Monday Meta 17 -The New Historic Metagame

Another big shake up to the historic meta with Field of the Dead biting the dust! Mashi and Martin talk through what’s king of the hill in historic now, as well as the usual standard talk, and a quick discussion of the recently announced Supreme Draft on MTGO.
  • Historic Ban Reaction: 00:04:38
  • Historic Power Rankings: 00:08:24
  • Should Uro be banned?: 00:25:55
  • Future Standard Format & Michael Bonde’s Rakdos Aggro Deck: 00:34:37
  • Supreme Draft: 00:49:07

Ban Announcement

Redbull Untapped Standard International Qualifier 6

Michael Bonde’s Winning List

Standard Power Rankings

Historic Power Rankings + Ban Reaction

Deck Vault (Standard, Historic, Pioneer, Modern, Legacy, Limited Deck Guides)

Supreme Draft on Magic Online

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