hinted at, this video wasn’t as exciting because I’ve seen you draft and use all these cards before. I had to really think hard to make sure I hadn’t watched this draft already…

    Happy drafting and thanks for the vid

  24. Regarding stuff in reverse order:

    1- I haven’t been cherry picking my drafts. If I do a draft, I post it. So occasionally you will end up with a similar archetype. That is just a product of putting so many out.

    2- Aura Gnarlid had synergy with Battle Rattle and Invokers as well, so he is fine and proved that as the matches played out.

    3- While it is true that Gigantomancer wins me those games a turn earlier as they played out, I tend to be more conservative in end game situations where a risk is costly on one end and the win is imminent with another play. I have an article up on this tomorrow for a more in depth look. I obviously know what Gigantomancer does, as I addressed it as a line of play every time I went through my options. Rather than look at the play as, he didn’t win there, ask why I decided not to play it.

    Obviously I am not claiming that I am always right in these situations, but I feel like every game I could have risked an attack for lethal, I was going to win through other means that were less risky. Remember that if my opponent has multiple removal spells, as would be common with 5 cards in hand and a deck built on removal, I lose 2 guys for every removal spell. Also, counterspells and/or Reality Spasm screw me over if I lead with a precombat Gigantomancer. Again, I am not claiming I was always right here, as a lot of it game down to play preference, but in basically every case where I could have moved all in for a win with Giganto, I could have won through another means, albeit slower, but less risky.

  25. conley,

    dont think i’d be able to man up and post a video with a misplay like that. i am impressed! thanks for the drafts, its been a great series.

  26. hey i punt half of my limited games, is that what it takes to join Team Fireball? I want in.

  27. Match 3 game 1 punt was pretty funny. I was pulling my hair out: “play the Skittering Invasion! You die to any removal! What? Your not blocking?!?”

    I hear what you are saying about commentating being a distraction. I was helping a friend with MTGO drafts by talking through everything and it really does hurt your play. I found it wasn’t really difficult to draft while commentating–but playing definitely suffered.

    In pack 1 pick 5 you took a Spider Umbra and ignored the Raid Bombardment. You didn’t have any tokens yet, but I think the Bombardment would offer a lot more potential at that stage of the draft. Nice draft overall.

  28. I disagreed with every close pick u did..

    dunno y but thirs particular draft I didnt like

  29. i totally agree with the G-mancer place in m1. it simply leaves you with more cards in hand and as a control player i know what you are talking about in those end game situations. you need to be careful as this is a game where anything can happen. kudos on the pump IR to the threaten!!! not blocking in G1 of the finals was pretty bad, bet the guy was mad after you won and he realized his only win of the finals was due to a miss click.

    p.s. you can take your time these things, i hate it when ppl rush me though a game. they say “why you so slow”??? “cuz i just won biach”!!!! THANK YOU FOR THE DRAFTS!!!

  30. @alex: Mnemonic Wall would be pretty suboptimal in this deck. 2 of the spells you listed are game-winning and you don’t really need to get them back, plus that means holding the wall until turn 7 or something. Skittering Invasion isn’t a card you really want to cast twice, so basically it would just be there for Heat Ray, Might, and Forked Bolt; not worth it at all IMO.

  31. Great work, Colin! Nerves of steel to get back from such a devastating mishap during a live commentary. Very pleasant and thrilling to watch!

  32. Match 1 Game 3
    9:17 – “and Gigantomancer can be an 8/8 a bunch of times here”

    Seems pretty clear you just didn’t read your own cards Conley, and thought that Gigantomancer could only target himself. Then you come here and try to explain after the fact why playing the Gigantomancer after combat is “correct.”

    What card could he have that blows you out there if you play Gigantomancer pre-combat and attack with your entire team?

  33. Your play in this draft is abysmal.

    Round 1 is full of lots and lots and lots of mistakes, the most frustrating one (Game 3) being that you didn’t even realize that Gigantomancer can target ANY creature and MAKES it a 7/7 (does not grant +7/+7). Playing it post-combat while having lethal on board: epic fail.

    I turned it off after Round 2 Game 1, after you failed to win for multiple turns, first not shooting w/ FBolt Oracle + Wall, then not pumping Aura Gnarlid pre-combat to make it unblockable and playing around Puncturing Light (and there were many, many, many more nuances).

    I understand this could be just a “bad day”, but I strongly suggest Editors check draft videos out in advance as well, and request a minimum level of play before uploading them.

    Sorry to bash, but it is disappointing to waste time to see a video so full of mistakes. No offence intended.

  34. Conley, you clearly had no idea what Gigantomancer did in round 1. you can tell from your comments, you were saying ‘This guy can be a 7/7’ and not, for example ‘This guy can make any of my guys a 7/7’.

    There is no way on earth any player in their right mind would play a post-combat Gigantomancer when they had 17 mana available, infinite attackers, and an opponent on 13 life.

    If you really *did* know what Gigantomancer does then that’s gotta be one of the worst plays I’ve seen/heard from any player on this site.

  35. Sorry, great work Conley, I meant! Looking forward to seeing some M11-drafts from either you or LSV. That would be great!

  36. Even if you look at the videos and see imperfect play, I think it’s safe to say that Conley’s track record of results has established him as one of the top players in the game (including Limited play – 2nd, GP Tampa, went 5-1 in the draft portion at Worlds last year). Probably not really necessary to point out, but worth doing so anyway just in case there are questions about him being a “Constructed-only” player.

    Perfect Magic is HARD under the best of circumstances. Perfect Magic while commenting is even moreso. The fact that LSV can consistently play (near) perfect Magic during his draft videos while doing live commentary says more about LSV (who incidentally has a few thousand hours more MODO experience) than it does about Conley.

    Agreed with the comments about recovering from the punt and regaining focus. People make mistakes. Even the best players make dumb punts (PV, LSV, Kai, whoever). Glad to see the recovery, regaining of focus, and winning. And obviously even though there was the one big mistake, there were a lot of good decisions made in that video and provide a lot to learn from.

    Seriously, if anyone thinks this is easy, try doing live commentary of a MODO draft and see how much your play deteriorates.

  37. akoum boulderfoot

    thanks for the videos. don’t sweat the bad plays it happens you can only strive to improve on it ๐Ÿ™‚

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  39. I find myself yelling at the screen at least once or twice a draft

    but match 3 game 1 just baffled me…

  40. Yeah you made a whole lot of really bad plays in that one. Just little stuff, like Match 3 Game 2, your opponent has 3 lands, you’re at 4, and you tap down all of your eldrazi spawn to force through 1 extra damage, when you are about to take control and that leaves him the out of Vengevine.

    I also LOLd when Match 3 Game 2 you said you expect the concession literally 10 minutes after not blocking a lethal creature. It’s plays like that which are precisely why you should never concede unless you’re worried about timing out.

    Nitpicks aside, thanks for doing these drafts. ROE draft is really a great format, although it’s a little bit of a shame that White is so bad, when usually there would be sets forthcoming to help it out and make it playable (i.e. Green in Time Spiral being bolstered by PC and Fut.

  41. You guys,

    you really think he didn’t actually know what gigantomancer did?
    Why are you even watching this?

    There were some things I would have done differently, for sure. However, I learned a lot more, and your drafts, as well as daily standard video’s are awesome!

    Thanks, Conley.

  42. Round one looks like one of my drafts with the mulls except that my deck would not be that good and I would not have recovered for the win ๐Ÿ™‚

    One of the great things about these vids is the little bits of info we get on every one IE: when to crack the evolving wilds and why.

    @ Claudio SHUT THE FUCK UP your arrogance makes me sick content is free and it helps players such as myself more than you could imagine mistakes or no. You win the D-bag of the day award. Sorry to bash and no offense intended.

  43. Were you drunk? There were so many mistakes…and not just the ones you mentioned. We all have rough days, it just goes to show that it can happen to anybody.

  44. I have to give credit where cridit is due. To have so many misplays and still post the video takes stones.

  45. I think its pretty sad how so many ppl bash an obviously great player (how often did you naysayers gotten to even play at PTs?) just to make em feel better bashing a well known player…

    sure there was some mistakes here and there, but
    a) he did say commentating while playing leads to mistakes
    b) he didn’t claim to be an all-knowning magic guru

    so seriously, all you bashers, for the sake of the ppl that enjoy these videos (like me) and want to learn while beeing entertained, just shut the hell up.

    There really is no need to post just to flame. Just don’t.

    I for one, thank the team channelfireball for these sweet drafts I can’t enough of.

  46. First, nice videos, really like them. Thanks.

    Second, iรƒฦ’รขโ‚ฌลกรƒโ€šร‚ยดll say it again. Get u a friend sitting next to u, saying some words and pointing out some alternative plays and misplays. Do this till u are confident to talk and play without big misses.

    Thanks again.

  47. in match 1 game 3 why did your predator die instead of the umbra? totem armor and that? did you yeild or something

  48. Props to you for posting Roe drafts when they’re kinda phasing out, and for posting that miss play! Like it.

  49. Thanks for the draft Conley, and great that you won despite the horrible punt match 3 game 1. It would have been terrible to lose because of that!

    I also think you should be a little less cautious with Gigantomancer though, trading spawn for removal spells wouldn’t be too bad and killing a turn earlier is a pretty big upside.

  50. I only watched round 1 so far. I would have played Gigantomancer much earlier and threatened lethal. There would have been a heap of spawn to protect him. There were a lot of tough judgment calls in that game (mainly about pushing through damage vs conserving removal).

    I’m interested to see how this draft turns out. The drafting seemed a bit unfocused. I think Aura Gnarlid is much better in the abstract than Bramble Snap and would have taken both of the ones in the draft (even if the only auras you are counting on are opponent’s Guard Duties, Narcolepsies and totem armors, he’s still usually a 3/3 for 3 that’s hard to block, and often an unblockable 5+ damage with an invoker, Might of the Masses, Battle Rattle, etc.) I also would have taken the Nest Invaders and the Overgrown Battlement — low curve acceleration is pretty powerful.

  51. “and you tap down all of your eldrazi spawn to force through 1 extra damage, when you are about to take control and that leaves him the out of Vengevine.”

    Yeah I was thinking to myself ‘are there any 4 power hasters?’ and then I just started praying that the guy didn’t have Venge. Chances are tiny as heck, but still…

    But I’m sure you’ll get better at the commenting and playing thing, Conley. Might be beneficial to get a co-host for some of these so you have someone there to catch some of this stuff (or to just keep track of your life total, ha!).

    The drafting itself has been pretty excellent though – you’ve put together some insane decks.

  52. Zaiem makes a good point about playing on modo. At first I thought commenting (not commentating) could help you as youd be forced to walk through outloud different lines of play, but I think the hands off play on modo makes it a lot harder. And watching these videos made me think Conley isnt a real good player but Zaiem also made me think about the different types of great players there are.

    There are some players that are just way smarter almost everyone, that do math in their head in 5 seconds for a handful of different situations or potential lines of play, and play very technically sound with little to no mistakes. Id assume lsv is this type, and literally everyone who’s moved on from the game (mostly to poker) like Dave Williams, Finkel and even Jeff Garza. They memorize what every card does and know its name and can usually remember every card in each pack. I used to recount a draft from memory and be able to tell you pick by pick what I took and over what without any mistakes. So Im more in this category, just not as smart and I never play anymore. But its the reason why I can win random $ drafts I do and top 8 sealed PTQs and have a 200 point difference in limited and constructed ratings.

    The other types I cant describe much since its not me. I guess there are guys who get better from reading articles on every site every day and others who just playtest all the time so that they have experience to draw from for every situation. To me, Conley seems like he is way more creative, obviously more in constructed during deckbuilding. Not so much in draft deckbuilding with the splashs from the last 2 :P. But still he can make some creative plays in the games. The logic he uses to back up some of his plays that everyone bashed really surprised me. I thought he was blatantly playing suboptimally for some of them (others he obv was), but I did not see his reasoning coming and its hard to argue against, even if there mightve been a better play. His technical play can clearly be improved, but he already has the advantage of logging a lot of hours.

  53. First and foremost thank you for the drafts!! However I must say please, please slow your play down. You are making mistakes and not playing strategically or thinking ahead. Again thank you for the drafts but I think there is a very thin line between a “pro” and normal player and i hope you do realize that. Stay away from that thin line. Thanks!!

  54. Commentating while playing magic is hard. Try it next time you queue up and you will see what he is talking about. As soon as you devote your brain power to do something else, you will make mistakes you otherwise would not.

  55. Frankly I think it’s great he posts the video’s no matter what kind of day he’s having. I’m under no illusions that pro players play perfect magic 100% of the time. Can that even happen?

    A big part of why I watch these video’s is to learn. I learn just as much from someone’s mistakes as I do from their good play’s. I WANT to see the mistakes. I WANT to find myself thinking of a better play and asking myself if I would do things differently.

    I’m no Conley fan boy and I sure don’t think he’s perfect. All you haters should ask yourself though.. are you posting in a way that encourages discussions about percieved mistakes, or are you posting just to make yourself feel better by hating on someone else. The first is helpful, the second is just sad.

  56. Match 2 Game 1 your opponent taps out to play Hedron Purists and Soul’s Attendant. On your turn you tap out for Ondu Giant instead of using your Forked Bolt to 2-for-1 the Attendant and the Invoker. I understand you have the Disaster Radius in Hand, but this still seems like a loose play to me. If you wipe his board now you force him to play into your sweeper while your Gnarlid can attack past his Purists all day.

    I mean, what if he went T5 – Land Mammoth Umbra (or really any umbra) on the Invoker? Now you have to race a fat flier and your Disaster Radius won’t even kill it (assuming you can even damage it enough through the Purist’s effect).

  57. Just a note: basically all of the drafts I did we recorded before the first one ever went up, so beyond that Stnd Daily, I have not been able to incorporate any of the lessons I have learned from comments and watching myself play. This was the last video of that batch though (aside from the poor sound video) so hopefully you will see an improvement in future videos as I

    A) Have more experience commentating
    B) Have picked up a few tricks exclusive to Modo
    C) Have read and digested helpful comments on here

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback as always.

  58. I think, because the perspective of these vids isi “in-eye”, it is not bad at all if Mr. Conley makes some mistakes. Because you really learn from those.
    If the misplay is obvious to you in immediately, well, good for you – seems like you are on your way to become good at this game.

    M3G1 was not a misplay, it was a huge brainfart ๐Ÿ™‚ These things just happen to everyone. Deny that and you are a jerk.
    With misplay I rather mean such things as the unplayed Forked Bolt during the match vs UW. He could’ve cleared the board from Wall of Omens and Seagate Oracle which is an excellent 2for1 – it won’t get any better with the Bolt! The opp would’ve had -2 blockers which is significant.

    Anyway, again thanks for the draft and I do realize that it is quite hard to comment and play at the same time. I for one enjoy these videos and one thing is always true: haters gonna hate!

  59. In case no one suggested it yet, in game 1 of the finals you could have played both Invasiona and Bramblesnap by sacing your token that was enchanted. I know it looses you a card, but Ooze + Bramblesnap is far more likely to be lethal than Ooze + 1/2 on the next turn after chumping, as he has to play two spells rather than just one.

  60. okay, okay

    the draft picks were solid and the commentary was good and enjoyable

    just hope you play a lot tighter in the future when you have more experience making these.

  61. Okay, I’ve now finished watching the draft….

    Just a blatant misplay in m3g1, which Conley clearly admits and gives the correct play for in m3g2. No need to harp on it in the comments.

    In match 1, I think I would have kept that first 6 land hand. This deck had no 1’s or 2’s worth playing early so what kind of 6 card hand is really going to be better? You have several chances to draw action and won’t have any mana issues all game.

    Also, Conley, you said you made these draft videos all at once and faulted the commentating with some misplays. Even so, I think your commentating has vastly improved over the five drafts you have posted. I look forward to watching the next batch of videos and seeing further improvement.

  62. Man, when you were playing the Bramblesnap I was shouting, “NOOOO! Play the invasion!” Sorry about the silly loss but thank you for being willing to show it and the awesome vids in general. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Later you said that the play was invasion and sac spawns to leave mana up. I was thinking it was invasion to sac lands and then bramblesnap, as invasion makes him awesome and you had enough lands that he would’ve been dead unless he drew several high power guys after. How would running it the other way be more beneficial?

  63. Dirg, I guess it’s semantics, but I’m not sure that Forked Bolt play was a misplay. It was more of a judgment call. Conley mentioned the possibility (if my memory is correct) and decided against because he would rather save the bolt for something like a Dawnglare Invoker since he had the board advantage and the wall+oracle were not putting him under any pressure.

  64. I’ll assume you didn’t really understand the play of gigantomancer before combat so you can pump all of your guys, otherwise is was pretty decent

  65. Great draft,

    Truly an all star performance Conley. Shrugging off the M3 G1 punt shows true character. I think you, among all the others on this site, truly grasped ROE x3 drafting.

    The deck was tight, you even tried something few would, with the Blue splash, and still came out on top. Admittedly you had a couple of major bombs in Giagantomance and the Ooze, but still really nice to see a successful draft.

  66. Hey Conley, I have to say that I was also in awe at what happened in Match 3 Game 1. I was like, Skittering Invasion seems better here, but whatever…. And then you proceeded to lose the game. Your own shock was pretty humorous though, and it’s great that came back to win it all. This was actually really valuable since we get to see a pro player set aside a bad misplay, one that you were clearly upset about, and still have the composure to play the next two. Really great stuff.

  67. I will not judge your plays like others have on these comments, but I was wondering if you might consider showing us what cards you open when you win a draft? just for fun at the end. Thanks for the great shows and please continue. Any Format!! You and LSV both have different styles and it truly helps getting points of view from people who study the cards and formats. Also, it is awesome that you actually take time to read comments.

  68. I can honestly say I have never opened a pack just cause… I save them for future draft entry

  69. Will, the Invoker was already dead + he had Heat Ray ready and 7 power on the table (3-turn-clock at that moment). Opps board would’ve been wiped or he would’ve lured deprieve. Seems like the play to me…but who am I to judge this.

  70. Love the videos, keep them up. Mistakes happen and happen more often in MODO and while talking. I hope you do more soon.

  71. one thing i know for sure.in magic online if you mulligan to 6 because you have too many lands. it is guaranteed you will got land screwed in the 6 card

  72. @Zaiem @Mike @Kevin @Joe

    While we are grateful for the content, that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to criticize the plays we see. These players are not infallible. In fact, it’s criticism and evaluation of plays that didn’t work out that help us learn. Also, I’ve done commentary on a few drafts and it isn’t really that hard.

    Also, did you say a “first for MTGO” when those errors popped up, Conley? Seriously? I’ve probably seen those errors hundreds of times, they seem to come up several times an hour.

  73. He plays well, not abysmal. He thought about making the gigantomancer a 7/7 before he shipped it over to the opponent who played traitorous insticts and that proves he knows what he does.

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