30 thoughts on “Two New Mirrodin Besieged Cards Spoiled!”

  1. I think you get these for playing an affiliated deck at the Gameday for Scars of Mirrodin. The best two players who played a Mirran deck get one of Peace Strider. Same with the Phyrexian players, only they get a Pierce Strider. A deck is called “affiliated” if you have 10 cards of a certain side in your 60. It doesn`t count if you have 10 random cards in your sideboard. 😉

  2. Who says it´s a cycle?
    It might just be those two, kind of make me think about Absorb and Undermine 😀

  3. It looks like its simply 2 versions of the same card for Phyrexia and Mirran. My gut says that there will be more cards with the same name but a slightly different effect in Besieged.

    It’s definately odd, never before have two cards with different effects had the same name (thus fall under the same “only 4 copies of” rule), but it will definately open up some more design space.

    On a mildly related note, their both awful, the Phyrexian one slightly less so, but still pretty bad.

  4. Ok ignore my comment, I misread the names, they aren’t the same.

    Dammit, was seeming what I wanted to see (fun new design space) instead of what was there (2 bad cards)

  5. It’d be pretty sweet if the Strider artworks connected. The new ChannelFireball.com design sucks:)

  6. I would guess this isn’t a cycle, but just a mirrored Phyrexian/Mirran thing. Probably there will be other 2-card “cycles” in the set.

  7. Why did they make these have the same casting cost? Much as I’d love to see a Constructed environment where Peace Strider was played and Pierce Strider wasn’t, I just can’t imagine it. (Of course, it takes quite a bit of imagination to envision a Constructed environment where Pierce Strider sees play, but not nearly so much.)

    Honestly, I think I’d have liked it more if Pierce took 5 to cast. Better for limited that way (and still probably the better card).

  8. This is a move by Wizards to get everyone speculating early on what the next set is going to contain.

    There is another chance to see a few of those other FS cards in the set. Darksteel Garrison is supposed to be in one of them other two sets in the block. But whether they’ll be in is the question along with that Myr that was cut from Shards, and other colored artifi.

  9. Why do people think that pierce strider would be the one to see play in venser decks? Don’t get me wrong, neither are good enough to see constructed play, but a venser deck is not going to be aggressive, and it’s plan to win will be “survive until I blow you out with venser’s ultimate”, and so would much rather have the lifegain, if it had to choose between these.

  10. Why so much focus on Venser’s ultimate? Did you win more games with Elspeth’s ultimate, or with her +1 and -2? Do you win more games from Jace Mindsculptor’s ultimate, or from the bounce/brainstorm/fateseal trio? Venser’s ultimate is certainly backbreaking, but it’s also the ability of his you’re likely to play the least.

    Venser’s + ability is vigilance+bonus etbt effects+mana recovery for counters/combat tricks.
    Venser’s -1 ability makes your dudes unblockable.

    If you want a 5-mana weapon for a control deck, Baneslayer’s a lot faster. Venser is aggro.

  11. @ MB

    Undermine/Absorb where part of a cycle, the other 2 being mystic snake and suffocating blast. The cycle being counter spell + effect from that colour. Even the extra costs were roughly equivalent.

    That being said, pierce strider is going to be awesome in limited. Hill giants with essentially first turn unblockable haste will always be good.. Especially since no colour restrictions

  12. Don’t wizards realise that gaining life is USELESS in this game?
    Except for some random short lived Soul Sisters build, life gain cards should always have *at least* double the effect of the damage.

    I mean, these are obviously limited material, but I sometimes wonder who the hell designs these cards

  13. So you’re saying dropping a decent body and mitigating any beats you’ve already taken is useless? Loxodon Hierarch would like a word with you.

  14. So …

    Has anyone else noticed the Set symbol?

    I think it’s a great choice – blending the Mirran and Phyrexian watermarks into a single set symbol is extremely clever. Then again, anything that involves the Mask of Yawgmoth or the Mark of Phyrexia makes me tingly inside.

  15. @Joe

    Pierce Strider really is not a Flametongue Kavu at all; a huge component of Kavu’s usefulness is that he kills a CREATURE, often one with a converted mana cost greater than the Kavu itself. Getting a 4/2 creature in addition to a good removal spell that’s frankly already worth 4 mana is insane, and why the Kavu is so awesome.

    Kavu can’t even hit players anyway.

  16. For those of you that don’t seem to get it, the next set is a faction set. Mirran and Phyrexian. There probably won’t be a ‘red’ one. In fact there won’t be because these guys are colorless. The whole point of the lose/gain is showing the corrosion and repair of Mirrodin.

    Plus they are showing these two in order to get some excitement for the faction pre-release & release. These cards are obviously not designed for constructed, but rather sealed; where the pierce can do a lot of work in a deck that doesn’t otherwise contain direct damage. The Peace does really suck, but hey they always print some crappy ones as well as the unbelievable.

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