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Magic: The Gathering and ProGuides Partner on Tutorial Videos

Jason Wilson at VentureBeat looks at yet another esports company moving into Magic.

Magic: The Gathering Artist Honors Beloved Deceased Cat In Latest Card Art

Scott Baird at TheGamer shows you how Chris Rahm made a card art based on his cat.

Five Mythic Championship London Predictions

Jim Davis at CoolStuffInc has some ideas about how the Mythic Championship will play out.

War of the Spark Instant-Speed Tricks

Sameer Merchant at MTGGoldfish has a cheatsheet for every trick in War of the Spark.

The Rebirth of Blue Midrange

Brian Braun-Duin at TCGPlayer explains why blue midrange is coming back in Standard.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

LSV’s Set Reviews for War of the Spark

They’re a little slower this season because of the prerelease Mythic Championship, but as much of a must-read as ever.

A Very Early Pick Order List for War of the Spark

Crush your first Draft of War of the Spark with Frank’s aggregate pick order list!

Legacy Cube | Channel PleasantKenobi

Jump into a Legacy Cube with PleasantKenobi!

Dreadhorde Invasion Is No Bitterblossom. It Doesn’t Have to Be.

It may not be Bitterblossom, but Dreadhorde Invasion is still one of the most promising cards from the new set.

Mono-Red Eldrazi – Legacy | Channel Mengucci

Here’s a spicy one: Andrea heads into a Legacy queue with a mono-red deck packing giant Eldrazi and disruptive lock elements.

What Are the Safest Cards to Unban in Modern?

Matt Nass and LSV discuss some of the most talked about candidates to unban in Modern.

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