7 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #6 – Power 9 Reprints (1/2)”

  1. What is the weather like in northern CA? It’s August, and you are wearing a sweater LSV. I am just curious. I Live in Texas and its like a billion degrees everyday. Enjoyed the show.

  2. The opening song is the dvd menu song for Fight Club. Is LSV the figment of every magic players dreams?
    “He thinks like you want to think. He plays like you want to play. He lucksacks like you want to lucksack.”

  3. Quote Fin:
    The opening song is the dvd menu song for Fight Club.

    No it isn’t… That song is called “Corporate World.” This song is different – you can look up “Corporate World” to verify :-p

  4. Love the show! The content is great, this is just some staging advise from a video production student:

    1) Dont film in a corner. And if a corner comes up (maybe you’re walking doing an interview and the subject pauses in front of a corner) center the angle of the corner directly behind somebody.

    2) Your foreground lighting is excellent. Using multiple angles is giving you that perfect light but it also gives you “clone shadows” or more than one shadow that moves with a person on screen. Consider a light behind the subjects to cast light directly on the wall, thus eliminating all the shadows no matter what direction they come from.

    3) Luis has less of this problem because he leans on the table but both of you will want to pay attention to your hands- specifically you will want to stop putting your hands below the table. Most anchors will keep a stack of paper and a pen on their desk even though they use a teleprompter just so they have something to play with on the desk. The hand is distracting when it re-enters the frame and who knows what it is doing off camera :-O

    4) Don’t forget that even though you are talking to eachother face to face you are REALLY talking to the camera. I like to have my subjects give me “90 degrees” of their attention meaning half their face can turn toward the other person but half their face must also face the camera. There are several times you both do this correctly during the video it is just something to practice to make more consistant.

    Hope you guys keep them coming and you really are doing great! It would definitely take a long longer to list the things you are doing right!

  5. If they do reprint power, it pretty much has to be the point idea, or the higher even number MPR idea. both of which i’m pretty cool with.

    A FTV:Power would be a 1000$ item. and wouldnt help anything. i asked about FTV:E and its already at 90$, which is way out of my price range, and a friend of mine and I were hoping to preorder one at the shown price on the wizards site for our cube.

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