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Magic: The Gathering Shows its Hand, Details 2019 Esports Plans

David Hollingsworth at Esports Insider covers the new esports vision for MTG.

The History of ‘Magic: The Gathering’ in the Philippines

Inigo de Paulo at Rappler takes a look at the Magic scene in the Philippines.

Inside Nerd Culture at Solano State Prison

Joe Kirk at KALW talks about Magic and DnD in the Solano State Prison.

February 2019 Modern Metagame Analysis

Andreas Peterson at MTG Mint Card takes a look at how Modern is shaping up at the end of February.

Lands and Spells

Jeff Cunningham at TCGPlayer has an old-school tournament report from Vancouver.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Jund Warriors: A Guide to the Spiciest Aggro Deck at the Mythic Championship

Frank Karsten went into the Mythic Championship looking for an aggro deck packing a strong top end and 2-power 1-drops.

5 Cards to Watch at the Pauper MCQ at MagicFest LA

The Pauper Mythic Qualifier at MagicFest LA could be your invitation to the Mythic Championship. These 5 cards could give you an edge.

Red Runs It Down in Memphis

Red Midrange decks made a strong showing in Memphis—will they continue to perform in Cleveland?

Puzzle: No Land. No Library. No Problem.

Can you figure out how to punch through for enough to win this turn?

Temur Reclamation at the Mythic Championship

Pascal Maynard walks you through the list he played at the Mythic Championship, which trades Nexus of Fate for an Expansion/Explosion kill!

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