31 thoughts on “New Phyrexia Release Card – Phyrexian Metamorph”

  1. They should’ve maken it be able to copy any permanent, being an artifact in addition to its other types. Would have utility as a planeswalker killer.

  2. @sam power
    It’s a clone that costs 1 less and hits things like SoFaF, Tumble Magnet, Living Weapons, Caged Sun, Hex Parasite, and most likely a lot of other shenaniganery forthcoming.

  3. @ Sam Power: That’s not just a Clone. That’s a (3) Converted Mana Cost spell that can copy ANY artifact or creature. Clone cost one mana more, can’t copy artifacts and must be used with blue mana. This is better in three different ways.

  4. This card will be NUTS! Valakut now officially has 8 Primeval Titans! The first comes down and you could “play another” for only 3 mana (well… and 2 life).

  5. @jeff – beast within. it’s a bit of an overstatement, calling it a vindicate, but it does nuke a permanent. also batteringram = most want to open mythic ever

  6. Apparently the entire set’s been leaked, can’t confirm but its pretty exciting. TSG get on it!

  7. @rideboarder999: Not at all, if Valakut resolves a Primeval Titan it doesn’t need to resolve another one while on the first is on the field. That’s nothing but win-more. This card will never see play in competitive Valakut lists.

  8. Justin Peters –

    In that case, they would probably just remove each other due to the legendary rule

  9. Yep the entire set is leaked.

    Some pretty cool cards and really cool flavour on cards, while most won’t care for that anyway.

    Really nice to see how they want to push “red infect / blue infect” a little more, as they dont have infect otherwise.

  10. oh god, if the full spoiler is true…. Torpor orb = one handedly killing primeval titan/stoneforge. It probably won’t be INSANE against stoneforge/hawk mostly as they can undercurve it, but its existence simply ends valakut. Sad because it kills eldrazi ramp in the same breath….

  11. @Biff: At the time this news post was posted, the set hadn’t been leaked yet, and besides that, they aren’t late at all. They already had an article with a visual spoiler of the set, and PV’s article had images of all of the cards they talked about, but for whatever reason the article has been removed and and the images are gone from PV’s article. I’ve seen both MTGSalvation and ChannelFireball cower in fear at the idea of WotC getting angry over them hosting the spoilers, but this fear is completely irrational – in the USA, where WotC and both sites are located, there are no laws being broken, and there are no contracts or agreements made with WotC that they might be breaking either.

  12. It was mentioned that this can copy artifacts, which is true, but tumble magnet, as well as a liquimetal coating and planeswalker combo, were examples given… well… it CAN but then promptly dies because it is a creature with 0 as its toughness. living weapons would prolly work, but non creature artifacts other then that would not in normal circumstances.

  13. Has no body thought of vintage? turn 1 of workshop copying anything you want is nuts. How about if your playing vault/key and you only have one of the combo and this card in hand against the mirror. This will stop people from simply playing out their own keys or vaults as much.

  14. I definitely see this as a power card, some notes

    -copies ETB effects
    -is a 3 mana clone/copy artifact combo (fixes the issue of playing clone on an empty board)
    -is always an artifact (tempered Steel, Tezzeret are the obvious benefits)
    -is a BLUE artifact, which means many interactions with Grand Architect, has legacy and vintage implications due to the playability of FOW and Tinker (Rhox War Monk sees legacy play due to being blue, for instance)
    -playable in every color

    I don’t see it as an always 4-of, but these are all powerful abilities, especially for decks that can tutor. Having 1 in a fauna shaman deck, as well as having multiple in artifact based decks seems reasonable.

  15. @Someguy While it’s true that they aren’t breaking laws, Wizards is also not required to do business with ChannelFireball. They could just blacklist them and then they’d be without product. It’s best to keep Wizards in ChannelFireball’s best interest.

  16. Steve, always 4, the CMC doesn’t change when alternate costs are used, so 4 even when on the stack and 2 life has been payed. Unless a spell has X the CMC doesn’t change, and with X, only when on the stack.

  17. “well… it CAN but then promptly dies because it is a creature with 0 as its toughness.”

    Actually no, it doesn’t work like that. if you target an artifact, it turns into the artifact. It ceases to be a creature at that point. Notice how it says it keeps the Artifact type but NOT the creature type when you make your copy?


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