Monday Meta #24 The NEW New Standard (Bye Bye Omnath!)

In the wake of this morning’s bannings Martin and Mashi discuss the impact this will have on Standard and Historic and what the new metagames may look like. Plus thoughts on IDs, Organized Play and the Grand Finales!

Banned and Restricted announcement 

Standard Ban Reaction from LSV

2020 Season Grand Finals Decklists + Results

Deck Vault (Standard, Historic, Pioneer, Modern, Legacy, Limited Deck Guides)

CFB Clash Top8 Decklists

Kanisters Modern 4c Omnath Walkers Combo

  • 4:00 – Grannd Finale
  • 12:00 Gruul Adventures (New Standard)
  • 16:00 Standard Bans
  • 29:00 Historic Bans
  • 33:00 Historic Four-Color Midrange
  • 41:30 Dimir Rouges (New Standard)
  • 51:00 Four Color Omnath (Modern)
  • 55:00 Intentional Draws in Digital Magic
  • 58:00 The Current state of Organized Play

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