Channel Conley – ROE Draft #1

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  1. You should really get the audio fixed before posting this (or have Mr Conley do a new one asap with decent audio. 10 seconds in and I gave up. Sorry. (and I was excited about a new draft vid too!)

  2. Theres no audio problem thats Conley’s real voice. It’s just a auto-tuned robot made in LSV’s garage.

  3. for those who can’t see the video here go to channelfireball channel on you tube, worked for me

  4. I don’t know what was worse, the audio or the picks themselves.

    I can’t believe anyone would force a tri-colored archetype on pick one.

    You had the option to go for an artisan and leave yourself open, leading to a staggershock or beastbreaker 2nd pick.

    Then the “i don’t want two null champions” and slamming a pathrazer? I threw up a bit in my mouth.

    I never thought I’d be disappointed to see more insight on drafting ROTE, but I feel this video actually hindered my ability to play magic in general.

  5. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this since tuesday when I heard about Conleys draft on Monday Night Magic. Can’t wait to get of work and look at this draft.

  6. I agree with hipster full heartedly maybe not the throwing up part *although I understand what he means*

    the audio wasnt the worst once you get used to it but i’d prefer you fixed it if possible then again it is free and nice to watch i just dont understand why you’d go for a three color deck in ROTE,

    Plus why not aura narlid over last kiss and dreamstone hedron or at least acknowledge the card.

    also whats wrong with null champion, is a 4/2 all that bad on turn three?? or does he just not compare too a pathrazor?

  7. Wow, that’s unwatchable.

    Next time have little more patience before posting this low (sound) quality video. The good thing about these draft videos is that you can learn why they make the picks they make in a reasonable tempo, not how your brain hurts trying to figure out what he’s saying.

    So looking forward to the next video by Conley, but not watching this garbage!

  8. how to make the pro tour:
    mainphase your removal vs. a deck with umbras
    tap out, then attack your 3/3 zulaport enforcers into pelakka wurms

  9. My apologies for the audio quality. the new videos will be an improvement. I had some trouble with the mic settings.

    As for the criticism regarding picks. This seems a little out of hand. I am allowed to have preferences and something like p1p1 Vendetta over Artisan does not seem crazy to me at all.

    The Zulaport Enforcer attack was a misclick as noted in the video. Commentating while playing takes some getting used to and as this was my first video you can understand that I was focused on discussing the game states and subconsciously attacked there or something.

    I don’t think Aura Gnarlid is comparable to those other 2 cards with the picks I already have. Gnarlid is fine of course, but I really just want removal and card advantage with 2 early removal spells. Not to mention I just passed Beastbreaker.

    Null Champion is good, but in this type of deck you want a pure finisher meaning Null Champion is not doing much until it becomes a Skeletal Wurm anyway. Pathrazer is a card that gets no love but if you watch the videos, he clearly pulls his weight when your willing to think outside the box a little and hire him for the job.

    You guys should know me by now though. i am not going to follow a traditional path which should be a better thing anyway. Having Me and Luis draft the same way would get redundant. Differing opinions on things should be more helpful as a whole. Thanks for the constructive feedback where there is some though guys. New video will be better sound!

  10. gullarackistanovitch

    Thanks for the video conley! The audio was so garbled though that i just turned it down for the most part and watched the plays. I would love if you could get a new one out soon with fixed audio.

  11. Good god, and here I thought we were trying to encourage more draft videos.
    But those stupidly negative comments will probably just discourage Conley from doing any more.

    That aside, what is wrong with using pathrazer as a finisher? Have any of you actually tried him? You know, put him in a deck with the intent of using him as a finisher? I have, and he is almost unstoppable, far better than most others.

    Keep up the good work Conley, and don’t let the whining of the others dissuade you.

  12. Thanks for another great draft video!

    These videos are immensely helpful, and aside from the audio snafu in this particular draft, fun to watch too.

    I always enjoy the “thinking out loud” stuff , as it gives a bit more insight into the mind of a player that is better than me, and really helps me understand certain plays more clearly.

    Also, I think it is great to have different drafters doing videos, as it is great to get to see the different strategies used by different players, and how they visualize the game in a multitude of ways.

    Here’s looking forward to more from Conley!

    P.S. Maybe even PV, Web, Wrapter, TSG, or any of the other stablemates in the future? :):)

  13. For those who cant load the video, just go on youtube and search “channelfireball” then choose the videos, worked for me.

  14. Thx Conley, the more of these drafts, the better.

    I can understand that some misplays can happen if you do this video thing for the first time. But indeed I say you used often removal in your main phase, is it not just better to do it on their turn? Also with the active echo mage, it might just be better, as when he plays a removal or other instant / sorcery you can double copy it as well.
    Pathrager is indeed a fine finisher. I didn’t pay much attention on it in the past, but once beaten up by this one you know how good he can be.

    Your first opponent was obv quite bad, made some strange choices. What I learned is that you could kill the halimar wavewatch with the totem armor (crab umbra) by first doing 2 damage, and then giving it -4/-4. Is the damage then not removed by the armor once it would get destroyed? Because actually he dies to the 2 damage given earlier, as it is still a 0/2 creature. So this is some interesting flaw (?) of the totem armor I was not aware of. Or do I miss something?

    OK, thx again, keep up this work.

  15. Hey Conley, I haven’t watched even all of the first video yet but the audio is definitely bearable and I’m excited to watch a draft video. That being said, I feel like you put yourself in an archetype too early and didn’t give yourself options. Such as the pick of Dreamstone Hedron over Last Kiss, we really don’t know that we’re going to be a deck with late game at this point, so I feel like the removal spell would’ve been correct.

  16. Yea if y’all want more videos, less comment hate is in order.

    There’s alot of reasons why main phase removal is a good call. Haven’t seen all the videos yet but emerge unscathed, regress and pumps come to mind.

  17. Sorry about anything, but I could barely hear anything, so I can’t understand the explanation about some picks. I know I know I know the thing about the sound but this video is still pretty watchable.

    In MY opinion I would go some grixis wall deck in those early picks. All you have to do later is to evaluate fixers higher. I saw Saito draft a pretty decent BR wall deck on his blog, which makes my point stronger, as I think that Grixis Wall is a real arquetype. Not to mention a recent article from Tom Ross.

    Thank you Conley Woods.

  18. @ Hipster – I have to laugh pretty hard at your appraisal of Conley. Enjoy throwing up in your mouth instead of learning about a format which you clearly don’t understand.

    “Why would anyone go for a 3 color archetype in ROE?”

    Obvious tell of someone who just started drafting in zendikar and thinks they’re hot stuff now. 3 color is totally worth the card quality in most of the ROE archetypes. Grixis and Jund are the best ROE archetypes, and while they can be 2 color, there isn’t much incentive not to be in three.

    Play the format before you make fun of pro players.

  19. Match 3 Game 1 was epic! Unfortunately, your opponent had more answers and more gas than you both times. Enjoyable draft.

  20. Thank you for your video, Conley. Don’t worry about the sound, we know you’re doing a great job.

    Anyway, about the draft, I think you have had some mistakes. First of all, I don’t think a three color deck without any kind of fixers would work any time. You need at least a cuple of Sea Gate Oracles, that you didn’t have.

    Your deck in general is very weak, but you were lucky becouse your two first opponents made enough mistakes to compense it.

    Your worst mistake was to tap your only mountain to cast a See Beyond, while you had Shaggershock in hand. If you had not tapped the mountain, you would be able to cast the red spell when your opponent was trying to attach the Snake Umbra on his creature, making a 2 for 1, and leaving another copy of Shaggershok (at you next unkeep) for opponent’s face.

    Of course, attacking with the Zulaport was another, but I think it was a missclick.

    See you on next drafts

  21. Sounds like Conley is doing a transmission from the other side of the moon or something, but I’m happy with the prospect of more drafts to watch. Keep it up!

  22. Vendetta over Artisan is fairly obvious. I’ve played Artisan as a finisher, and been happy with it, but I’ve also had it sit in my hand as a dead card for a whole game. You don’t want to see Artisan early.

    Please, guys, keep passing me Vendettas. I find UB/UR/URB make up a large percentage of the decks I make finals with.

    (As far as playing 3 colours goes, if you can pick up a couple of Evolving Wilds/Prophetic Prisms, it’s not only doable but advantageous).

    I’d have been tempted by Last Kiss over Dreamstone Hedron, but I can see arguments for both.

    I don’t understand Arrogant Bloodlord over Battle-Rattle Shaman – the second’s pretty good in a tokens deck, and you’re in BR, and if you’re thinking Grixis lines the double B seems tough to make early. It’s a better blocker though I guess.

    Usually if I’m going Grixis I pick Fleeting Distraction over Distortion Strike – it cantrips for U, which makes it a reasonable 23rd card, and is okay to see again with Surreal Memoir/Mnemonic Wall.

    The Cleaver’s actually worked on occasion really well for me in Grixis decks with Emrakul’s Hatcher. It turns every spawn token into a 5/1 threat, and if you can arrange to have some spawn lying around late game it can give the opponent fits. Also reasonable with evasion or even making Oracles worth something.

    Pack 2 I didn’t understand why you picked Zulaport Enforcer over Skywatcher Adept. I’ve generally had reasonable results with the Adept, particularly against decks that don’t have much anti-flyer game, and Enforcer’s always seemed a bit underwhelming to me as it can’t really get through until it’s had 13 mana spent on it, but I haven’t really played with it much.

    Not picking up any Lay Bares/Deprives seemed awkward. If they play something like Artisan against you late game, having countermagic saves a lot of pain.

    Bad luck with the mana-fixing, bit of a shame there.

    Thanks very much for the draft videos. Please don’t be put off by the haters.

  23. I can see forcing an archtype early. It can lead to some awkward or at least sketchy decks at times. But it can also pay dividends at times also.

    Thanks for the Draft Videos Conley. The sound wasn’t terrible.

    Complaining about something free just seems ridiculous to me. Honestly… Do people have nothing better to do than try to grow their e-peens and feel like they are better than other people on the internet?

    Hope to see more. This site impresses me with the amount of content they give for free.

  24. OUTSTANDING!!!! I am so happy to to see another guy posting drafts.

    Thanks guys keep em coming.

  25. Never let conley talk EVER AGAIN.
    “uhhh im going to take this
    UMMMMM maybe ill do this”.

    Seriously.. i couldnt take it and turned off the sound after 6 minutes. he starts every sentence with an insanely loud “UMMMM”.

  26. xXxBretWeedxXx

    I don’t mind forcing an archetype to some extent but when you are passed a Beastbreaker it’s a clear signal that Green is open, 2nd pick or not. Green is the most manipulative color in RoE, if not the best and having it open from your right is the best position to be in. You got killed in the finals by the deck you should have had.

    That combined with a few other choices that would have bitten someone with less luck on their side (game 1 not dealing with the Matrixed Hartebeast that could have gotten distortion striked for the win) using removal in your main phase when its more likely they’d get two for 1ed than have an answer. Then a few misclicks that could have been more detrimental made this draft painful to watch for more than just poor audio quality.

  27. You guys are nuts.. getting passed Staggershock is not only a better signal than Beastbreaker, but its a better cards.

  28. @Wishthink

    and how about LSV doing the same thing exactly?

    Ok people stop watching draft vids because they make ‘hmmmm’ too much >.>

  29. i don’t get the hating. yeah the vader voice isn’t great, but reading the comments first i was expecting a lot worse.

    keep up the videos

  30. I think I actually got worse at Magic after watching this.

    Which is pretty difficult, because I’m already pretty bad.

  31. Awesome stuff, Conley. Haters gonna hate and all that, but other than the audio issues these were great, and I’m sure you’ll get those fixed.

    Looks like these are going to complement LSV’s videos very well- this was a deck I just can’t see him drafting but you had pretty good success with it and it’s nice to get a different perspective.

  32. Thanks for the FREE draft video Conley….I definately had some twist and turns in my stomach watching you make picks that “I” wouldn’t have made but dude…seriously…Pathrazor for the induce despair everytime you needed it was AWESOME!!!! I was like “what the !?” I would’a picked the foil Induce Despair and then I bet the Pathrazor woulda wheeled back to you, but man o man you did great. Now for the Enforcer into the Wurm I’m glad you stated it was a misclick (I wasn’t able to hear anything in audio) and was like “Not my boy Conley attacking into Wurm after putting the Narco on it!!!!!” Thanks a lot and keep it up….as for you haters…Deuces


  33. Thanks for the video Conley. Please don’t listen to all of these haters. I would love to see more videos from you!

  34. Hi Conlet,

    Glad to see you posting draft videos. Please, please come back from the Mariana Trench.

    First pack, first pick I’m taking vendetta over artisan every day. Artisan ties you to a ramp strategy from the get go while vendetta will fit any deck that can even spalsh for black.

    I’m a little confused of the dreastone choice. You clearly want to go three colour control and I feel removal is at premium even if it’s from the second tier.

    I prefer frostwind over dread drone for the evasion and most of your guys are ground pounders. While the drone holdes things up a couple of turns the invoker offers pressure and meas to victory.

    Hope to see you post a video again soon

  35. Please post more draft vids Conley, and others! These are very enjoyable. Hopefully you’ll get the sound problems worked out, but other than that, great vids.

  36. Loving the draft videos, could be interesting to see multiple Channel Fireball players in the same drafts, would raise the consistency of your opponents too

  37. I thought this was brutal to watch and it had nothing to do with the audio. Im fine with every pick made except for Shrivel over Lay Bare, and I wouldve taken the Last Kiss over Hedron but its really close. I wouldve kept BR token options, taking Battle-Rattle over Bloodlord, as well as a defender deck in my mind, but still wouldve ended up in the Grixis control deck.

    I thought you made a ton of mistakes. I dont blame you for the Enforcer attack. You obviously autopiloted a lot of the games while focusing on discussing it, and Narcolepsy still can feel like a straight up Pacifism. But my biggest problem was how premature you continually used removal. It was like you were afraid of dropping below 20. Use you life as a resource a little. Its nice to have a deck with so much removal, but you dont have to run it out there just so you have a play. The benefit of being blue is if you pass the turn without doing anything, your opponent might think you have a counterspell. And since its instant removal, you can still use it end of turn if they dont advance their board. The worst that happens is you take 2-4 damage. Back to the counter subject, I felt you shouldve tried to bluff/represent Deprive a few times. You seemed to leave up BR every time you tapped down to 2. leave up UU once in awhile.

  38. People make mistakes, but watching them can’t make you any worse. Unless you’re dumb enough to not spot them and you’re just memorizing play style. But then you wouldn’t know they were mistakes, now would you?

    I for one appreciate seeing mistakes. Since everybody makes them I just try to learn from as many of them as I can, so keep the mistakes coming!

    I think the other big issue here is that it’s easy to critique a decision in a draft or a game after seeing what happens next. “You could have a sick x deck if you picked this card over that card.” Too bad there’s no way you can know that while actually drafting.

    I challenge anybody who is overly critical of these videos to put some of their own up so we can all see your mistakes and terrible picks.

    What I would really love to see though is some videos of Conley brewing up a deck. I’ve read all the theory, but it would be awesome to have a video talking about different card options for a deck being worked on. A series going through several steps of refining the deck after playtesting would be just unbeatable.

    That being said, I’ll happily watch pretty much any videos that are posted here. Just keep them coming. And thanks!

  39. I’ve been getting an (incredibly unhelpful, generic) error message all day; the videos are still up and viewable on Youtube, so maybe something’s wrong with the playlist itself?

  40. A lot of peeps are suggesting going to YouTube and searching Channel Fireball. I agree. Do that.
    Why aren’t you already subscribed? sheesh

  41. I think this is awesome! Yes, sound quality is awful, and yes, I couldn’t see the video and had to go to YouTube too, and yet this is still the BEST drafting instruction available, period.

    Conley drafts different than LSV, yet still pretty incredible, which is exactly what should be happening on this site. Whoever decided to hire him was brilliant.

    I’m sure the sound quality and video availability are going to be fine, and Conley is going to get better at commenting and playing at the same time (try it if you think it’s so easy, even LSV says he plays worse when he’s commenting and he’s been at this a while).

    Once a week is not going to be enough. Particularly with LSV falling down on the job this week (kidding, but getting through my workday is a lot easier with a draft to watch), we should be only encouraging this. Even Ochoa should step over to full-on video, it’s just a better format for this type of information and how long must he spend typing? Probably be a bit shaky on the mike at first too, but who cares?

  42. Even better, have Ochoa, LSV, and Conley all record the same draft from different spots at the table. That would be epic!

  43. The draft was flawless. As others have pointed out, if you keep your instant-speed removal up (no reason not to, you weren’t under pressure), you win match 3, game one. I’ll have to reconsider Eldrazi in my Grixis decks after seeing that Pathrazer do work.

  44. The sound wasn’t as bad as I expected. To be honest I’ve sat through a lot worse from players not even half as good…

    Liked it.
    *thumbs up*

  45. Thought this draft went pretty well (apart from the audio problems, obv) and I liked Conley’s style of drafting. PLEASE take Dave’s suggestion and give us a draft with LSV and Conley at different spots at the same table, that’d be amazing.

  46. (I posted earlier up in the chain, saying I hadn’t watched the videos, but there are many theoretical reasons for mainphase instant removal spells).

    Well, I watched the videos… there’s definitely some less than optimal plays. (Some of these have already been brought up, such as by Agus).

    Not talking about the egregious swing of the enforcer onto pelakka, a clear mind fart / punt.

    Tapping out of red, then tapping out at all vs a deck w umbras = bad idea, and you suffered b/c of this.

    The value of last kiss / staggershock obv go up when you can respond to an umbra. You could have had a chance at these 2for1 (or better w staggershock) but your lines of play didn’t allow for these.

    Given that half of the time you were revealing 11cc pathrazer to induce, I woulda def waited until the last second (combat blockers?) before casting it if at all possible.

    Looking forward to hearing more discussions on this, on Conley’s replies…
    Thanks for the video, enjoyed it.

    (ps – In no way am I implying or chastising Conley for his plays, we all play suboptimally every game, just bringing it up for ‘best practices /plays’ discussion).

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  48. 1. the sound quality gave me a bit of an headache, definitely requires improvement there.

    2. the play errors were disappointing, but understandable as it is your first live video recording.

    3. the drafting was just fine, and people such as Hipster who have problems with your picks need to learn the format themselves.

  49. Nice draft! Audio wasn’t great but I could understand what you were saying, and I’m not North American.

    The way in which some of the posters have reacted like spoilt nine year olds to these videos amazes me. Please ignore them until they grow up.

  50. Thanks for the vid and look forward to the next. Anyone who says that Artisan is a better 1st pick than Vendetta doesn’t understand Draft. I read that early in the comments and even though several people corrected him, I just had to echo them. If I saw one of my crew 1st pick an Artisan over almost any quality removal, let alone the best common removal in the set, I would tease them the whole night. Artisan is great around pick 6, and only if you’re in some sort of mana ramp/token deck.

    That said Conley, I feel you forced blue (and you said as much) but it looked like, to me, that there was a sick BR beatdown deck to be drafted. It’s very fast, with tons of removal and even has a solid late game.

    I really love this draft format, easly the best in years. Shame it’s ending in a couple weeks…

  51. Good work, enjoyed the video.

    I haven’t been particularly happy with solo gnarlid early, while he’s a solid card I don’t think he’s a card that forces you to go green, like kiln fiend if you don’t get the cards to support him he’s not that great.

    I personally would have been happy with three Null champions as they can get the job done. I can see how you are setting yourself up for a defensive control deck but Null Champ can just be so strong out of the gate. I think when I draft I like to keep my options open.

  52. He forced and it didn’t work out… I avoide forcing simply because the guy to your right could have opened Drana and the guy to the right of him could have opened Sphinx… work with what you have.

  53. OMG……………………………………………………………………. channel Conley

  54. Awesome video Conley! I personally got a lot out of it. It’s awesome to see a pro with a different style of play than everybody else draft. Once you get used to the audio it’s not terrible at all. I remember when nobody made draft videos, and how sucky it was. This is much better than not having a video.

  55. if you went into watching these without the expectation that conley was going to do things differently, then you either know absolutely nothing about conley.. or you’re an absolute moron…

    I’m going to go with the latter of those two options for most of you who sat here and talked a lot of trash… you’re the same kind of people that naysay a movie because it isn’t completely faithful to the book/novel/story etc…

    go in with the expectation that things are going to be different, take it for what its worth, and learn what you can… anything else is being intellectually dishonest to yourselves.. and wasting everyone else’s time

  56. “you need to be a token/ramp deck to play artisan”

    Jesus, stop acting like you know what you’re talking about.

    In case you weren’t watching Conley was casting pathrazer…

  57. Nice draft, I love Grixis in this format but PLEASE PLEASE stop casting instants as sorceries. There is a reason they have 2 different types of spells!

  58. Thanks for the draft Conley. Grixis walls is my favorite archetype, even if it isn’t the best.

  59. OK, LSV has lifted his monopoly on CFB draft videos!!! Open the flood gates and get the other CFB writers putting up draft vids gogogo! TY for the free draft vid content, I hope everyone that enjoys this site makes their online purchases through you.

  60. I think that you guys need to cut Conley some slack. Videos are hard to make, and I’m sure will improve over time. The sound quality will get fixed, and he will get used to talking while recording.

    As for how he drafts…well, like he said, having a bunch of people who draft the same doesn’t help. You can see what Conley does and figure out what you like or dislike about it, and learn from that.

  61. These people that question the picks i seriously would like so know how much they have drafted themselves,3 colours is great ive done it many times in ROE and with success

  62. Conley, glad to see that your taking a shot at filling the increased demand for video commentary draft. Much like Luis I expect that the videos will get better with time. Unfortunately he has set the quality bar pretty high and I’m used to his approach to commentary drat so I assume it will take a while to get used to your process.

    Keep at it, maybe one day you’ll have a sidekick (I recommend one of the guys from MNM) filling the role of TSG on your casts…

  63. Err, your copy-pasted video descriptions on match 3 still carry the “Channel LSV” brand, although the tags section doesn’t.

  64. Really enjoyed this vid (even with the poor sound). I really saw you focusing on an archetype that you favour and know. Obviously playing a deck you are familiar with is far superior to a deck you haven’t tested as much with.

    Please do another vid, Conley. I really appreciate a different perspective on this amazing format. Don’t let the haters get to you. Haters gonna hate.

    Thank you once more!

  65. Awesome video, great analysis and drafting. Looking forward to the next one with better audio

  66. Thanks for the vid. People cut him some slack I bet if most of you were suddenly drafting knowing that your picks, play and everything you said was going to be followed by hundreds or thousands of people it would probably not be your best work.

    Looking forward to the next one.

  67. Not the best draft, but whatever, no one plays perfect all the time. I think its a bit unreasonable to autoforce grixis when you get a first pick Vendetta 2nd pick Staggershock, but if its an archetype he’s MUCH more comfortable in then its not the worst thing in the world. I dont think his lines of play were optimal by any means, but regardless he gets props for putting a less than optimal draft up for us to view. Something like this should show ‘average’ players that Pros are human beings too, and sometimes decks just dont get there.

  68. Does it seem like that packs were trying to push him hard into kiln_fiend.dec and he didn’t get the memo? … did he pass four of them and a spell blade? Hindsight always 20/20; good picks Colney. Only place I really disagree is Pathrazer over Champion …

  69. Audio was so bad i couldn’t sit through the whole thing. Fix the sound and then it will be great to have another quality drafter doing vids.

  70. Thank you for the video, I learned a lot! Having to work while explaining it is very difficult to do. I think for a first attempt this was great! The audio was rough, but understandable and informational.

    I agree with what was said earlier. Game 1 of match 3 was great. Really blow for blow.

    I look forward to the next one Conley! Thank you!

  71. glad to see more draft vids…The picks all seemed very well explained, some plays seemed iffy but I’m guessing you just did not explain them in enough details.

    P.S. if audio gets screwed up again, can we please get subtitles?

  72. The audio wasn’t that bad, especially with headphones, but seriously fix it for next time. Bad beats though, G/B happens to be really solid in this format.

  73. dont listen to the haters conley we love you mate great draft fix your sound and keep em coming x

  74. could you have a couple people behind you playing vuvuzelas incessantly for the next ones? it may make it easier to listen to.

    otherwise, while i may not agree with the picks or the reasoning, it can’t be anything but a plus to have another point of view on drafting this format.

  75. I don’t get why everyone’s complaining about the picks, they’re all at least defensible. Just because you’ve watched LSV draft and Conleys not doing the exact same thing LSV would do doesn’t make it wrong.
    The audio really stunk, though. I hope there’s another video, and I hope it has much better audio.

  76. Ok for one, they mention the audio at the start, so why are people still complaining? Do you not respect the apology offered, instead you would rather disrespectfully complain? Why are you even commenting.

    Also, its not to see someone else at least trying a video. Yes, Conley has a different take. Yes, he even made play misclicks that lead to play mistakes. But honestly it shows that even pros are human. And he’s trying to offer people more of what most of us love, videos. Its a shame that so many of us seem to just love trolling the comments section more than enjoying the massive amount of insightful content we have here.

    I found this draft interesting and enjoyable to watch simply because it was so different than LSVs videos and even Ocho’s draft articles. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  77. Also just to comment on the main phase removal, Some of it was definitely a misplay, but most of it was to avoid combat tricks from his opponent, and I don’t think I saw more than one play, beyond the mis-clicks that were bad. I mean I guess he doesn’t talk as much as LSV about watching the replays of the other matches, so we don’t know how much he knows about what his opponent could have, but playing around tricks, especially if you know they exist, is pretty smart I though.

  78. This video never should have been published. The sound quality is just too low. I mean, just tell Conley, “Sorry man, learn to use your mike, and then make another video”. I would expect this from an amateur website, but not Channel Fire

  79. ravenousratsftw

    I have to admit that i didn’t read all of the comments. I did however make it through the whole draft video… sigh. There is so much emphasis on drafting a “deck” in this format. I sort of think that you split your deck into removal, ramp/romoval combo… I think you got really lucky having no fixers and never getting terribly mana screwed. I honestly was surprised that you got passed round one. Your opponent made so many horrible plays… your win conditions were so few… It is a testament to your playing ability that you did so well… or maybe that plus luck.

    I guess that see beyond is sort of a fixer…

  80. Cool,. another draft video! It would be cool if you, Luis, “The Ocho”, TSG, and other CF.com associates did an MTGO draft and made videos from each perspective.

  81. “Vendetta over Artisan is fairly obvious. I've played Artisan as a finisher, and been happy with it, but I've also had it sit in my hand as a dead card for a whole game. You don't want to see Artisan early.”

    Agreed, I would always pick Vendetta though I have to say Vendetta has been a dead card for me more often than I would like to admit. I’ve lost enough games because I couldn’t kill Drana, Guul Draz Assassin, or even Dread Drone with Vendetta.

  82. Why is everyone complaining about Free Content? The draft was fine. The audio will be fixed. Great Draft. Thank you again.

  83. wheel of armageddon

    So, let me get this straight. People complaining about the audio quality on a FREE draft video by a pro level player? Amazing…would you also like a free Time Walk?

    I would like to thank Conley for taking the time and making the effort to do this. His choices offer a different perspective and even though he made a few misclicks there was still a lot to learn from this video.

    I am definitely looking forward to more videos from this Rogue Drafter! Thanks again.

  84. (Haven’t watched the games yet, just the draft)

    I really liked this video; the sound wasn’t so bad for me, honestly. I’m curious though, because I would have gone a totally different direction in this draft. You seemed pretty set on the grixis archetype, but blue wasn’t exactly flowing, whereas you had some great signals to go for a more aggressive B/R tokens deck. You’re likely to get hit with good red in pack 3 and possibly pack 2 as well, whereas your only blue is going to come from pack 2. Did you consider going B/R instead of B/U/r at all? Hindsight is 20/20, but it seems it would have turned out much better.

  85. wow this is a lot of comments. All these questions about Conleys picks…Umm Im pretty sure hes pro. Literally. Anyway I liked it!

  86. Ok, I gave the video a second shot, and survived the bad audio.

    It is great to get insight into a different style of drafting, but MAN those were some intense games!

  87. Great video, Mr. Woods. Definitely enjoyed it despite the sound issues. I look forward to seeing more soon, although hopefully with a little better audio quality :p

    Thanks for putting this up

  88. Don’t understand the criticism over the mainphase removal. Nearly every time, it was to evade combat tricks like Deathless Angel’s ability or something similar. Tapping out against a deck with umbras may have been a mistake, but it’s hard to say.

  89. You need to clean up your audio.

    nice draft, if only to show how bad tri-colour with no fixing is. But aside from the messy deck and lack of win conditions your actual play was as expected excellent and you made the best of some bad situations, i dont like the way you held off using removal just because you wanted to use echo mage i dont really thing holding off winning the game is worth echo mages cool factor.

    in all a good gameplay video which made up for the draft, but y’know it does show people what kind of ruts you can get stuck in in a draft and how to identify them.

    looking forward to future drafts :p

  90. Hate to say it, but this was a very Level 2 quality draft. All the pros are calling G/x/x big stuff the best deck with B/R/x being the back up plan. So coming into the draft you say those are your preferences, shocker, and then proceed to force an average grixis deck. I don’t have a problem with the first two picks, but after that it got ugly. Gnarlid is sick and green was clearly open, why ignore it?

  91. @JB

    All the pros are NOT saying Gxx is the best deck.. PVDR for example says Grixis is the best deck on this site right here.

    And Gnarlid being sick? lol. I mean he is but that deck is ridiculously high variance which is exactly why the pro’s don’t really go for it that high. LSV has said this in his videos as has Ochoa in his drafts.

  92. Good draft conley, people are ragging on your deck/picks, but they forget that you still won 4 packs, which is a pretty good showing.

    The reason that i dislike going 3 colors in this format is that if there are a few other drafters going 3 color, you may find yourself with no prisms or wilds (as happened here). The manabase wasn’t too bad despite this.

    gnarlid IS sick. With so many of the creatures being 0 and 1 power walls/eldrazi tokens, even with no enchantments on the board, the gnarlid is a fine creature. Throw a narcolepsy or guard duty on their side and he’s more than fine. If they tap out, drop an umbra on him and hes a brute. Of course the deck has a “high variance” if you just go ahead and cast all your umbras like a moron (when they are keeping all their mana open and are holding induce despair or whatever).

  93. RE: sound quality

    Get yourself a nice headset with a boom mic. Then, the mic will be closer to your mouth so we can hear you. Also, the mic will be further from the keyboard/mouse and we will not hear you clicking.

  94. I have the utmost confidence that you will fix the audio problems.

    Commentary while playing is immensely difficult. To get to the level that LSV is at, you’ll have to practice quite a bit more.

    I’m going to tune in for every draft you post, because you are a fantastic player. New drafts are SUPER exciting. Congratulations on posting your first. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MORE!


  95. I enjoyed the videos. The sound didn’t bother me much. The main phase removal seemed a little strange though. It seemed like there were a couple times when Conley could have waited and made his opponent waste mana on leveling up or equipping something before removing it. Perhaps he was playing around something I missed (but that kind of thing should be pointed out in the commentary, right?).

  96. rak – The only variance I have seen with the Gnarlid is from good to unstoppable. He is never bad and often acts like a bomb, demanding an immediate answer or just killing the opponent.

    Doesn’t really matter though. What does matter is Conley ignoring a clear signal because the cards don’t match his preconceived notions of what goes in the “best” decks. This goes directly to what he was talking about in his last article. And yes, pretty much every pro is now talking about big G/x decks being the best archetype in Rise. There are always going to be exceptions, but that is the general opinion going around.

  97. what`s funny is that if lsv had made the very same picks conley had, noone would be complaining. i think his picks very fine (especially p1p1), but he did use removal prematurely a couple of times.

    in addition, the editor of this site should not even have conley allowed to upload a video with such a bad audio quality.

  98. Thanks for the videos, Conley. This video format is so much better than a written draft walkthrough. The audio wasn’t that bad when you got used to it (I still understood most of it even though English is a foreign language for me), and I’m sure it will be better the next time.

    A few comments:
    I would have picked the Null Champion over Pathrazer, especially because your deck had enough levelers at that point to warrant early-picking a Venerated Teacher, which is at its best in a UB deck with levelers. I also was slightly surprised when you included Pathrazer in the deck. I think an 11 mana spell needs more mana acceleration than two Dread Drones and a Dreamstone Hedron. You basically need to either flood somewhat or draw two of those three accelerants to be able to cast the eldrazi early enough, and I wouldn’t want to face those odds. Maybe with those Pawn of Ulamogs I might have considered maindecking him, but you didn’t even consider putting at least one Pawn in the deck. I think you got lucky when you could cast the Pathrazer that often.

    Your deck also ended up having a decent amount of removal without the red splash (and Forked Bolt is not that great against certain archetypes). Without a Prism/Evolving Wilds I would not have splashed the red cards as there were playable cards in the sideboard. Two mountains and two See Beyonds whiffs often enough that I would not want to risk it. Three mountains might have been a possibility but I think the deck needed at least 8 swamps and 8 islands, and 19 lands is too much.

    The main phasing of instant speed removal is much more acceptable than many above posters give credit for. First of all, if there is a 20 % chance that the opponent has the answer (Emerge Unscathed/Might of the Masses etc.), and a 30 % chance that he doesn’t have the answer but has an umbra, would you still want to risk it if you can 100 % kill the troublesome creature on your own turn while they’re tapped out? I understand that you can sometimes take a few damage and EOT the removal to see if there is something more threatening coming, but if the creature is an invoker or anything else that needs to be dealt with sooner or later, why not take it out when they’re tapped out.

    And regarding the umbra argument, do you guys really think anyone would play their umbra when facing untapped mana? That is just greedy thinking. In most situations I would rather pass the turn without doing anything than offer my opponent a 2-for-1 by playing an umbra. Only if that’s the only way to stabilize or win the game I would risk for it. And if the opponent does indeed pass the turn without playing any umbras, you’d need to EOT remove the guy anyway unless your plan is to keep mana open for your removal all the time in case he casts an umbra.

  99. Ah, forgot to mention about Aura Gnarlid. Yeah, it’s a very good card but ONLY in UG or GW. In GB or GR it’s playable but it can’t be picked very highly when drafting either of those archetypes. You must get at least 4-5 auras to make Aura Gnarlid a strong card, and green’s only playable common one is Snake Umbra. Spider Umbra is more of a sideboard card. Red and black don’t have playable common auras, but blue has Narcolepsy and Eel Umbra. White has Guard Duty and Hyena Umbra. There is no reason to pick an early Aura Gnarlid if your draft starts with Vendetta and Staggershock.

    And one more thing: p1p1 I couldn’t justify picking an Artisan of Kozilek over Vendetta (some poster wondered why Artisan did not get picked). While Artisan is a great finisher, there are plenty of options for finishers, but premium removal is a lot scarcer. If you have a finisher but not enough removal, it’s hard to survive long enough for your big mana spells to matter.

  100. seems like conley lost his last match to his own poor play, especially mainphasing/not leaving up removal against a deck full of umbras, as well as wasting mana to level up creatures when he had better options. In game two there was no reason to level up on turn three instead of playing see beyond. what does a 0/6 dodge against g/b that a 0/3 doesn’t dodge? couple that with the very poor mainphasing of game 1 that allowed his opponent to play multiple umbras and keep that 3/1 and you have the making of a loss to poor play. i also wonder why he didn’t bring in the pawns of ulamog for game 2 seeing as that g/b deck seems like the kind they would be most useful against. Honestly, if you’re not going to side them in against that match-up why did you even bother to draft them?

    i won’t hate on the various misclicks to carelessness in the previous rounds. those happen and perhaps he was distracted by the pressure of narrating his first video draft.

  101. “Don't understand the criticism over the mainphase removal. Nearly every time, it was to evade combat tricks like Deathless Angel's ability or something similar. Tapping out against a deck with umbras may have been a mistake, but it's hard to say.”

    He knew that the trick was an Umbra – he said he’d seen that in another draft. Even pro’s make mistakes – they get to be pros by acknowledging them and learning from them, not by getting all caught up in their own awesomeness.

    Might only wrecks him there if he has the Umbra as well, as the Staggershock will get the Invoker on the rebound. At that point in the game, you need to make sure to get the Invoker off the board.

  102. This was just horrible game play. Your decision making, unneeded risk taking, and just all around misplays were of no benefit. I will not be watching any of your future videos, where is LSV?!

  103. Not the greatest level of play but can’t blame him for that too much in a first draft video. It’s not like conley is known for his flawless play either but rather his innovative style.

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