New Commander Card Spoiled

25 thoughts on “New Commander Card Spoiled”

  1. In commander though, there will probably be at least one person without blockers who is safe to attack.

  2. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    Her name really bugs me. “Basandra?” They couldn’t come up with a more evocative and epic name to go with the title “Battle Seraph?”

  3. Cool, between this and Jor Kadeen they really seem to be pushing Boros Commander decks. Which is nice, since I don’t really like Razia or Brion as generals.

  4. I’m guessing it’s no larger than a 4/4, but it might be a 5/5 or as small as a 3/3, anyone know for certain?

  5. This isn’t a real one I don’t think due to the decks being three colored and she is only 2

  6. They have already spoiled Legends from the precons that are two colored. They just aren’t viable as the decks generals. I may be wrong but I think they might be making all the rare creature slots more legends. Or at least adding a min of one duel colored legend per deck.

  7. They already stated that each deck will have 3 of the wedge colored generals (the Planar Chaos dragon and 2 new ones) and 1 new enemy colored general.

    They have only spoiled 2 of the dual colored ones, and they are both extremely good.

  8. I didn’t think about it being just in the deck as for the enemy colored lendaries I haven’t heard anything about those sry

  9. WOW! these abilities seem useful in commander… not.

    (1.0 if its a 7/7. yeah right…)

  10. crappy angel are crap………. should just print firemane angel with haste and trample.

  11. I wish they’d let you force creatures to block too, would be a pretty interesting general then

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