Brainstorm Brewery #362: Call the SEC!

Corbin is gone but DJ and Jason and patron Jon are your native guides leading you through the new and exciting world of Pioneer, Magic’s newest non-rotating format. They discuss the cards to look for, cards to avoid, and the hidden gems.

Make sure to check us out on Youtube because everything is better with video. 

  • 01:11 Least Flashy Way to Make Money
  • 06:03 Ban List Announcement
  • 12:44 Breaking Bulk
  • 25:23 Pioneer Impact
  • 36:29 The Arena Affect
  • 39:06 Shandalar Speed Run Progress
  • 42:59 Hardest Achievement in Magic
  • 45:26 Call the SEC!
  • 57:10 Spicy Bet
  • 58:42 Pick of the Week

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