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  1. Great stuff guys! I was halfway to writing off “convertible turtle” when you pointed out the possibilities of a shroud pseudo wall that can beat for 4 and can be used in control decks that don’t run WoD.

  2. You don’t have to sacrifice Tectonic Edge when you use it to destroy lands? Holy crap!

    Decks better have an answer for it, because otherwise they’ll never get above 5 lands. I can’t imagine not running it in any deck that can survive 4 colorless lands.
    As an uncommon, budget players are going to be all over this, too.

    I imagine this one is going to be played a *LOT*. Like at least every other deck much.

    It doesn’t get destroyed? Really? Man…better cast those Cruels now because these are the last weeks you’ll be able to.

  3. Although Worldwake is also printing an answer in the form of a white enchantment…that may be a main-deck nessecity to not outright lose to Tectonic Edge.

  4. The person who made the cards for this video on Magic Set Editor made a mistake. You DO have to sac Tectonic Edge as part of the cost.

    Still an awsome card, and at uncommon it will find its way into most of my EDH decks.

  5. Allright, that makes a lot more sense then. It would have been insanely broken the way it was written down here.

    I tried to look through the visual spoiler to see if you really didn’t have to sac it, but it isn’t up there yet. So I just stared in disbelief at it here 😛

    Anyway that’s really, really good to know. Thanks Marauder21, for clarifying that.

  6. Quite. You DO have to sacrifice Tectonic edge, which is mentioned in the video during it’s appearance.

    Sorry for the mistake. =/

  7. @Lunor: Lol, my jaw nearly hit the floor after I read your comment when I rewatched the video to check if you are right. Good thing that it is an error by the video editor, otherwise we’d have a 15$ Uncommon and a ton of broken formats.

  8. Made that comment in the middle of watching – You guys bring up some good points about Khalni Garden. I never really thought about it as basically gaining 3 life (BBE). Tectonic Edge is most certainly a Time Walk, and I’ve actually played several decks on MWS utilizing WWK cards based around land-D… Is it viable? Probably not against U/W or WW control, and if it becomes prevalent, Terra Eternal will likely be a staple SB card to nullify a good chunk of the deck if not dealt with quickly.

  9. Yeah, defiantly a progression to fixing strip mine… First was Strip Mine, which is obv. busted, then Wasteland, which is still insane, then Dust Bowl, which was good enough to be run right next to Strip Mine and Wasteland for a while, and now Tectonic Edge. The restrictions get harsher and harsher…

    I think they should have printed this in Conflux. They were pushing Domain anyway, and another way to push a theme is to punish people for not playing it. Besides, 5cc was way overpowered back then, but the control decks that are out now are very fair.

  10. Example of how blue is getting completely hosed:

    Apex Hawks
    Creature – Bird Common
    Multikicker 1{W} (You may pay an additional 1{W} any number of times as you cast this spell.)
    Apex Hawks enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it for each time it was kicked.

    ^ Seems like a very solid common, okay… so now what does the color that’s traditionally been the most associated with flying creatures gets?

    Enclave Elite
    Creature – Merfolk Soldier Common
    Multikicker 1{U}
    Enclave Elite enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it for each time it was kicked.

    ^ Ooooo Islandwalk! Excellent. Now the blue multikicker common will be able to attack unblocked against… no one? Because no one else in the pod will be playing blue? Damn…

    Also, this just in, Snapping Drake is now black:

    Jagwasp Swarm
    Creature – Insect Common

    Definitely a good year for blue.

  11. I find it funny that while I was watching this, the spoiler for Wrexial, the Risen Deep was released.

  12. @newager
    Don’t forget port, but yeah they’re definitely trying to fix stripmine.. again.

    It is a nice tool vs control and to hose manlands + get rid of emeria/valakut

  13. I agree on the turtle seeing play.. reminds me of Aquameba, which saw heavy play in U/G Madness back in the day.

  14. Hey LSV Is it just me , or does The turtle make either Jace much better in grixis decks since the turtle can protect them similar to how the wall of denial protected the Pw’s in the URW deck you ran at the SCG tournament …….hrm…..only time and testing will tell

  15. Wasteland does not need to be fixed!
    It would have ben a fine FINE reprint. Especsially for extended, giveing non Zoo agro decks a way to compete for example.

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  17. I like how you say that Wild Nacatl will never be 3/3 turn 2 and then talk about explore that can make that happen.

  18. @James: np man. I love seeing the visuals of the cards while they talk about them, so I definitely appreciate your work.
    I was just shocked because I thought LSV and Shaun had it wrong. I mean the card was right there in front of me, I could read it on the screen :p
    Anyway mistakes happen. Plus it was fun thinking of the implications for just a second.

    @anonjay: I know, it would have warped every format in existance, save perhaps for legacy. It would have been the most broken card to have been printed in a long, long time. Absolutely nuts. Glad it was just a nightmare…

  19. I think there is a formatting error on Bojuka Bog, shouldn’t “remove target player’s graveyard from the game” be “exile target player’s graveyard”. You should make sure the person who is making your visual aids is feeling okay.

  20. tectonic edge is also good against emeria and valakut.

    i also really want to go
    plains – steppe lynx
    verdant catacomb, forest – explore, arid mesa, mountain
    swing for 8, bolt

    seems like a short clock to me.

  21. @Lunor: Thanks! And yes, mistakes happen; like when I thought it read “target land” instead of “target nonbasic land” when I was playing on MWS earlier O_o;; Embarassing…

    Anyways, I just stopped by to say that the frames now no longer have the rounded border unless you download the MSE files (the white space showing on MWS was annoying me, and most other MWS images use the square minimal border), and are in a separate download by themselves (though this is significantly larger due to Photoshop, the up side is they’re easier to use). If anyone sees any other mistakes, or knows of any updating that needs to be done, feel free to PM me on MTGS.

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