16 thoughts on “PT Paris Judge Foils!”

  1. Apparently if you’re a judge, they want you to play faeries in extended. Which is fine I guess, or they just thought “if we can’t pay them, what promos can we print that they can sell for big $$ offsite? hmm…”. I think it’s time for judging to be a paid occupation, at least at the premier event level.

  2. @Harrison Hite If they paid judges, there’d be all sorts of tax paperwork, Visas, etc. that have to start getting filled out. It’s infinitely easier to just give them a bunch of product/promos that they can keep for themselves or turn into cash. The way they still get “paid,” but without all the annoying legal crap that goes on when you’re actually getting cash outright for your work. Of course it means the promos have to be high demand items (unlike the MPR and FNM ones), but WotC has a decent enough handle on what’s going to be hot when they commission the new art that this method works well enough.

  3. @Josh

    They’ll turn unplayable in Extended, sure, but that doesn’t stop them being powerful cards.

  4. Cryptic is a bad card for legacy, its an extended staple but bad in legacy. Bitterblossom may see somem agrinal legacy play, tho,.

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