Channel Conley – ROE Draft #3

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  1. I’m surprised you seemed so keen to move into white the first few picks, without really any clear signals or bombs to point you in that direction. The consensus amongst most of the pros I’ve heard talk about ROE drafting is that white is easily the weakest colour.

    Still, you are a notorious rogue I guess! Thanks for the draft.

  2. when you are talking about a card, middle click it so that it shows the larger image of the card. that way i can read the card while you are talking about it.

    great stuff, looking forward to more.

  3. Oh btw chiming in, I definitely think the Student pick is correct over the Knight. If you play 1/2 of your lands as plains, you can consider its level up cost about equivalent to the Knight’s in terms of the amount you can level it if you’re doing nothing else (usually it’d be about 1/3 plains to be equivalent, but you can a lot of non-land non-white mana sources to consider), but it also leaves you a lot of other mana open to cast green spells etc. if you do have other things to do. And it has ridiculous synergy with your umbra deck. Double strike with a boar umbra? Gold.

  4. Last comment I promise:

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  5. Pretty sure the Kor Spirit dancer is hanging with an Eland, a Hyena, and Mammoth to fit the whole white totem them.

  6. Student is definitely better than the knight. 3/3 swinging on turn 2 or three is tough for a lot of decks to deal with, and in the late game with an umbra he can get insane.

  7. In match 3 game 1, you could have won if you played the second invoker instead of leaving up guard hound. Either way you were dying to a spell, so leaving up guard hound doesn’t accomplish very much. Then you would have had a second invoker to activate after he threatened the first.

  8. @RRD – Preeeeety sure I know that, but I don’t care, it’s something to watch before tomorrow.

    Anyways, threaten on a full lvl’d Student + Distortion stirke = Holy balls

  9. OUCH. the red/blue kiln fiend deck had a party with those traitorous instinct’s.

    So sweet, thanks heaps for the draft,
    really fun

  10. Awesome video’s…how could any other site compete with free material like this?

    Answer: They can’t

    Keep up the amazing work channel fireball crew! 🙂

    p.s. Making humerous comments during the draft made it more entertaining, I think you was just thinkin out loud though…whatever the case, it was good stuff

  11. If I remember correctly, and i can’t watch the video right now due to poor internet connection so you guys may be correct entirely, but I wanted to keep Affa Guard hound up to avoid a Forked Bolt to kill both of my Invokers (can’t remember if we see one or not in the video since I can’t watch it)

    Gaurd hound would protect the Invoker from Staggershock and Spawning Breath as well. Again, I need to watch the video to make sure, so when i get back home on Sunday I will confirm or deny my “guess” here..

    Thanks for the feedback guys

  12. I like how you “weren’t willing to get 2 for 1ed that easily”, but then you played right into staggershock r3g1.

    Though it was hilarious when you explained how you having no removal in your deck is bad against his aggressive start

  13. Round 1 Game 2, I think the right play turn 3 is to drop Predator #1 then sack two spawn and tap Treespeaker to play Predator #2. The only thing you really want to keep spawn around for is Gelatinous Genesis, and having out two 3/3s on turn 3 puts him on a pretty fast clock.

    Round 3 Game 1, you definitely should have played the second Invoker instead of Affa Guard Hound. If he has Staggershock or Spawning Breath that turn then you’re dead anyway to an 8/2 Kiln Fiend. If he has Forked Bolt on the next turn, then you could still keep Guard Hound up for protection (except that he plays Spy Patrol, but you don’t know that yet).

    Aside from that nitpicking, though, these were well-played, well thought-out games. Thanks!

  14. In game 1 match 3 on the turn you played the invoker and waited with the guard hound (playing it on their turn), I probably would have played both invokers instead. It allows you to still use the invoker ability the turn after if he removed it someway. It also would have saved you in the last moments of that game.

  15. Thanks for the draft, I really enjoyed it. Very clear reasoning and no insults at other players’ skill when they make ‘odd’ (or even plain wrong) choices, which is something I am very happy about. I hate people mocking inexperienced/weak players. Pointing out mistakes, however, is of course very welcome because that is a big and important part of the vid series. I just wanted to mention I’m happy you’re not a jerk about it =)

    I agree in retrospect with not leveling the Student of Warfare, but I had also forgotten about the Threaten+Distortion Strike line of play. Painful!

    Like LSV says, when in doubt, take the rare. It’s good to play with rares in drafts because when you get to a ‘real’ tournament you have some experience with the cards.
    For example, I’m pretty sure you can now far more accurately tell the power level of Kor Spiritdancer and Student of Warfare. And because you were awesome enough to post it, so can we 😀

    Thanks again for the vids, please keep them going!

    ps. I sort of like Luminous Wake. It’s like a 3-mana ‘gain 4 life’ guard duty on any creature with power <5. Doesn’t seem so bad to me.

  16. For the third match first game, where you left up mana for Affa Guard hound. I don’t know why you didn’t just play both invokers.
    It seems that your griffin could effectively block his threat (merfolk) without the help of the hound and you would have protected yourself from losing if one of your invokers was killed.

    Am I missing something?

  17. Yeah, I was about to say the same thing, leaving up the guard hound makes little sense since you are only playing around like, akoum boulderfoot or something since you were dead to any instant or sorcery anyway. So basically you can play the second dawnglare invoker to play around either him drawing a removal spell in turns after that one, which he basically did, or playing around akoum boulderfoot, and the removal spell seems more likely.

  18. Match 3 game 1 you should have played the gelatinous genesis instead of the griffin. You’re getting in for 1 damage……. the genesis gives you 3 3/3’s which is extremely potent when you’re at 8 mana next turn with wildheart invoker out. Instead it sat in your hand all game wishing it had been played sooner. It would have won you the game several turns faster and you never would have had to worry about the misplay of playing one or both dawnglare invokers. As for the traitorous instinct winning.. I think that is why it is important to watch the replays. Knowing he has that in his deck would have allowed you to play around it (not attacking with the griffin). It decreases the clock by 1 turn but it also gives him fewer outs; tough call for sure though.

    I love the videos though! Keep up the great work!

  19. M3G1 I also think playing Gelatinous Genesis for 3 3/3’s would’ve been better than playing Griffin. Seeing how he heat ray’ed the Spiritdancer it would seem unlikely he would be able to deal with 3 3/3’s + Wildheart Invoker with your 8 mana next turn. It also gives you a better chance of racing Kiln Fiend as well.

  20. I think that sometimes you pros get too easily locked into a hive mentality. I am, of course, referring to the first pick “Flame Slash”. That was a silly mistake born of habit and narrow-mindedness. You should have taken the “Boar Umbra”.

    The problem is that a lot of people watch these draft videos and want to be just like you and LSV so they all jump on the black and red removal. So, common sense dictates that you’re probably not going to get anymore black and red removal beyond the first pick.

    I think you MTG pros need to make more of an effort to think outside the box.
    Thanks for the video.

  21. You insulted the guard gomazoa by calling it dormant gomazoa. He demands an apology. On a more constructive point Lumonous Wake can wreck the kiln fiend deck if you put it on kiln fiend, then again his wasnt a true kiln fiend deck in the first place so it was probably the right call.

  22. Thanks for posting this! I actually prefer watching your videos to playing myself. Keep it up!

  23. that blue red kiln fiend deck that you faced last is really good. I draft it all the time. You could have had an amazing deck if you dedicated to it early. Try it. that deck is amazing and green and white are both overdrafted.

  24. Thomas, I don’t agree with you. Flame slash is highly splashable; boar umbra is not.

    Conley – There’s absolutely no question on the griffin vs. genesis play that you should have played genesis for three. You mention that it can win the game later, but backed up by active wildheart invoker you would be untapping with it could have won you the game at three; furthermore, with his very early distortion strike and your lack of removal, you have reason to think he might have the combo online and you could need to win ASAP.

    Thanks for the content!

  25. @ Thomas:

    I think that is incorrect. Just now I drafted a removal heavy (2 stagger shock, 1 vendetta, 1 heat ray, 1 flame slash) grixis deck in an 8-4 queue and got to the finals (then split with a grixis mirror), so that doesn’t mean drafting red/black doesn’t work.

    Even if what you say is true, flame slash fits in multiple archtype. It is perfectly fine in RB tokens, GR ramp, even UR distortion strike welcomes flame slash. Whereas if you pick Boar umbra it is only at its best in an aggressive green deck, which personally I think is weaker than the green ramp decks. And for ramp decks, I would like a flame slash over a boar umbra (since the deck mostly concerns about holding off aggro decks and going to late game).

  26. Also, “there’s no reason to level up student” before combat?

    There most certainly is. Eel Umbra on Emrakul’s Hatcher is a sick blowout you have no answer to and could very easily have played around.

  27. @Thomas: So you say, that he should skip the best cards in the packs and hope to make it to the finals with a mediocre deck and hope that people copy his card choices so that he gets better cards in the non recorded drafts?

    All the people that are familiar with the draft format have a clear pick order as well and will question his decisions, especially if it doesn’t work out well for him in the recorded games. The loss of credibility + respect just wouldn’t be worth it.

  28. “Match 3 game 1 you should have played the gelatinous genesis instead of the griffin. You're getting in for 1 damage"¦"¦. the genesis gives you 3 3/3's which is extremely potent when you're at 8 mana next turn with wildheart invoker out. Instead it sat in your hand all game wishing it had been played sooner. It would have won you the game several turns faster and you never would have had to worry about the misplay of playing one or both dawnglare invokers.”

    So true, I cringed when he played the griffin. It was extremely greedy to wait for genesis.

    Also, not playing invoker #2 was an obvious mistake. I’m so glad the guy topdecked the miracle to win it, making both of these errors relevant. Hurray for getting punished for mistakes, as i always do.

    Otherwise I thought the draft was great and very informative. I’ve never considered GW umbra deck, but I liked the approach and learned a lot. In P1P3 when he picked boar umbra over growth spasm I threw up in my mouth because I always go for the Jund Ramp approach with green, but i like how it panned out for him. Aside from R3, G1 a great draft and video. Thanks a lot

  29. It’s not healthy to take lethal damage Conley. A competent player could play around unblockable 7/4 double strikes.

  30. After M2G1, you should have boarded out the Guard Hound rather than Luminous Wake. It’s gotten its primary utility, and for the rest of the match you can bluff it with impunity, making it almost as powerful. You also rid your deck of a clunky card that’ll only work once, as well as being a vanilla 2/2 post casting, and although it does trade with [card]Dread Drone[/card] and [card]Null Champion[/card], it doesn’t with [card]Zulaport Enforcer[/card], but by the same token you guarantee value from Luminous Wake; Guard Hound could very easily be a dead card now that your opponent knows about it.

    Seems to me of one of the most common mistakes- looking at your deck vs your opponents’ deck, and don’t forget to sideboard out the right card just because it positively impacted the last game. It can still be the weakest card in your deck for this matchup.

  31. Match 3 game 1 seems like it was played a little loose.

    i think the turn 3 situation was a little more in depth than you gave it credit for because realistically there are 4 cards that matter there and they weren’t really analyzed it was just “man hope he doesn’t have something”

    Cards that matter:
    1. staggershock
    2. regress
    3. heat ray
    4. deprive

    I’d say the most likely play from his part is to staggershock in that scenario, and in which case your play was not optimal. Get 2 for 1ed in your line while 2 for 2ed and -2 life in umbra line

    If he has the regress you don’t really lose a lot, although I’d say it’s the second most likely response and probably the worst for the umbra line as he gets a 1 for 1 and relevant tempo gain.

    The heat ray probably shouldn’t have been used on your 0/2 donk in your line, and because he did you just got insane value from his misplay. With the umbra line you get 2 for 2ed and you lose tempo. Also gets rid of a pretty relevant removal spell, and while still bad for you compared to staggershock way more acceptable.

    Deprive pretty irrelevant, if he has it and uses it on either pretty far ahead.

    If he has nothing and you umbra you have a huge threat, while treespeaker was a minimal threat comparatively that turn. In the end your line ended up being the most optimal because of what he had and how he used it, but I think it was still a misplay.

    Turn 5 was just incorrect no question. I understand your analysis of genesis being how you are winning that game, however the board position you put yourself into after playing genesis that turn would have been significantly better. You allow yourself to race virtually anything he has (excluding distortion strike #2) and even his line of plays you wouldn’t have had to rip the momentous fall to live as you would’ve outraced it.

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  33. @Conley: If he had another sorcery you would be dead anyway so no reason to go around it. Maybe you were Faking a Repeal the Darkness but that’s the way you would act in any case so i don’t see your opponent not calling your bluff if he has another sorcery/instant holding it in his hand.

    I forgot to thank you for the video, it’s always good to talk about something if you want to know it better.

  34. Not playing the second Invoker because he might have removal for the Invoker is wrong since any removal besides Akoum Boulderfoot (seems unlikely in a kiln fiend deck)would have been an instant or sorcery, making his kiln fiend lethal anyway. However, if you held off on the second Invoker so you can play guard hound so you can safely block his Merfolk Sky Patrol if it attacks seems fine. Thanks for the videos. Please keep them coming.

  35. I was surprised to see you pass right over that Harmless Assault pack 3 without even mentioning it… surely it’s better than Gravity Well?

  36. Good draft I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. That last game is too bad though: “Maybe that’s a reason not to level up the Student.” I was cracking up! Thanks for the vids!

  37. the turn everyone wanted you to play gelatinous genesis i was thinking griffin + snake umbra. at least guaranteed a card every turn with the invoker activation. not saying that was right either but your griffin + getting in for 1 seemed strange when you had a lot of stuff to spend mana on in future turns.

  38. my pics:

    (about deathless angel) “she is so fat”

    makindi griffin+ snake umbra “at this point I dont really see a… ugh that’s annoying ” (opp casting a 1/5 spider.

    I think your opp got very lucky r3.

  39. “near mono-white doesn’t seem that exciting”

    Well… I won an 8-4 yesterday with mono-white.

    Of course, opening Gideon Pack 1 helped, but I forced mono white and ended up in a very defensive deck with multiple Wall of Omens and such. The best about it was, that I got some sick late picks in packs 2 and 3, like knight of cliff haven pick 6 and such.
    The deck ended up pretty good and I actually only played the Gideon in one game.

    I think white is better than most people give it credit for.

  40. You had Affa Guard Hound in hand at the end. Hold the Griffin back and block with it, killing the Adept…!

  41. Maybe this is a dumb idea but in M3 G1 the turn before you play momentous fall why not make a 6/6 ooze with genesis, so that you get the most out of it? Maybe that’s too slow? Thought it was an option to consider.

  42. @smeagol
    Its similar to ZZZ when everybody avoided green like the plague, then a few people started almost forcing monogreen and got tons of Timbermaw Larvas and Primal Bellows. The only difference is with white now, it really is hard to fit white into an archetype. Its two main features are auras and aggressive levelers. The auras obviously pair with green, but that aspect of green is weaker than the ramp/tokens part. And levelers go with blue, but you need to get a lot of Teachers or the good uncommons/rares like Time of Heroes. At first I tried RW walls, but the good white ones are uncommon in WoO and soulbound guardians, and it turned out warmongers chariots pretty bad.

    As far as gameplay goes in here, the less than optimal plays have been touched on by everyone. But its really just sad that you didnt consider playing the Gel Genesis for 3. You dont have to play fast just because its a video. Just think out loud when its a tough decision. You could either play a Griffin there, which you just felt was better. But you couldve done some math if you felt you had to race the Kiln Fiend. If you use your 7 mana to get 3 3/3s you have 13 power on the board with the Invoker. So next turn youd go to 10, get to play an 8th mana source and attack with everything. With an alpha strike and a pump, he takes 15 after blocking. Thats a lot. If he doesnt kill the invoker you easily have enough to kill him the next turn. That math literally takes 15 seconds to do and you can do it out loud for the video.

    In round 2, I wouldve taken out the Wake and the Spiritdancer for the Leaf Arrow and the Repel. Luminous Wake, as you said is the weakest, and without it the Spiritdancer probably has the greatest chance of doing nothing. Your deck was good enough that you didnt always need her in there to get lucky.

  43. @ Louis

    The two Xs in the casting cost represent the same variable, which means you have to pay the same amount. So if you spend 5 mana, you get 2 2/2s, for 7 you get 3 3/3s etc. Its not like one version of fireball, where the cc was XYR where you did X damage divided among Y targets.

  44. Whoaaa….m3g1 it seemed obvious to me that he had Staggershock for your 2 guys, I’m really surprised you played into it. I mean, it could be Heat Ray, but playing Treespeaker seems dangerous there. Not like you need the mana right away.

  45. @ Conley

    one more thing, youre reasoning of playing around forked bolt/spawning breath/staggershock is something you just came up with, not something you thought about while recording because you were worried about him having a spell which would kill you. While on the other hand, a card he could possibly have is Akoum Boulderfoot that wouldnt kill you but could kill an invoker. And your comment about not drawing a land being awk is pretty bad. The difference between 3 3/3s and 4 4/4s isnt that big. UR doesnt have a ton of 3 power guys to trade with the 3/3s and getting them out which wouldve been many turns earlier easily makes up for the extra 7 power on the board, and attacking just once with the 3/3s gives you more value than the extra guy.

  46. Your match 2 opponent was saaaalty. Good work as always Conley, you’re the man.

  47. @Conley: I was pretty worried when you decided to play the hound instead of invoker #2… you don’t need to worry about the forked bolt blowout because that just kills you, and it protects you from him having removal the turn after that. It would be pretty awkward to have to play invoker number 2 with like 6-7 mana up.

    Also, as to the value-of-white-in-ROE discussion, I’ve had some good success with RW. If you can get a couple of Knights of Cliffhaven, and a few good red removal spells, that’s usually enough to race a lot of decks.

    I’m no draft pro or anything, just my thoughts.

    Thanks for putting up these videos though, they are excellent.

  48. in match 3 game 1 i would’ve cast the genesis for 3 3/3s instead of the griffin as with invoker active the turn after it would allow you to win the game in very short order.

  49. I’m thinking the luminous wake was an important card to keep in round 3.

    obviously you want to side in leaf arrow but before even playing game 2 with limited removal it seems like an important way around distortion strike damage is to gain life. I don’t know that your deck has any other way around unblockable damage than to stay above lethal.

    maybe take out affa guard hound, thats not an easy pick to side out but never drawing the wake doesnt prove its better or worse than the hound.

  50. bad beats…

    Also, when people trash talk you like your round two opponent did, do you ever just say “Bitch, I’m Conley Woods. Shutchyo mouth”

  51. Beyond the double invoker and genesis suggestions, I too agree that keeping the wake for the kiln fiend and taking out the guard hound might have been a better move. No real removal beyond tapping, and the aura is needed for the spiritdancer anyway.

    No brainer on the student over the knight. They’re beastly early game if you even just play out two plains in a row.

    Thanks for the videos! Keep em up! I appreciated that you explained why you made some picks over others and how they fit together for a deck theme.

  52. Ah man, that comment about the Deathless Angel caught me way off guard, couldn’t stop laughing.

    I have nothing to say except for what the other commenters are beating the dead horse about. Double Invoker, etc. Good videos none the less, thanks!

  53. Damn, he won off the back of traitorous instinct. I would have played the second invoker game 1.

  54. g genesis for 3 over mankindi griffin versus a guard gomazoa and kil fiend wouldve been a better play and seemed like it wouldve done a lot more for you knowing what he had after the fact

  55. @CSeraph: Thanks for pointing out that Eel Umbra on Emrakul’s Hatcher is a reason to level the Student to max. I still think it’s a mistake to do so, since you’ve already seen one Traitorous Instinct and two Distortion Strikes game 1, but I’m glad you pointed it out. When I was watching the video I couldn’t think of any reason to level the Student to max until you had a way to deal with the Gormanzoa, but you found a reasonable one.

  56. I was wondering how he’d win with you at 20 and only 2mins left on the clock, I guess an unblockable 7/4 double striker will do that lol

  57. On the flame slash pick, for Thomas’ comment, MTGO tabulates the first pack first pick cards taken for 8-4 winners. Heat Ray and Flame Slash are at the top of this list and not taking some of the best removal in the set would be a mistake. The pros take removal for a reason, just like everyone else should!

  58. Conley, I think I get why you’d want to post your videos now. You get back an incredible amount of feedback on your playing. It’s *got* to help improve your game.

    After going back and review Match 3, Game 1, I think it’s pretty clear Gelatinous genesis was the card to play.

    When I first watched the video, I didn’t think twice about his snap play of makindi griffin. Afterall, Genesis is almost always thought of as a late game card. Clearly that’s the place it took in Conley’s curve. And certainly 4 4/4’s or 5 5/5s are going to be an almost guaranteed win in a way that we don’t typically think of 3 3/3’s being.

    However, when it was clear his opponent was r/u kiln fiend, it should have been assumed the opponent had a distortion strike. If that’s the case, the 3 3/3’s would have allowed Conley to race really well. Especially since he would soon have mana to invoke with wildheart. Also, with out ANY removal, his only option *was* to race.

    I’d have to do the math to see if he would have won, but it was his best option, that’s for sure.

  59. i cant keep watching this draft…. f*ck that luck sack kid who top decked traitor’s instinct for both rounds.. i mean really?!?! the kids like, ‘oh im getting my ass beat and i should lose, but oh no! cant do that! i’ll just keep being the dirty douchebag i am and draw nuts vs conley…. seriously conley, that may have not irritated you and im usually not the type to get worked up over watching someone else. but that was serious b.s.

  60. As everyone has said, you punted M3G1. But overall, I thought it was pretty solid play and solid picks coming up with a pretty solid deck in one of the weaker archetypes. Also, whoever said Boar Umbra should be taken over Flame Slash is clueless.

  61. Hey, thanks for the great draft videos, Conley! I did see just a few things I might have done differently.

    By the time you picked the first Kozilek’s Predator, you were pretty solidly into green/white totem armor as an archetype, and you had no fatties to ramp into besides the 6 mana angel, nor spawn-loving cards like the Bramblesnap. The Spiritdancer and the rest of your deck all love the Hartebeest in that same pack, and are “meh” about the predator. I love Predator in a vaccuum, in a ramp deck, or in a tokens deck, but in an aura deck I think he doesn’t do much.

    Also game 3, round 2 when you played out the Wildheart Invoker before the griffon. It’s only making a difference of swinging in for 3 a turn vs. 2, and that’s if nothing signficant changes. I like baiting out removal with the griffin there, since late game when you hit 8 mana the Wildheart Invoker makes you win (hopefully) and the griffin doesn’t. If he was smart enough to hold back the flame slash a turn you’re not much worse off, but if he’d nailed the griffin it leaves you better off.

    No shame in not seeing the Traitorous Instinct + Distortion Strike play and playing around it – I think very few people would have thought that through in advance. I have learned the hard way to play around traitorous instinct in any situation where nothing else would save them, or just where you least expect it. On fairly high life, I swung in once with the untapper merfolk and a 7/3 null champion, taking him down from 16 to 7. Without thinking about it too much, I picked the champion to untap, as a 7/3 regenerating blocker is better than a 2/3 blocker normally. But that made his traitorous instinct lethal together with his two other guys swinging in, as I had no blocker. Had I untapped the merfolk, he can’t take the champion and alpha strike as I have a chump blocker still, and his two guys plus merfolk wouldn’t hit hard enough.

    RoE gives more challenging play decisions than about any set I’ve drafted. I once had two Lust for War put on my guys, and realized one turn too late that casting Guard Duty on my own man would have gotten me the win!

    Looking forward to your next draft video, keep up the great work!

  62. Not sure if this was said before as I’m not inclined to read through 70-something comments, but anyway during I belive it was game 1 of match 3, you play 1 invoker and keep open for guard hound. Why? the hound does nothing in that scenario, you dont need the toughness boost to block anything (you had good blocks without that). I was thinking you should play the 2nd invoker. Since your mana is going to be tied every turn from that point tapping his guys, why give him the out of drawing removal (or the card he drew at the end) to beat you?

    Thanks for the videos, very fun to watch!

  63. Is there any particular reason 346534534534 people always post the same comments? I’m just curious because I see it in every thread. Is the fifteenth repetition of the same question really relevant to anything? Is it really that hard to read the comments before posting one?

  64. Since this wasn’t commented on yet, the creatures hanging out with Kor Spiritdancer are a Mammoth, an Eland and a Hyena: the creatures that the three white totem-armor auras are based on.

    The more you know…

  65. @sparta: if it’s in his deck, that is perfectly legit play. his opponent also know it’s in there so he’s probably looking for it as an out. we all do it at some point, and sometimes that’s the highest level of play you can get, just trying to survive until a win con is drawn.

  66. I think the student was a fine pick over the flyer.

    Sure, that would have been a bit safer but you are pretty aggressive at that point so why not take the one-drop that can put early pressure.

  67. Game 2 Match 1, on turn 3 you automatically bash for one and play a predator. why wouldnt you just play 2 predators with a momentous fall in hand. that’s far superior, you have no use for eldrazi spawn in your deck.

  68. About to watch the matches, and I totally agree on 2/3rds of your controversial picks. Spiritdancer and Student I think are pretty easy picks just because they’re rares, so you’d rather take them to get a feel for them (especially since you took each of them over a _very_ similar card). However, I totally disagreed with Battlement over Guard Duty. 1) You have multiple cards that play nice with Auras 2) your deck is pretty aggressive with a bunch of cheap evasive guys and a few umbras to slap on them, but it’s not superaggressive and 3) you have NO removal.

    Your deck was shaping up very nicely, and to steal a page from PV’s book the other day, I feel you should be thinking “how am I going to lose games?” The Battlement helps you to power out your Fatty McAngel and Goo Parade, but most of your important cads cost 3 or less. Your biggest fear is that the opponent is going to slap down something you just can’t outrace, and Guard Duty is the best way to defend from that in your deck (GW having a dearth of true removal, plus hartebeast to tutor it). Plus then you can avoid playing trash like Luminous Wake. Blech. (that was an easy cut for Repel, or the other umbra if you felt you just needed to power up your Dancing Queen.) I realize it helps in a race…but you can’t outrace Annihilation.

  69. @ alex d he was looking for his win con? really?! that’s truly a pathetic answer… dont give me that bull lol. and i never said it wasn’t a legit play. i was upset for the sheer fact the kid shouldn’t have one that match, and you know im right.. he got lucky.. real lucky.. either way its not like the game was vs me. im over it. poor conley has to live with the scar hahahaha xD

  70. If you’re even upset over someone *else* losing a couple of games to their opponent getting lucky… You need to consider rethinking how you feel about this game. It is a game that combines luck and skill. Some portion of games will be determined by the luck part, rather than the skill part – it’s the nature of the beast in question. If it bothers you when that happens, maybe you’d be happier with a game that has a higher percentage skill factor and lower percentage luck.

    Also the word “game” is worth remembering here. Compare these two sentences as a perspective building excercise – they only differ in one word!

    “I lost that job because of some really bad luck.”

    “I lost that game because of some really bad luck.”

    How worked up is it worth getting over each of those? See the difference?

  71. Why does nobody get how good Momentous Fall is? That would have been my first pick by a lot. Card is unreal good, especially with Snap or Vampire, but even just when saccing something dumb like Stomper Cub almost guaranteedly wins the game, and gets extra crazy with Prey’s Vengeance (cannot even explain how many games I have . I was absolutely shocked when that thing WHEELED. WTF happened in this draft?

    Then r3 g1 – “not willing to get 2-1ed that easily” as you play Treespeaker open yourself up to getting 2-1ed by Staggershock regardless. Turned out right but your hand was such that you probably could have waited on all of it. I was also pretty confused by you not cycling Snake Umbra by putting it on Invoker before Momentous Falling. That gets you the extra life to survive random instant/sorcery that would kill you in the scenario you actually generated and wouldn’t kill you with the extra 1 life (such as RSpasm, Regress, Fleeting Distraction, Flame Slash, Brood Birthing etc.). After all that, you managed to survive g1 until his brutal topdeck regardless. Somehow, something inside me said “Justice”. The next game Instinct into Strike was quite the gotcha play. All in all, such a gross way to lose the finals. Sorry for the foul luck.

  72. Somehow, part of a sentence got cutoff from my previous post. That should have said “cannot even explain how many times I have rebounded Prey’s Vengeance on Ogre Sentry before casting Fall”

  73. So after watching the videos, yes I should have played Dawnglare Invoker M3G1 with the way the game played out, but I don’t think it was as cut and dry as it was made out to be in the comments.

    Remember that we are all going to be influenced by how the game plays out afterward. If my opponent does play a Boulderfoot there.. everyone is on these forums asking why I didn’t leave Guard hound open. In general I think the Invoker had higher E.V. to the situation, but it in no way was strictly better than leaving Guard Hound open.

    As for the Genesis play, that probably should have been played for 3, but it would have had a small impact too as he then played a second wall. If the game doesn’t come down to Invokers (which at the time it obviously does not look like it will) then the Genesis for 4 is almost certainly going to win us the game and is way more powerful than for 3. That said, with how early he played Strike, I should have known something was up and expected the game to be a shorter one.

  74. Also, for some reason, game 2 is missing from the match 3 videos… I won game 2 obviously. Don’t know what happened there.

  75. Seems like Luminous Wake would have been pretty solid against the round 3 opponent. He had pretty limited ways of actually damaging you and gaining 8 life off of just two wake attacks would have really limited his lethal options.

  76. Hindsight is 20/20 obv…

    I’d just point out that Conley had a chance at a (probably that) Traitorous instinct… Between the staggershock, flame slash and that traintourous, he could have had a great red splash.

    I used to hate threaten in RoE but as time has passed I’ve come to really respect that card as one of the few cards that can turn around / win games when no other card can.

  77. Agree w/ Mike. With no other pressure in the hand, it’s probably correct to sack two tokens and pump out another 3/3 on turn three. The game evolved into a tight race, and an extra three damage would’ve definitely made a difference, and the extra spawn just sat around. Not saying it’s going to play out like that every game or anything, but in your deck you’re probably going to be racing more often than ripping the genesis, and genesis for one less probably still wins, so sacking tokens seems like better EV.

  78. I’ve found Instinct to be just an incredible card and I always value it very highly. Even a Panic effect plus a 2/1 haste would be fine for 4 mana, but Instinct always seems to just end games on the spot.

  79. @ Dr.Cat- being ‘worked up’ was an overstatement. So dont give me some lecture on how i need to treat the game. Im perfectly fine with the way i handle it and i dont need to get angry or yell at my opponent .. Its not like i kicked my door in after Colney lost his match. lol I could seriously care less.. i just said, with disgust i might add, that his opponent was very lucky.. and it was b.s. so what?!?!? move on… go talk to your buddy, Dr. Phil and have him grade you on your assessment of the game and other people.. Like Conley said, he drew literally the only answer besides maybe all is dust to save his sorry ass.. which even then, looking at conley’s hand, still wouldn’t have saved him… chances on conley drawing a land and playing the next dawnglare invoker and being able to use his ability was very high. Any other jackass want to argue with me? Cause frankly im done listening to people gripe at me…

  80. Since his opponent didn’t do any mistakes and Conley did several gamebreaking ones it was kind of fair that he got to topdeck for the win.

    Not sure about levelling the student/keeping the griffin back, those are only misplays in hindsight when you knew what he was gonna do. Not playing GG for 3 and playing 2 invokers were mistakes that I caught right away when he did them. Also, it’s really weird that you side out Luminous Wake in the matchup where it is at its very best. If anything that is the matchup where you side it IN, and repel the darkness too. Just take out something marginal like Spiritdancer and Affa Guard Hound. If he doesn’t get to do his unblockable attacks he’s got no way to win.

  81. Just thought I’d toss out that 4 auras is pretty slim for running a Spiritdancer, and siding one out certainly doesn’t help. IMHO, commit to the auras and grab every decent one in your colors, especially Guard Duty, or don’t MB her.

  82. @sparta
    You think there’s maybe any possibility that he was actually sitting on the Instinct in at least one of the games, waiting until it really mattered?

    Nah! Yer prolly right. Please, ignore me and go on with your ranting.

  83. i don’t understand these assclowns that mouth off when they’re playing against lsv or conley or whoever else. yeah they aren’t real celebrities or anything but you’d think if you’re a geek playing magic online you’d at least know who the guys are that write for the biggest magic websites. guess someone has to be the fodder.

  84. @ One-Eyed Jack- maybe in game two.. but from how the game progressed i highly doubt he had it… i believe he drew into it… congrats for him.. are you done?

  85. @Thomas: You’re an idiot. I don’t want to waste my time saying more than that.

    @Conley: A few comments:

    1) P1P1 I think Heat Ray would have been correct. It’s true that it takes HR 5 mana to do what FS does for 1, but at the same time HR is an instant and HR scales. Knowing that the format is slow, HR will eventually be able to kill anything you’re worried about. FS, on the other hand, is a really good niche card but is sometimes just terrible because it doesn’t 2-for-1 totems and stuff like that.

    2) Your choice of Bramblesnap vs. Spiritdancer was an interesting one. Personally, I think Bramblesnap is more of a sure thing while you need to get a bit lucky to make KS work. I don’t think you got lucky enough. After playing with KS, what do you think the pick was, in retrospect?

  86. I’m interested in the Snap vs Dancer answer too. In my experience Snap has been the absolute stone nuts with Momentous Fall, and I would have “Snapped” it up in a heartbeat primarily for that reason.

  87. Yea, wasn’t a big fan of the Spiritdancer and would have rather had the Snap… It was just an experiment as I have never played with the dancer. Of course, with 5 or more Auras, the Dancer would probably be better, but it was worse in this case.

  88. I think you would have won g1 in the finals if you had played gelatinous genesis for 3 3/3s instead of makindi griffin.

    next round you would have 13 powers of attackers + invoker mana putting him in an even faster clock. He was offering a race that you could clearly win.

  89. “and, we’re taking approximately one million damage this turn.”

    this cracked my shit up.

  90. U/R I think is a very underated color combination for ROE. Were just used to pairing friendly colors togther but if you think about it people will relize draft decks like U/R levelers have acess to spells that solve most problems that U/W levelers get stomped by. Example is U/W leverls offen get crushed by invokers because most of the removal doesn’t actually get it off the field for good. Red in this set gives burn and offen various surprising ways to end a game. Not mention if you get a lord of shatter scull pass or brimsteon mage your miles ahead of what U/W levlers could do. I mean come on what he did with kill fiend was pretty awesome with distortion strike and bringing it back three low pick commons that deliver 20 damage in the course of the game. People need to get more creative with their builds theres

    I think your draft deck was awesome although your first opponents defintally made some play mistakes.

  91. Conley,

    did you consider taking the Spellblade p1p3? I find myself most successful with the Kiln Fiend deck, and you already have a Flame Slash, and you get a Fiend later on in the pack… What do you think of that option?

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