Channel Conley – ROE Draft #2

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  1. every day, when I return home from work at 12 AM, I eagerly sign on to this website giddy for an LSV draft video to play through my tv while I lay in bed.

    This will have to do, and is just as good.

  2. Wow, five seconds in and the sound quality is much better! Good job on fixing it!

  3. These videos have made Channel Fireball my go-to site for MTG.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Conley, bummer about losing to Gideon in the last around. At least count your blessings that you didn’t see this guy in the first round instead…

  5. Why were you attacking his Gideon for no profit when he was using the -2, not the +2?

  6. LSV is watching this going….abort the vendetta splash you just saw double lust for war!?!?!?

  7. I don’t like your second pick of Crusher over Hedron. You’re reasoning of “I need something to ramp into before I take Hedron” seems incorrect. You usually end up with something to ramp into as is evidenced by the Ulamog, Pelakka Wurm and the 2 other Crushers you passed up on.

  8. They could always perish the thought your Ulamog. The card seems pretty good vs. ramp.

  9. should kill the bloodthrone vampire with ulamog on the off chance he has traitorous instict.

  10. Unfortunately, Aura Finesse is actually completely terrible. I *wish* it dealt with Narcolepsy.

  11. Attacking Gideon regardless of the +2/-2 made me a little sad… but its OK, I love draft videos anyway!

    Also, lust for war would redirect to that Gideon… <_<

  12. I have a question: in the finals, round 1, why do you not attack with the Aura Gnarlid? You could begin profitably attacking with it after he guard duties your Ulamog, yet you keep him back, even after he plays another aura. It really does not make sense to me. That is at least 7 damage, right there, that can’t be blocked by all of his chumpers. While it did not end up mattering, it still seemed like the play.


  13. In the final round game 2 you kept swinging at gideon even though you didn’t have to..he kept using his -2 to kill your guys, not his +2

  14. Game 2 Vs Gideon. When he uses his -2 to kill your guys, you don’t have to attack gideon any more…..

  15. First game of the final match, I just wonder about not attacking with Gnarlid a couple times when it was unblockable. Was also thinking about possibly bringing in Pennon Blade to mise with gnarlid, but I am not very experienced. Just things I wondered. Thanks as always for the great content.

  16. Have you ever Drake Umbra’s Ulamog? Neither have I. So damn funny. Awesome videos, keep it up. Some constructed would be awesome too, you are renowned for weird decks and your ability to pilot them.

  17. It was only 2 turns! But yes.. I messed up there and went partly into autopilot. My apologies, although to be fair, I don’t think it matters much at all to the outcome.

    And yea, not sure why I didn’t attack with the Aura Gnarlid.. just didn’t pay attention I don’t think. I have no legit excuse. Still getting used to the play and talk modes, although I feel this one went a lot better than the last.

    I am not cherry picking these though, so don’t worry, there are some horrible things to come in future drafts including not blocking an 8 power guy while at 6 life lol. Its just a learning process for me that happens to be broadcast to a bunch of people.

    I recognized all the same mistakes you guys did on video of course but cannot come up with a reason I would have missed them in game. I am kind of learning the finer details of Modo while learning the video process so I am bound to make mistakes based on those facts on top of any normal things I would mess up.

    Just bear with me and hopefully recognize the improvement as it comes. Thanks for the feedback guys!

  18. In match 3 game 1 why was attacking with aura gnarlid bad once he was a 4/4 into his ikiral and souls attendant? @4:10

  19. Wait, game 1 match 3, why aren’t you bashing with your 3/3 unblockable or your 4/4 unblockable gnarlid?

  20. ThePedestrian136

    Were you drunk during the finals!?!?!?!?!

    you missed 13 damage with Aura Gnarlid Game 1.

    You sided out an answer to gideon in Unified Will.

    You sided out potentially your best creature against Gideon in Aura Gnarlid.

    And you threw away 2 creatures to a gideon that had used its -2 ability.

    What the heck were you doing?

  21. Just wanted to say, I have always loved LSV drafts and he is one of the main reasons I continue to visit this site. I always wanted them to add more drafts from other great players and Conley definitely fits the bill!

    Great job on the draft and the sound quality is perfectly fine now. I can’t wait for the next one. I just wonder why it wasn’t posted till 11pm CST.. now I’m gonna be sleepy tomorrow at work ><

  22. I agree with Bill, you didnt need to attack gideon at all after the -2 ability. Also you missed that you could attack with your aura gnarlid without him being able to block in the first game last round.

  23. Thanks for the fast feedback in the comments. Best of luck with future drafts and look forward to your growth and in turn ours through watching and learning as well.

  24. In Round 3 Game 1 not attacking with the 4/4 Aura Gnarlid seemed bad, as did siding it out for game two.

  25. I see this has already been mentioned several times. That’s what I get for not refreshing after watching the videos I guess. Anyway, keep them coming.

  26. Btw, for extra clarification, the mistake of missing the Gnarlids increased P/T led directly to the mistake of siding it out.

    In my head, a single Aura in my deck made for a poor Gnarlid with his plethora of 2/2s

    Obviously I knew that Gnarlid got bigger from all Auras, but it must have been brain overload or something as in any normal game I would think I don’t miss that stat. I am hoping that with more of these videos, the commentating becomes second nature and the mistakes as a result go down.. LSV seemed to have followed the same pattern with his videos if you remember correctly, even at one point wanting to record after the fact. But I think this is a good experience and will keep chugging along with them.

    My skin is hard enough that I can take the embarrassment from a mistake or two 🙂

  27. Do you not know how aura gnarlid works? In game 1 of the finals, you didn’t attack when it was 3/3 due to guard duty and again when it was 4/4 due to bear umbra. In both cases it was unblockable since its power was greater than that of any untapped defender. It wouldn’t have won you the game, but still.

  28. Just saw that a different Adam brought up the same thing, and you replied just as my post went up. Thanks for the honesty about the mistake. Much respect for putting these drafts up, warts and all. I know my drafts wouldn’t hold up to scrutiny nearly as well.

  29. I am sorry but my favorite part of these videos is always the little things they say when somebody they are playing made a bad move because they are so far ahead or when something bad happens and makes it even worse because they are so far behind. For example, in the finals at the end of the video he says a couple of things I like. “The good news is we killed a spawn” and “Ok, we’re back on Drake Umbra”. I just think these things are funny, lol.

    Anyways nice vid.

  30. Thanks for the video. I imagine it can be hard as hell to play while providing commentaries at the same time, so it’s understandable that mistakes happen.

  31. its just funny how 2 teachers can get througt to him in pack to after passing 3 knights of cliffhaven and a teacher to the left in pack 1 ^^

  32. Conley, does getting to watch yourself on video help your gameplay afterward? You seem to be saying that these are mistakes you’re surprised you made (and I’ll admit I was surprised to see you make them). I think it will be interesting to see if your play tightens noticeably while you’re making these videos.

  33. Hah, im indestructible. Maid me laugh hard:) Great video man, keep them comming. Sucks to lose against gideon, but thats usually what happens, though you put up a valiant effort:)

  34. Nice way to end the first half of game 1 in the finals. “Oh no, what am I talking about, I’m indestructible!” … “Woo!” I lol’d.

  35. Perhaps it would help to have a cocomentator, who points out your misplays and give u more time to think about your plays

  36. Well GJ on his on! It was quite interesting to watch. Keep up the good work Conley.

  37. I havent seen round 3 yet, but something tells me you should have attacked with the Aura Gnarlid!

    Anyway, thanks for putting up this video. Its interesting to see you drafting compared to LSV, since you have pretty different styles of approaching drafts. (Imo your picks are better 🙂 And yeah, you’ll get more comfortable recording after a while, its definately not second nature to be constantly talking about what youre doing and/or trying to entertain while playing competitively.

    Keep up the great work!

  38. Love the videos. It did seem like you hadn’t played much with aura gnarlid when I was yelling at the screen that it was ublockable. I guess you didn’t hear me…

  39. I am not here to advocate for UW levelers, but the deck was just thrown at your face in the earlt picks.

    Even insisting on Gu deck, you have to admit your blue was a little dry and in the end many decent black cards were coming (dread drones as I remember), at least they were better than 1 adept 1 umbra 1 unified will, and you HAD some black already, in the form of invoker, vendetta.

    I don’t know if I was brainwashed or something but I agree with 95% of LSV picks and 40% of yours =[

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  41. “My skin is hard enough that I can take the embarrassment from a mistake or two ”

    how can you say that when you clearly made THREE mistakes, at the very least?

    just kidding. The video is a lot better than last week and I hope they’ll get even better. Keep it up!

  42. Seems like white levelers were open (vindicator p1p3) I would have picked that. Just a quick footnote in my lunchbreak. 🙂

  43. I’ll watch just about any video CFB puts up here, but Conley, your attitude needs a bit of work. You keep a loose hand then start talking about your opponent’s bad keep? Then you think he’s slowrolling you on your upkeep? What if the guy had to get the door or phone or something? Relax a bit dude. Take a pointer from LSV and just chuckle when awkward or annoying things happen.

  44. after watching the playskill round 3, stick to constructed and your interesting decks conley. dear god. aura gnarlid g1. you suiciding to gideon g2. leave limited to lsv. if you ever t8 anything in limited ever, you should be dqed for obv cheating. thnx for the videos

  45. Thanks for the video, I’m glad that you fixed the sound quality. I suffered through your first one, but was glad that this one had no such technical errors.

    I too was a bit surprised by the number of mistakes in round three, but they’ve already been pointed out, so no need to harp on that.

    I was really shocked by your choice of aura gnarlid over a third wildheart invoker, and then simply passing the fourth invoker without even commenting. Then you talked about how you wanted more late game stuff to ramp into.

    I might suggest ranking Wildheart invoker a little higher in your draft picks, and aura gnarlid a little lower. She’s nuts early and nuts late. Or, if you take gnarlids high, to rank spider umbras higher instead of hoping that they’ll table.

    Similarly, I was sad to see you pass a pair of lust for wars, but I understand your reasoning on why (although, admittedly, they would have made the gnarlid a lot better).

    Hope to see more of these. They provide a great contrast to LSV’s videos. You can only learn so much from watching a perfect deck smash other guys, but seeing what works and what doesn’t really helps focus the mind on what to do better in the future.

    In short: thanks, these are appreciated,
    And CFB is quickly becoming the preferred site of everyone I know for great insight into limited.
    ~Tarnin / Lon-Pii

  46. Thanks for the videos, warts and all indeed. I’m sure most of us would have quite a few more mistakes in our drafts if we posted them.

  47. If you guys read previous post by Conley, you get your answer to the Aura Gnarlid question. Pay attention people – you are making the same mistake you fault Conley for.

  48. I wonder why no one ever plays gravity well. In a vacuum it suck, when you keep getting beat down by fliers, it seems pretty fracken good. Take out your adapt and the umbra, use the frost invoker for defense until you hit it, and win on superior card quality.

    Love the videos, but I never see anyone run it despite it usually being in the sideboard and against a flying opponent.

  49. Wow, only saw first round so far and this guy played terrible lol

    Thanks for the videos, keep them going! 🙂

  50. Keep ’em coming, Conley. These are great.

    For those whining about the vids – they are free. FREE. Sheesh.

  51. LOL U ATKED INTO GIDEON!!11 n00b

    Do each of you honestly think you are the very first person to notice that he did not attack with the Gnarlid or attacked into Gideon when he did not need to? If it were a play where it was debatable as to what he should have done it’d be one thing but seriously… If all you have to say is a comment that was posted 32 times before you, shut your pie hole.

  52. Thanks for the video by the way, I really like the U/G archetype… It is one that I have not seen getting a whole lot of play until recently.

  53. Any thought on boarding in the Lay Bare for the Unified Will in the finals? After countering his Gideon in g1 he might have played around Will and you could have caught him with the Lay Bare. I realize that it would be terrible except for countering a Gideon but since you have pretty much no other answers to it I would have at least considered it.

  54. I appreciate the time and effort you put into these videos and I would love to see some constructed videos from you Conley.

  55. I don’t think this has been pointed out, but your in the finals basically had the game on lock down and he wasted it. The following being the case:

    Dawnglare Invoker with Bear Umbra on it. The opponent choses to attack into his field and trades the umbra for a Frostwind invoker. If, instead he just passes the following happens:

    Next turn he is sitting on 4 mana and a Dawnglare Invoker. Attack with dawnglare, tap your lands in response to the bear trigger, bear trigger, re-tap lands, pay 8 to tap down all defenders. Now he is no a 4 turn clock assuming you literally play nothing including lands.

  56. Yea that was why I was so quick to block there.. although to be fair, dawnglare invoker on your own turn isnt the most exciting. Still, he shouldn’t have attacked, or put the Umbra on another guy instead.

  57. That could’ve gone very very very very wrong when you didn’t shoot his Bloodthrone Vampire instead. For all you know the last card in his hand could’ve been a Traitorous Instinct.. and there goes your Ulamog and you sac 4 permanents. Of course he didn’t have it, but he could’ve.

    Just because you’re commenting at the same time doesn’t mean you need to auto pilot to those comments. It’s okay to tank if you need to, we don’t waiting a few seconds for your next move if it means you play better.

  58. Amen to fshort.

    Thanks for the vids, Conley. So much better with the sound fixed, but a tad more volume would be a bonus for those of us watching on crappy laptop speakers. Not sure what the deal is with the video and audio being out of sync, but it happens in LSV’s vids, too. Not a big deal, just a little awkward at times hearing commentary on stuff that’s not on the screen yet.

    Anyway, great draft. Your picks are certainly different from what I would have made, but there’s no question which of us has better credentials, and it certainly worked. Can’t pin your opponent drafting Gideon on any failure on your part, though there is something to be said about boarding out your best answers.

  59. It also made more sense to just lose two guys and trade with Gideon and hope you draw Land Crusher, Vendetta, or Pelakka Wurm. If Gideon stays on board you’re worse off because his draws can actually affect if you kill Gideon later in the game, whereas your only sure-fire opportunity is when you could’ve pumped your spider.

  60. Great draft Conley, only things I would have to dispute were the aura gnarlid pick over the wavewatch, and then in deckbuilding when you choose to play spider umbra over pennon blade.

    The thing is though at the time you were very open to getting more gnarlids, imagine if all of those wavewatchs were gnarlids, could go either way.

  61. As bad as I played and as bad a matchup as it was… it woulda been positive EV lol

  62. Very nice, Conley.

    Thank you a lot for those. And mistakes are here to be corrected, so it’s a hot seat you’ve chosen. 🙂

  63. LOL, I just love how people keep flipping out about attacking Gideon those two times and about the Gnarlid regardless of the fact that Conley just keeps apologising for it.

    Although, I gotta admit I was basically screaming at the screen “ATTACK with that biatch, ATTACK!” every time the cursor got in the vicinity of the Gnarlid.

    Cool draft anyway. Losing to a Mythic is tough, but hey… tell that to the guys that lost to your Ulamog. 😀

  64. Thanks for the draft! It’s a shame so many Magic players lack tact and are quick to add only negative comments. Please don’t let them dissuade you from producing future video material. Videos are so enjoyable and are very valuable to the improvement of any viewer’s game (even the haters).

    I certainly would like to second the notion that you take a little more time to think through plays during the games. Not only would this help you catch little things, it would also give the viewer some time to consider plays. Personally, I like to try to think of the optimal plays, and sometimes you move so fast that it’s not really possible unless I liberally use the pause button. Of course, slowing down might not mesh with your play style, but if you think ‘twould be possible, it might be a good idea to consider.

    As a final note, your accent reminds me of Bill Murray in Caddyshack, which is not a bad thing. Thanks again for the draft!

  65. I loved your comment “My skin is hard enough that I can take the embarrassment from a mistake or two.” And I’m glad you have that perspective on things. I watch the draft vids and read the draft articles more for the draft part than the gameplay part, and I love the insight on why certain cards were chosen and why certain cards weren’t chosen.

    I am really looking forward to seeing more videos, and hopefully the mistakes get weeded out quickly as commentating becomes second nature to you. Good luck!

  66. Very nice of u to admit the mistakes and don’t ignore the comments 🙂
    so bad luck with the evolving wilds in last draw ; /
    as for picking knights it’s like “i ll get the card that i believe is better for the time being” not picking the knight, next round is “i should have taken the knight”, next round is “i should have taken the knights” and so on ;P not something u can plan ahead + it’s strange that the previous guy didn’t pick em himself 🙂

  67. Nice improvement over the last video! Of course some mistakes will happen while you narrate live, but if you guys commented afterwards I think much of the charm would be lost. Coming back to respond to the comment is bonus.

    Keep the videos coming! This is my top MtG site for sure, thanks ChannelFireball!

  68. Very nice draft, glad you’re talking is actually audible this time around!

    do want more

  69. Don’t do you guys think it’s messed up that Conley has to appologize for his misplays?

    Conley, you have given us all an awesome video and owed no critics any appologies. Keep up the good works and contributions to our community.

  70. Conley rocks. period. ‘Cause when he’s learning, I’m learning. I’ve always wanted to see Spider Umbra maindecked, and this was the perfect time after passing all those white flyers, and with an Aura Gnarlid.

  71. How come the people I play in 4-3-2-2’s are usually a lot better than Conley’s first round opponent here? I should play 8-4’s maybe…

  72. wheel of armageddon

    Match 3, games 2: “Really? Did that just happen?” made me lol, irl.

    Thanks for the video, it’s great to hear your thought process throughout the draft. Keep them coming and don’t sweat the mistakes!

  73. He doesn’t have to apologize for his mistakes, only acknowledge them, so that people will not think he did some weird smart play that they don’t understand.

  74. You do realize that the last part of round 3 game 3 (5:47), you were attacking into Gideon when you didn’t have to? He used his -2 Destroy tapped creature ability, 2 turns in a row and you were still attacking into Gideon when you never “forced” to, while getting rid of Gideon is top priority, your opponent had a 2/6 Ikiral waiting for your Bramblesnap.

    I’m not complaining at all, just trying to point something out that maybe was missed. It really takes alot of courage to post your draft/picks, thoughts, etc.

    Thanks for the video, and look forward to more.

  75. Yeah, uhhhh, Conley, did you get that memo? It’s just we’re putting new Aura Gnarlids on all the TPS reports before they go out now. So if you could go ahead and try to remember to do that from now on, that’d be great. All right!

  76. the dawnglade-invoker-mistake-coment really made my day. 🙂

    the finals opponent really is one that I’d like to have when he does not open that gideon…

    the attack on gideon when he killed the predator was OK – it would have resulted in a dead gideon, if conley drew another land. or if the other guy kept playing like he did before.

    btw: after passing 3 knights I knew what he was meeting in the final… even though white is not the color to be in with ROE, the knights are pretty rough if played correctly. or played wrong in combination with a gideon.

  77. Loved the draft vids, thanks a lot for sharing them.

    The sound was indeed a lot better. The Gideon and Aura Gnarlid things have been mentioned a few times, so I’ll let them slide.

    Thanks again for the vids, keep it up (but win :D)!

  78. Every time you drew Aura Gnarlid, Halimar Wavewatch would have been better. Gnarlid is a good card when you have a lot of auras, but Wavewatch is better in a vacuum, and it’s especially better when you don’t have any two-drops. I think the deck would have been better if you’d gone for a straight ramp build instead of this aggro/ramp hybrid.

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