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Boros Cycling

Today’s budget deck requires 26 common, 16 uncommon, and 5 rare wildcards. You don’t even need to have any of the starter decks unlocked. At the time of writing you can also play Ikoria Premier Drafts to obtain a lot of the commons and uncommons. 

The Boros cycling deck is one of the more competitive decks that can easily be built on a budget. An ideal draw starts out with a Flourishing Fox on the first turn. This is one of the main threats in the deck that can quickly get out of hand. Drannith Stinger is another creature that you often want to play out, as the incidental damage from cycling definitely adds up. Valiant Rescuer provides a steady stream of blockers, which can buy time to cycle more cards. Shredded Sails is a nice answer to the Legendary artifacts from the Gruul deck and can also deal with the Rogues from the popular Dimir deck. Zenith Flare is our big finish and can deal a ridiculous amount of damage in the late game once we have a full graveyard.

Cycling decks play a low land count because so many cards can be cycled away cheaply. Keeping a two land hand is par for the course and is preferred over hands with three or more lands. Outside of the cards mentioned above and an occasional Go for Blood used as removal, most cards will be cycled. While it might look strange to have uncastable cards in the deck we can cycle them away with any color of mana.

Zenith Flare

Our rare wildcards are mostly spent on improving the manabase. Needleverge Pathway is important for having those smooth curve-out draws, and will have many uses in future decks. We also get to play with Lurrus of the Dream-Den as our companion, which also has natural synergy with our cycling creatures. It gives the deck a nice tool in the late-game for the grindy matchups.


You don’t want to dilute the deck too much after sideboarding, since you need a critical mass of cycling cards for the deck to function. You mostly want to make room for cheap and impactful cards. Soul-Guide Lantern to fight opposing cycling decks or Escape synergies, Redcap Melee as a cheap answer for red creatures, and Fight as One as a way to protect our creatures from removal. More copies of Shredded Sails are also fine additions to the sideboard.

Soul-Guide Lantern


The main way to upgrade the cycling deck starts with the manabase. You can easily replace some Plains and Mountains with additional Pathways to sometimes cast your off-color cycling cards like Memory Leak and Startling Development (which works quite nicely with the +1/+1 counters on Flourishing Fox). This can also open up additional sideboard options. Shatterskull Smashing is another powerful multi-purpose land.

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