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Monoblue Mill (Standard)

Today’s budget deck only requires 11 common, 16 uncommon, and 4 rare wildcards. This does assume you’ve unlocked the “Spellpower” starter deck through the new player experience, as we’ll be using a few common cards from that deck.

The gameplan for a dedicated mill deck is to run the opponent’s library out of cards to win the game. With the recent additions of Ruin Crab and Teferi’s Tutelage we have two repeatable mill engines that can help with that. Into the Story is the glue that holds the deck together, as it gives us a way to refuel on cards, while also being a great combo with Tutelage.

Merfolk Secretkeeper and Overwhelmed Apprentice are more cheap mill effects that we’re also happy to bounce back to our hand with Run Away Together. Alongside Into the Roil it gives the deck eight bounce spells to buy time. Besides the Scry 2 provided by Apprentice we also have Opt to help us find the cards we need. Our rare wildcards are spent on Maddening Cacophony, which is just an efficient mill card that can enable Into the Story by itself. Cacophony is not essential for the deck to function, but if you don’t plan to add a second color I would recommend it.

Ruin CrabInto the StoryTeferi's Tutelage


Mill decks can be weak against decks that make good use of a full graveyard. That’s why I would make sure to have a few copies of Soul-Guide Lantern in the 75. There aren’t any counterspells in the main, but they can certainly come in handy. A mix of Didn’t Say Please, Negate, Essence Scatter and Mystical Dispute can help you deal with must-counter threats. Shark Typhoon can also be useful when facing other blue decks, as it can make an uncounterable token while still drawing a card. Lullmage’s Domination is also a card that was close to making it into the main. It’s especially useful in the mirror, where you can steal opposing Ruin Crabs.

Soul-Guide LanternDidn't Say PleaseLullmage's Domination


There are a few ways to improve the deck. The most obvious one is by adding Fabled Passage to the manabase to enable Landfall twice on Ruin Crab. It’s not a strict upgrade over a basic land, as you’ll sometimes shuffle cards back that you scry’d to the bottom and it might come into play tapped in the early turns, when you want to be mana efficient. You can also consider adding black for the various Rogue synergies. This will require quite a few rares just for the manabase, so it’s not a very budget-friendly option.

Fabled PassageSoaring Thought-ThiefDrown in the Loch


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