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Feather, the Redeemed Revealed in MTG’s War of the Spark Spoilers

Bret Tarian at Daily Esports has a preview of Boros’s new 3-drop.

Praise the Dredge Gods

Raoul Zimmerman at AxionNow shows you how to play Dredge.

Jumping into Legacy

Goncalo Pinto at Hareruya talks about how to get your feet wet in Legacy.

War of the Spark Standard Highlights

Jeff Hoogland at CoolStuffInc looks at some of the newest cards… including some that haven’t even been spoiled yet.

Relic War III Old School 93-94 Coverage and Results

Jaco at Eternal Central has the down low on an Old School Tournament.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Magic TV: Top 8 White Weenies with Craig Wescoe

Mashi and PleasantKenobi sit down with the master of white aggro, Craig Wescoe, to rank the 8 greatest aggressive white creatures in Magic: The Gathering history!

Tomik, Distinguished Advokist in Legacy Death & Taxes

Taste it, Lands players.

Mythic Invitational and the Future of Best-of-One

Duo Standard offered a unique (if flawed) challenge for Mythic Invitational competitors.

Legacy Cube Draft | Channel LSV

Choose from among the most powerful cards in the history of Magic in the Legacy Cube with LSV!

Bilbao Braggings—The Full Story of Who Beats Whom in Modern

Tobi Henke gives his most comprehensive analysis of the Modern metagame yet, with the actual results from 1,600 of 1,615 players.

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