Magic TV: Show #30 – Pro Tour Deck Contemplation

NOTE: These shows were taped a couple days prior to Pro Tour – San Diego. At that time, most of Team Fireball was still undecided on what to play. Therefore, the decision was made to hold these videos until after the tournament. While they may not be as timely as they could have been; hopefully, these videos can give insight into the players’ thought processes leading up to the tournament.

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32 thoughts on “Magic TV: Show #30 – Pro Tour Deck Contemplation”

  1. You aren’t the only one that dislikes cake. My Birthdays always consist of pie.

    On a more related note, what was the card he was going to reveal?

  2. So what was the mystery card? I’m guessing either Sparkmage or Stoneforge Mystic. I’d guess less Mystic b/c Conley had success with it a week earlier in Extended.

  3. lol “Knight of the Reliquary and Seriji Steppe is good, but I don’t see myself playing that deck”

    how did that work out?

  4. This was a great magic tv…the only sad thing is it has gone up…almost a week after Pro Tour San Diego was over. Oh well…that’s the problem with the web sometimes.

    On another note, great job at PT San Diego lsv…I really enjoyed watching your top eight…even if you were robbed…and I look forward to seeing you kick some ass in Mdrid.

    Not making light of the deseased, God rest her soul, but I just find it a little funny that we are talking about San Diego, and it is in the news.

    Good Luck Guys!

  5. It does indeed seem like Tristan was on the verge of mentionning the Cunning Sparkmage/Bassilisk Collar concept.

  6. How very cunning that of all the decks that you mentioned not one was Naya. LOL! Anyway I am curious to know if the card TSG was going to mention was Stoneforge and Basilisk collar or more amusingly the cunning sparkmage?? Grats again on the stellar record it must be nice to have a 2400+ rating haha.

  7. I just want to voice my full support of LSV throwing cards during the show. It makes me titter with glee.

  8. Guys, you recorded this before the PT, but posted it a full week after. Could someone explain to me why you are being so uselessly cryptic about a future event that happened BEFORE you were ever planning on posting the video? I mean seriously this is just stupid.

  9. I don’t know… Sparkmage + Collar looks like it would just machine gun down everything (and gain life in the process). I think a T4 made up for the lack of birthday cake!

  10. @ Alex…Oh sorry…didn’t notice that. Wow i didnt know there was more then one sea world…being from san diego, that makes me sad. 🙁

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  12. You don’t like red velvet cupcakes? Yeah right, just like you don’t want to play with Sparkmage Apprentice or Stoneforge Mystic.

  13. @IcyManipulat0r

    They were worried those crazy Japanese would ninja their computer systems, watch this video, and then abscond with all their sweet tech :O

  14. @ Hoosegow

    You must be confusing “Japanese” for Chinese, and “channelfireball computers” for “Google”…

  15. “On Tuesday we met at Superstars again to keep playing, and this time we built three copies of Naya. After a day of facing Jund, Vampires, and UWR, we were all pretty sold.”

    Quote from LSV’s article. So:

    1) This was filmed early on Tuesday when the deck was still in testing.

    2) This was filmed after Tuesday testing, and you already knew the deck was good.

    Either way, it is pretty shady to not even mention Naya (since you knew about it Monday from your own article) even though this didn’t go up until after the Pro Tour. One just assumes you thought it might go up before, so you didn’t mention. In that case it would have been better to just say no comment on deck choices for the Pro Tour (perfectly understandable), rather than create a false metagame just to put out useless content- which I consider basically lying.

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