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  1. I may have read it wrong, but it looked like the titan’s they’re promoting are for Duels of the Planeswalker for PC and consoles. Is there any part of that that talked about reprinting the titan’s for M12? It might be my non-experience with DotP, or my own oversight, but I didn’t see what confirms their existence in the next core set.

  2. Either way, Primeval Titan will be a 15 dollar card when Valakut rotates.

    I’m actually not extremely excited despite this pretty meaningful news. Most of the Titans have lost their wow factor for me thanks to the ever present sword wielding friend.

  3. These are kits designed to encourage people who play DotP to play M:tG starting with M12. Part of the promotion involves giving players of DotP promotional titans. It wouldn’t make sense to print promo cards for new players that are no longer standard legal.

  4. While this doesn’t strictly say the Titans are part of M12, it would be unlike for them to give a promo to new prospects that isn’t a current card, nor to mismatch Magic 2012 and DotP 2012. So it’s a pretty good confirmation.

  5. They are only really confirming 3 of the titans. Sun Titan may be a little too much to stick around depending on what gets printed in the following sets, and Primeval may be pretty busted too. Both of those cards revolve around what you can build into them, rather than just having a big dude with an effect. Still, I hope I see a reprint of those.


    A different cycle would be awsome…and I want to be playing with baneslayer angel (as the domonate force) agian…


  8. Sounds perfectly acceptable to me. The Titans are great, and while very strong, they are not game breaking. The current Standard meta is proof enough that the format doesn’t have to revolve around them.

    And honestly, there’s always the $$ thing. I already spend a little fortune on block expansions. If I can save every other year on the Core Set because I already have most of the chase staples, I really don’t mind. Wizard will get my money anyway, just on other products.

  9. Wizards won’t reprint them just like they won’t reprint big jace; it will keep the metagame too stale. If they keep reprinting the same format dominating cards over and over again standard will never really change. Wizards doesn’t want this; they want an ever shifting format in order to get players exited about new cards and buy them.

  10. They are only giving out promos for the blue black and red titans. Even though valakut is rotating I really don’t want to see primeval titan in m12. Its time for green to do something else other than just ramping into a titan.

  11. First of all, not sure that solicitation is for the public to see. Secondly, that just confirms that Duels of the Planeswalkers in 2012 will have Titan promo cards, not that the Titans will be in M12.

  12. I don’t see how these cards could be in dotp 2012 and not in some current set. If not m12 then what? Innistrad? Not likely.

  13. I am a Tournament Organizer and they only send out DotP promos that will be in a current set. They are sending out Grave, Frost and Inferno but they WILL reprint Primeval and Sun Titan as well. They chose these 3 Titans because Sun Titan has already been a promo (M11 Prerelease) and giving away an expensive card like Primeval would piss off the people who paid $40 or more for it.

    That being said I agree with GT: Primeval will be about the same value as the other Titans once Valakut rotates out. Although Valakut decks are not dominating at the moment I still think Valakut itself should be banned since its only used in lame land based combo decks in standard and extended especially that are hard/impossible for some decks to battle.

  14. Ugh just ugh. Hooray for big stupid creatures ruining the game.


  15. They could just reprint the red, black and blue ones, then use new creatures for the White and Green slots.

  16. Umm we already know that they are printing a Jace in M12. Which one is anyones guess (Might be a new one). i have no idea how you inferred that from this though.

  17. “Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 will be part of the Magic 2012 promotional push this summer and is closely tied in theme and content with Magic: The Gathering – 2012 Core Set.”

    This is the part that confirms.

  18. I don’t know how to feel about a Titan-cycle reprint…on the one hand, sure, Titans are awesome. On the other, they are pretty meta-dominating and they hog a lot of mythic slots that could be spent on newer cards or nostalgic rare-to-mythic upgrades.

  19. The Titans were all great, even Primeval, it’s Valakut that was designed poorly. I’m just hoping we got some more quality multicolored permanents and mana fixing, Glissa and Tezzeret require fringe strategies and with glissa the mana is a nightmare.

    With Big Jace out of the picture, maybe it’s time for the return of the old Counterspell. Just in time for Lightning Bolt to rotate.

  20. @ everyone who cant read,

    Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 will be part of the Magic 2012 promotional push this summer and
    is closely tied in theme and content with Magic: The Gathering – 2012 Core Set

    that means that most of the contact on it will have M12 with some added cards

  21. again @ everyone who cant read,

    Wizards Play Network – Duels of the Planeswalkers
    2012 Promotion
    March 29 – November 30, 2011
    All kits will include:
    • Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 poster
    • Informational letter
    • Instruction sheet
    • Promo cards –
    o Xbox
    – Grave Titan
    o Playstation
    3 – Inferno Titan
    o Steam™
    (PC) – Frost Titan

  22. Duels of the Planeswalker decks are made up of legacy legal cards. I don’t think making a promo of the titans guarantees they will be in M12. Also, look at FNM promos. Sometimes they are standard legal, sometimes you get a wild nacatle a year after it rotates *shrug*

  23. Wow, the art looks pretty cool, especially Frost Titan. Kind of reminds me of Poseidon or something like that.

  24. Although I don’t like the Titans coming back, I’m not retarded when it comes to this game. Baneslayer got reprinted to a collective groan and what happened? They made cards that kicked the crap out of her without completely making her useless.

    Compare that to Elesh Norn and her (drumroll) 7 toughness. Having the Titans is fine as long as they aren’t as dominant as they were this past year.

  25. This in no way confirms that the Titan cycle will be reprinted. How many mytics does Wizards plan on reprinting in this core set? Why the hell would anyone buy this set if at least 8 of the Mythics are reprints? This article is non-sense.

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  27. I can see where this IMPLIES that the Titans might be in M12…but CONFIRMS is a little strong.

  28. The fact that Nissa Revane was the promo card for the original Duels of the Planeswalkers release, and she wasn’t reprinted in M11, completely invalidates the premise of this “article.”

  29. Nissa didn’t have to be reprinted in M11 because she was in ZEN and still legal. Garruk was the Xbox promo, and he was reprinted in M11. I’d love to see the Titans make a return.

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