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  1. I think TSG is right and that LSV is judging the mythic moniker to much by constructed play ability and the reaction of more competitively minded players. Like with the demon the mythic isn’t the power but the flavor, the flavor of THE big bad demon who you have to sacrifice your puny minions and your own lifeforce to summon from the twisting nethers.

  2. I couldn’t agree more about the watering down of mythics when printed too often. The difficulty comes in balancing that watering down effect with card price and desirability. I can only hope that Wizards has a desire to achieve this balance.

    LSV’s point about a reprint of Jace the Mind Sculptor is a perfect example of where Wizards did not attempt to achieve this balance. A reprinting of Jace would have been perfect in this set. It would not effect future standard as M11 Jace and Worldwake Jace would cycle out in similar times and it would have put Jace’s price range down to a reasonable level while not affecting his Mythic feel.

  3. Gaea´s Revenge… actually the card I´m most curious about, whether it might be a 2of or sth in some sort of deck.

  4. You guys forgot Gaea’s Revenge….which could be a Hit down the road if draw go somehow makes a return. Otherwise though, he’s “Myth”, or maybe a sideboard card against control once Elspeth rotates out.

    I would have like to hear your guys thoughts on Revenge though, shame you left it out.

  5. Another good video, basically what I thought of the mythics (especially the Grave > Primeval thing).

    on Gaea’s Revenge: I quite like the card as a one-of for Fauna Shaman decks, seems like it might be in the realm of possibility at least. Haste is always nice on a hard-to-kill fatty

  6. I think it might be important to consider Platinum Angel in the light of Scars of Mirrodin — Wizards may have reprinted it in M11 just to ensure that it was available in Scars Standard.

  7. dowjonzechemical

    it was a hit, gentlemen

    :rofl: on forgetting one card (don’t need another retarded echo here)

  8. I absolutely think that Gaea’s Vengeance is a hit. It basically has shroud and haste, and it is HUGE for a reasonable cost in the “rampiest” color

  9. Once again, LSV seems to think that the segment’s name is “constructed playable or not”.

  10. I was kinda hoping you guys would comment on Protean Hydra being moved down to rare, but oh wells. Still, good work!

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  12. I think they could have gotten rid of plats and made a red mythic, something along the lines of a baneslayer

  13. I’m not sure if Gaea’s Revenge should be a hit if you’re comparing it to the current standard environment. It is a hit if you’re in an environment in which you’re seeing tons and tons of control decks. Gaea’s Revenge has to see a day of judgment or else it will probably never die. Otherwise, a BSA can just hang back and block it and it won’t do much of anything.

    If the environment is heavy aggro it’s definitely not very good, as it’s a little slow and other beef like Avenger of Zendikar is just better since it gives you a bunch of guys that blocks at worst.

    I think in terms of green flavor mythics, it’s definitely a hit. Green rarely sees any kind of shroud, haste doesn’t normally come attached to green, and can’t be countered comes only slightly more often than haste. I think the card is terrific flavor at worst. you might Main 2 of them if you’re in a counter heavy meta, and it could definitely see SB action in other ramp heavy decks.

  14. I disagree with Gaea’s Vengeance being mythic. It’s “big green creature”, which isn’t all that different than a number of other big green creatures. Better than many of them, but not all that remarkable. The only thing that feels remotely mythic is the “Can’t be targeted by non-green” ability — but that’s effectively so close to troll shroud that it might as well just have been the latter.

    To answer the other question: Is it constructed playable? Maybe, but probably not in the near future. Avenger of Zendikar is just going to be better too much of the time.

  15. I am clearly missing something when it comes to Inferno Titan. Why isn’t he good enough? He comes down and blows shit up. He attacks and blows shit up. Then he hits for a ton or blows yet another dude up. Even if they just kill it, that’s still a 2 for 1 assuming he killed something on entry. I guess he can just get countered, but isn’t that an issue with most things? Its not like mono-red has anything else filling up the six drop slot. Well I for one will be testing him as a 2 of. I look forward to blowing shit up. 🙂

  16. Isn’t Frost Titan’s ability Chill, but for all spells your opponent’s control that target him? That’s a bit of a Vorthos fall back.

    I bet it originally was Chill on a stick (or something similar), then they realized that was too powerful, and kept dialing it back. The thing is, it’s not just the Icy Manipulator ability that makes him so special. Blue very rarely gets huge / huge dudes this cheaply unless they have some silly drawback like, “your opponent must play Islands” I think I like him the most in a U/R Destructive Force deck, since of all the titans, he has the ability to protect himself the most after blowing up the world. The Red Titan is OK there too, but if they path it or doomblade it, they’re more then likely going to out top deck you and stabilize before you do.

  17. LSV looks like he’s been working too hard on all these M11 previews. He’s got a heck of a 5 o’clock shadow and he’s wearing the same shirt from his last video… Calm down dude before you get dreads.

  18. My favorite combo coming out of this set involves Inferno Titan. The other half is Basilisk Collar. It’s like the Sparkmage Collar combo, except way EDH style.

  19. Seriously, the whole discussion mostly revolves arpund either card being playable (Hit) or unplayable (Myth). I f that’s what behind those words, than LSV is 100% on the point, if it’s about whether the card feels mythic or not – than I disagree, like it was said above – Demon is probably the most mythic of all the stuff – and time reversal, cause the card text is basically flavor for the name. Who cares if the demon is playable, when he demands sacrifices, or that time reversal is narrow, when you get to turn back time and draw a new hand. Now that’s what I call mythic – much more than titan, that gets some “permanent” from the graveyard or another who puts 2 lands into play – harrow can do that, not mythically enough though? (no offense here and I do think the cycle feels mythic, but what if green titans name was something like “Soilcrafter” or “Land scout” – he would suddenly feel a lot less mythic)) imo)

  20. Tristan must stay!

    Oh and…the demon is a hit, but I do agree with lsv that the fun of the flavour is lessened somewhat by him being a terrible card. It’s no fun to play a cool card and then have it destroyed by your opponent very easily.

  21. I second the notion on Platinum Angel. it’s not mythic if it’s everywhere thanks to multi set-after-set appearances. The ability, no doubt, is mythic, but the card itself is super well known.

    give her a 2/3 year break, just long enough to miss her. and don’t reprint in Scars/Mir

  22. Is it just me who can’t get why LSV thinks “Hit or Myth” is such a good name? For me it’s just another really bad pun.

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  24. I’d like to see a similar segment on the rares in the set, evaluating whether they should be rares or mythics based on various factors like their flavor and awesomeness in standard.

    As for my opinion on mythics, I believe they should be judged on their awesomeness in flavor alone and not how great they are to play with. I said this on an article or two before on channel fireball, but it bares repeating, that non legendary creatures should never be mythic, and legendary creatures should always be mythic. Not only would this be good for the players monetarily, but it would force R&D to really evaluate the power level of each card and not just say “Well this card is way too good, we should make it mythic”. I believe the mythic rare as it is currently, is leading to cards being more poorly designed than they otherwise would have been made without the rarity…anyway, that’s a rant for a slightly different subject.

  25. I agree with Shaun 100%. His views are always correct and it is a pleasure watching him discuss the cards. Keep up the good work!

  26. i like demon of deaths gate if you use it with lightning greaves. i hope they reprint it in scars of mirrodin.

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