Team Fireball Gunslingers this Weekend in SJ

This Saturday January 29th at the Channelfireball Headquarters in San Jose we’ll be featuring four, that’s right four, team Fireball gunslingers for you to battle against in the format of your choice while at the largest Pre-Release for Mirrodin Besieged in Northern California.  Come play against Conley Woods, David “The Ocho” Ochoa, Josh Utter-Leyton, and Luis Scott-Vargas as you fight with the faction of your choice.  Which side of the war will be better to beat the pros with?  Come to San Jose this weekend to battle against or with Team Fireball

14 thoughts on “Team Fireball Gunslingers this Weekend in SJ”

  1. I wish Channel Fireball was down in OC area, don’t get me wrong I like my shop it would just be so much better for me as a player to play with the pros and have them there to help me get better. I think player talent is limited to who you play with. Glad I have some top rate players at my shop at the same time it is small and limited as to what I will see and play against. Would be awesome to attend an event like that at CFB for only a 10 minute drive instead of 6 hours.

  2. correction, david arbalest ochoa’s showing up.

    no one knows what happened to the other guy with all the nicknames.

  3. i wish i didn’t live in minnesota. Not only would it be one hell of a drive to san jose, but it is also goddamn freezing this time of year.

  4. LSV looks like he was trying to pass gas but realized he sharted himself instead. LOL. I wish I lived closer for this.

  5. Only the pic of Utter Leyton is in the CFB star called superstars, I wish Superstars had a refreshment stand besides vending machines.

  6. I wonder now how many Legacy and Extended requests LSV gets now opposed to the time we played a game of Paper Momir at the Alara Reborn Prerelease. Last time he confirmed that he got to the point where it was not worth the resources to bring them.

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