Scars of Mirrodin Pre-Release Card – Wurmcoil Engine

Wurmcoil Engine
Artifact Creature-Wurm
deathtouch, lifelink
when [cardname] go to graveyard from play, put a 3/3 artifact wurm token with deathtouch, and(might be ‘or’, the pic isn’t very clear) a 3/3 artifact wurm token with lifelink into play.

14 thoughts on “Scars of Mirrodin Pre-Release Card – Wurmcoil Engine”

  1. Hrmm, that’s pretty hard to judge. If it’s “and” the card is probably really good (assuming I can accelerate into artifacts easily enough). If it’s “or” the card seems kinda “meh”. Assuming it’s a mythic and because I like strong cards I’ll guess it’s “and” and this is a pretty neat card.

  2. Its probably and. If you think about it its a wurm, so if you chop it in half, it would till live, one half has death touch, the other lifelink. We shall see…

  3. I think “and” makes more sense personally. Five years ago I would have said or, but considering the president set by cards such as Sprouting Thrinax and Mitotic Slime, and the Mythic rarity, “and” seems more likely.

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  5. Its a good card, i think the real question is whether it can compete with the titan cycle, and it definitely might be able to if there is some playable artifact ramp in the set.

  6. woa. creatures are getting better.
    not that you have not gotten creatures that do more for the mana in the past (though those are recent like grave titan), but colourless? That is very impressive.

  7. With a few days of reflection and the definiative proof that it says “and” I have to admitt this card seems pretty bent. Bent enough that I’m going to enter the Pre-release 4 times if possible; I think he’s going to be THAT good come Standard Playin’ time.

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